Bwoglines: This Was How America Ended, Kids

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When a nation divides...Move to Canada.

When a nation divides… move to Canada.

Trump reacted to a New York Times article calling out his tax evasions…and he didn’t deny it, in fact, he and his campaign said it made him a “genius”. Well, he just secured the vote of every fiscally conservative (and blind) American. Does this mean normal folks can now say “screw taxes, I don’t gotta pay either”? (Huffington Post)

Statistics and records have come out to now speculate Trump has not paid taxes in 18 years, an alarming fact since Trump has not yet released his income tax returns which every candidate since 1976 has done. And yet supporters are unfazed by the candidate’s refusal to release them. (CNN)

Was anyone aware that the U.S. census labels Middle Eastern and North African people as “white”? It is 2016 and FINALLY the White House moves to add a new racial category to 2020 census. Congratulations, it only took America over 50 years since the Civil Rights Act- slow but steady-ish wins NO race. (USA Today)

During the Lions-Bears football game Sunday afternoon, a fan in a gorilla suit wearing an “All Lives Matter” suit disrupted the game to run across the field. Following the Black Lives Matter protest in Tennessee that ended with an 18 year old crashing the rally also in a gorilla suit holding rope and bananas, this does not bode well for America. (NY Daily News)

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  1. Anonymous

    All my Arab and Turkish friends identify as white. You do know that's part of their histories too?

  2. Anonymous  

    If race is a social construct wouldn't we want the current situation to stand as testament to that fact that it's crap, rather than inventing a new one?

  3. Anonymous

    Everyone is on the dole, no one makes anything, so we stagnate into oblivion

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