Campus Activists Release 2016 “Disorientation Guide”

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The cover of this year’s zine

The Disorientation Guide is back for NSOP 2016. Made by student activists, the “zine’s” purpose is to familiarize new students with campus activism and educate them on the various causes and how they can get involved.

You can check out the 2016 guide here. This new version pulls from the 2014 iteration, re-purposing content such as a timeline of Columbia’s “colonialist history” and an explanation of corporate feminism, but also contains updates on the activist groups’ work from the past two years (such as the formation of the Barnard Columbia Solidarity Network, the launch of the Apartheid Divest campaign, and Columbia Divest for Climate Justice’s Low sit-in). There is also a page dedicated to how the Marching Band “does not make Columbia a safe space,” as well as a useful guide on the Administration (with the subtitle “Your guide to who to complain to and who to go to for money”).

On the back cover of the zine, there is a list of upcoming events such as an “Activist Meet and Greet” and a “Civil Disobedience Training”–notably missing is a party at Potluck (probably because they got in trouble for having a guillotine at their Disorientation party in 2014). The students behind the guide will be creating Facebook events for these meet-ups soon.

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  1. Anonymous  

    The guide actually looks decent this year. glad the activists got their act together this year lol

    • Anonymous

      Full page dedicated to the Marching Band because they made fun of activists. Don't worry, the red guard will handle it.

      • it wasnt really retaliation?  

        pretty sure the activists they mocked that folks to offense to was MLK. I if remember correctly, the joke was something like:

        "What did MLK get on his SAT?"
        "BBQ sauce"

        p cringe worthy.

        • Anonymous

          That joke that was mentioned without any context (was it two people? At a party? At an orgo night draft meeting? A drunk guy mumbling? How did people react?) was used to paint the whole thing as an evil racist club that makes fun of activists.

          If it was the couple people who made an awful joke that they were concerned about why would it get a page in their intro guide for freshmen?

  2. Anonymous  

    When will more Columbia students realize that Suzanne Goldberg is the root of all our woes?

  3. Anonymous

    This Barnard motivated publication is so dumb and juvenile.

  4. Anonymous

    Why did WKCR get a spot in this?

    • vague guess as a semi interested listener  

      WKCR historically played a role in the 1968 protests and has gotten less and less willingly to publicly support activists as the admins try to push them out of their Lerner location. They advertised a lot of the prison divest campaigns on the air, and hosted guest speakers to raise support in the NYC area for racial justice and recently climate justice. I think they are a big connection to the NYC community, even if on campus they don't have alot of influence.

  5. Anonymous

    Re:claim should have added a special request for minority contributors considering how right now they got 2 black people to go to an "overwhelmingly white" first meeting to plan their big bad enlightened newspaper.

  6. A Lot More Deadly

    Sounds like the name of a terrorist group. Someone should look into that

  7. A lot more deadly actually

    Look into assata if you're so confused.

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