Field Notes: Body Party Edition

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Work Hard, Play Hard in the middle of a classroom

Work Hard, Play Hard in the middle of a classroom

Being that spooky and sexy are positively correlated, things only heated up this weekend as we approach our favorite holiday of the year. While we weren’t exactly down to drown our books in the Hudson and livers in 1020, we get closer with every passing week…


  • Spent a significant amount of money at Comic Con on Friday; made back about half of it babysitting on Saturday.
  • At Comic Con, one of my favorite writers saw me and tweeted about my cosplay, but I didn’t find out until several hours later, when it was too late to meet up with/talk to her. :(
  • My friend turned down an invitation to a party off campus because he was waiting to sign me in to EC. It’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me.
  • My friend and I ordered mojitos at Two Hands, and the Australian bartender asked, “Oh, you mean muh-JY-toes?” We heard “vaginas” and said, “uhhhh yeah, sure.” Ended up getting the drinks for free.
  • Took nine bananas from Ferris, making direct eye contact with a staff member as I put them in my backpack one by one.
  • Maybe probably failed my environmental science midterm.
  • Uber-pooled with Batman and Superman.
  • Found a vintage calvin klein jean jacket at L Train this weekend so I’m about to be Bwogalicious in #myclavins.
  • Went to Boston for 36 hours. my cousins called my social media “irrelevant” but still wanted to borrow my clothes and take pictures for their (brand new) Facebook profiles.


  • Made my grandma cry with the birthday card I wrote for her. thanks @first year english for the training??
  • Went to party in EC, had a bunch of models invite my friend to a topless party downtown
  • Went to Serafina Harlem for a delicious Apperal Schpritz
  • Went to Mel’s, which was inundated with Duke students back from Fall break
  • Went home, think I’ve novelly developed allergies to my cat.
  • Drank half of my mom’s mango sangria at dinner and she still left the restaurant feeling “drunk.”
  • Received email from mom on bus back to NY discouraging me from majoring in philosophy. She linked to an NYT article wherein four acclaimed philosophers receive packages of poop.
  • Caught my finger in a door, developed a mild but deeply uncomfortable case of subungual hematoma (bleeding under the nail). This happened while my friend was carrying around my black hand prop, which possibly attracted the Evil Eye.
  • Took a field trip to the Palisades, where I got lost a few times.
  • Did a photoshoot with friends in the staxx after everyone else left. Fed everyone Indian sweets, courtesy of my parents.

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