End Of Summer Playlist: Packing Procrastination

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The summer is coming to an end, and you can no longer pretend that the school year isn’t about to start. Here’s a playlist to stop procrastinating and start packing (unless you’re already at CU for COÖP–have fun putting up with puerile poop jokes and not showering for four days–or as an OL–don’t get CAVA’d!).

  1. Fuck With Myself by Banks – “I fuck with myself more than anybody else”–a song for those of you moving into singles this year
  2. For Free by DJ Khaled feat. Drake – Mentally prepare for your first night back on campus with this song, and take solace in knowing that you won’t be ending your night at Cannons.
  3. You Know I’m No Good by Amy Winehouse – “I cheated myself like I knew I would”–for when you’re packing that dress you bought on clearance that you know you’ll never wear.
  4. Bird Song – Diplo Remix by M.I.A. – Attempt zipping up your over-stuffed suitcases with this beat in the background
  5. America by First Aid Kit – Listen to this while driving through the middle of nowhere on your way back to the city.
  6. Back On Road by Gucci Mane feat. Drake – A tune for trying to shove all of your stuff into the trunk of your mom’s car
  7. Gemini Feed by Banks – An ode to why you should avoid your various exes on campus.
  8. Only U by PARTYNEXTDOOR – “It’s only you/Nobody can catch my eye”–a song for the 115th halal guy now that you’re living closer to the 116th cart.
  9. My Body’s Made of Crushed Little Stars by Mitski – “I better ace that interview/I should tell them that I’m not afraid to die”–an aggressive rock tune for your return to Columbia’s stress culture.
  10. The Five of Us Are Dying – Rough Mix by My Chemical Romance – For when your suite group text is wondering how gross your new living situation will be. (Seriously, how many Columbia dorms have mold in the walls???)
  11. Faker by Elissa – Yeah, you’re living in isolated-ass Claremont this year, but at least you’ll be closer to Knox for your daily Arabic classes.
  12. Everything Is You by Empress Of – See number 7.
  13. Not Nice by PARTYNEXTDOOR – “You’re not nice/You’re rude”–a song for readjusting to the rudeness of New Yorkers.
  14. No One by Alicia Keys – For being reunited with your roommate–because nobody gets you like they do.

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