Shit Our Notes Say During Reading Week

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Our notes at the beginning of the year....

Our notes at the beginning of the year….

It’s Reading Week, you’re looking through your notes, and you realize much of what you scribbled down is illegible, strange, or undecipherable. Even more of it is just amusing. Below are some of your classmates’ notes, which are by turns sad, excited, mean, and strangely enough, helpful. 

Life Mottos

  • “Mitochondria Are the Powerhouse of the Cell.” (in five different places during Bio)
  • “Solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”
  • Taking up two lines of notebook space: “What about circlejerks”
  • “what is shrek”
  • “hello it’s me communism here to take ur cows eat ur grain oppress ur friends shit on ur rights”

Classmates (and Professors): Can’t Live With Them

  • “[White guy in class]: ‘being a minority is hard'”
  • “Two random dudes in 1900 debate the penis/universe size”
  • “At an elite university the worst thing to say is to call someone elitist. Interesting”
  • “Let’s talk about beastiality!”
  • “We’re listening to Cabinet Battle #1 from Hamilton instead of getting historical context on The Federalist Papers”

We’re Preoccupied With Cuties

  • “Ruskin – looks like a babe on Wikipedia”
  • “#JustKantThings”
  • “I did a lot of math in Lit Hum where I would assign a number value to each letter of the alphabet, add up the value of my name and various crushes’ names, and find the difference. If the difference was a multiple of 3, that was really good. multiple of 2 was okay, 6 was best. Odd was bad news, prime meant a relationship would be untenable.”

Sometimes We’re Insightful

  • “What are solar pulses? Star orgasm?”
  • “Peasants Are Problematic (for socialism)”
  • “what is the intersection btwn Scots & lesbians?”
  • “…but motherfucker, we run out of Helium and all that shit happens again!”
  • “anyway people were Mad At Lenin”
  • “sometimes the man is asking abt baltic counterrevolutionaries in 1918 … other times he’s like ‘you’re familiar with standard time?'”
  • “Why does Boccaccio say hole so much ?!?!”
  • “Rough estimates of Neutron Star mass – they’re v wrong… Physics in NS’s are super fucked”

But Usually…

  • “Oh no I’m falling asleeeep”

We Feel: 

The Core really does engage us!


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