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Self-proclaimed “liberal snowflake” tackles the case for Trump.

Dinesh D’Souza, conservative writer, scholar, public intellectual, and filmmaker, spoke at Columbia on Tuesday. During this talk, he emphasized the dark history of the Democratic Party and worked to delegitimize the oft-repeated comparisons between Donald Trump and the likes of Mussolini and Hitler. Bwog sent Hillary-fanatic and proud leftist snowflake, Vivian Klotz, to cover the event. Her favorite moment of the evening was when D’Souza described Trump’s motivation as, “naked and forward thrusting.”

Dinesh D’Souza, like many of his conservative peers, seems most perturbed by the apparent lack of conservative viewpoints expressed in the media and in schools. Despite power resting in the hands of Republicans in the newly elected, unified government, he worries that the narratives expressed in schools across the country are only those of liberal academics, to the point that many students would be hard-pressed to describe what exactly conservatives are trying to conserve. This is dangerous, he warns, for if you can’t talk about these issues in an academic setting, they may never be considered appropriate to discuss and debate.

Before getting to his core argument, D’Souza laid a groundwork for his speech by examining the circumstances that led to Trump’s victory. He cited the president’s ability to court “Reagan Democrats” in a way that Republicans haven’t been able to since 1984, an issue explained by the notion that, “There is no place in the ‘liberal multicultural tent’ for white, working-class Americans.” D’Souza dismissed the idea that the popular vote is at all worth noting; the American people agreed upon the system of the electoral college, and now must abide by it, regardless of whether it fits their preferences in a given year.

So how did D’Souza defend Trump?



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A commissioned portrait of Vuslat Doǧan Sabanci at a sunny desk Turkey

Vuslat Doǧan Sabanci That’s way neater than prezbo’s de

Vuslat Doǧan Sabanci, SIPA ’96 and the chairwoman of the Turkish news giant Hürriyet, came to Columbia as part of the World Leader’s Forum to discuss the connection between Islam and the media, and her personal experience as a self-proclaimed moderate Muslim.

“I am a Muslim woman,” Vuslat Doǧan Sabanci proclaimed to start her address in Low Library. After President Bollinger gave the introduction to “Fostering a Better Conversation and Understanding of Islam: The Vital Role of Media,” Doǧan Sabanci spoke about her view of the responsibilities of the East and West to combat Islamophobia and its effects. The event ended with a (relatively hostile) Q&A session with Doǧan Sabanci and Bollinger.

(Before I begin actual coverage, I would like to highlight the very first stumbling words out of PrezBo’s mouth at the event: “The Columbia Worlds Forum- World Forum… World Leaders Forum.”)

The most important thing in Doǧan Sabanci’s CV, according to her on Tuesday, was not her feminist activism or media accomplishments, but, “Of course, it is being a Columbia graduate.” When she graduated 21 years ago, she was convinced that globalism would lead to the world’s nations becoming one happy family. However, countries have instead retreated, becoming “hostile villages.” The new media led to accelerated polarization, and “attention became the new currency” for the media. Digital media did not fulfill its promise of promoting communication. Doǧan Sabanci targeted communication, between individuals and civilizations, as the key to successful Globalization. Her keys for better conversations included listening attentively, acknowledging each other, and displaying compassion.

Islamophobia and more after the jump



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Should we be going on a cruise if we have been cruising through our last semester?

GSSC’s meeting yesterday was quite a ride! Bureau Chiefs Romane Thomas and Jennifer Nugent report on all the ups and downs.

Last night, GSSC talked food insecurity, senior cruise and appointments.

First up, GS Senator Curtis updated the council about the food bank. He praised Michael Higgins for his work to get the food bank running. Curtis explained that the food bank is looking to submit a business plan specifically as a non-profit. Concomitantly, the senate is currently working with students with disabilities. In coordination with Scott Wright and Sue Lee, Curtis has worked to include disabilities into the core curriculum through disability specific classes.

Vincente from CU FLIP appeared in front of council last night to request a partnership with GSSC. Raisa Flor introduced the FLIP app which allows individuals to share their extra meal swipes with other students in need. The app can also be used to showcase events that offer free food. Vincente pointed out that confidentiality is a crucial aspect of this initiative since food insecurity remains a very stigmatized topic. He also explained to a GSSC council member that the FLIP community regulated itself through a flagging process. After three members flag a post, it will automatically be taken down. The council approved the partnership and is also hoping to use the platform as a way of gathering data on food insecurity at Columbia.

What else happened?



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Happening in the world: Trump condemned anti-semitism during a visit to the National Museum of African-American History and Culture, noting the need to combat hatred “in all of its very ugly forms.” This was one day after 11 bomb threats were made to various Jewish community centers around the country and a Jewish cemetery in University City, Mo. was vandalized. Trump further said that these events are a “very sad reminder of the work that must still be done to root out hate and prejudice and evil.” (NYT)

Happening in NYC: A restaurant in Midtown Manhattan, Brasserie Restaurant TSQ, caught on fire around 5am Tuesday morning, closing off 7th Avenue just north of Times Square. Witnesses describe seeing “embers come up a 45-foot billboard.” Two people were injured in the fire, which also spread to two buildings. Firefighters were able to quickly subdue the fire, but two buildings were left in ruins. (ABC)

Happening on campus: Columbia University’s Undergraduate Law Review is hosting a free LSAT seminar today 8pm-9pm in Hamilton 702. Food will be provided!

Overheard: “I’m just your professor, not your shrink.”

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