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There are only five days left to nominate your favorite seniors for a senior wisdom, which of course includes me! I have spent four years growing my big bushy beard of wisdom, which is now ripe and ready for sharing. Though I now lack wisdom teeth, I am still very wise. But seriously, the time […]

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Next up in our Barnard housing lineup is 116—the middle child of the 600s. Not considered as responsible as 600, but also not as adorable and exonerable (word?) as 620. Here we go!

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The 6th floor of Kent, 8th floor of Butler, and of course those Milstein single use bathrooms. Bwog is no stranger to advising you all on the best places on campus to deliver the browns to the pool, but one Bwogger has recently visited a bathroom unlike any other.

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Bwog’s Oscars Picks

With the Superbowl, Grammys, Fashion Week, and Dean Valentini Day behind us, we close our month of fun with one more opportunity to see Ms. Gaga in a dress.

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Who else can’t believe registration begins tomorrow?? Instead of clicking through Wikipedia pages about different dog breeds, we decided to procrastinate our pile of homework by compiling last year’s seniors’ favorite classes as mentioned in their Senior Wisdoms. Scroll through for potential electives, major credits, or at the very least, a good core professor. Course titles are bolded; […]

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Goodbye Bwog ♥

As the snow falls and the days shorten, the end of 2017 nears. With its approach comes the expiry of my tenure as Editor in Chief, which has brought lots of joy into my life since its start last December. I’m sure many of you can relate to the delight I’ve found in my deep investment to this […]

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At my first ever Bwog meeting in 2015, I made a pitch that to this day I have yet to top: campus figures as bowls of water. Shamelessly inspired by a Buzzfeed post someone had sent to me, I thought it would’ve been a perfect fit for this new thing in my life called Bwog. But the […]

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With midterms peeling the skin off of our cuticles and the hair out of our scalps, the last thing we need is the AC to blast away any ounce of life left in our tired skins. Regardless of NYC’s weather confusion, facilities has been keeping it at a consistent 65° in our lecture halls and […]

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Hip Hop and Politics powers us through our last week of ~the spook~. Bucket List represents the intellectual privilege we enjoy as Columbia students. We do our very best to bring to your attention important guest lecturers and special events on campus. Our recommendations for this week are below, and the full list is after […]

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Earthlings! Because Lerner does not yet have a pool for us to gather in (ahem! @CCSC), we thought it would be fun to open up our own watering hole of Trader Joe’s Cookie Dunkers and Brie cheese to you all tonight. Come by Lerner 510 at 9pm for free fun! Bring your swimsuits, and remember: no shoes, […]

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Happening Around the World: One BBC writer took a trip to Indonesia to find out more about its nudist community. (BBC) Happening in the Nation: Former President Obama, Clinton, Carter, as well as both President Bushes, gathered together at a relief concert in Texas to raise money for hurricane victims.  (USA Today) Happening in NYC: City college will name […]

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Six whole weeks have passed since arriving on campus, allowing us to gain a good sense of what we can and can’t stand about our roommates. Whether they’re your BFFs or a group of randos, you’ve definitely figured out who doesn’t wash dishes, who pees with the door open, and who has rough Tuesday night […]

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Ahh, philosophy class. For those who have braved the icy lecture halls speckled with the seemingly all-knowing international students, these lec-seminars seem to bring out the most in CU students. There are plenty of things that happen all too frequently; take a shot when…………. The professor asks for a simple example of anything and someone brings […]

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I left the package center yesterday with a friend who would ordinarily eat me, but actually turned out to be pretty chill.  Getting a package between classes seems convenient in theory, but always results in being a pain. Why? Because literally everyone else in the Diana thinks that they too can just dash down to the basement […]

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