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Mike Smith drive's to the basket for a layup against Brown.

Slow down, you’re doing fine

After crying over the Lions’ consecutive 4 losses, basketball fan and guest writer Gloriana Lopez decided to crunch more numbers than she ever did when she was in SEAS in hopes of finding a way to stop suffering and make the Lions win their games this weekend against Penn and Princeton. She figured out that maybe Mike Smith might be the key to that.

Mike Smith has quickly become one of the best players in the Men’s Basketball team. As a freshman, he has become the second leading scorer, just behind senior Luke Petrasek, and has racked up the 82 assists. But while Smith takes even more shots than Petrasek (30% of all shots in the last four games, compared to Luke’s 19%), he scores significantly fewer points. There’s no doubt that he knows how to put the ball in the basket, since he leads the offense with Petrasek and junior Nate Hickman… but could he be doing better?

Could he?



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The only thing better than a cup of Joe coffee is riding the escalator upstairs to a modern/chic study space. Bwog editor Amara Banks continues our library review series with her take on the Science and Engineering library, located in Noco. 

Location On the campus level of the Northwest Corner Building, 401 Northwest Corner Building
550 West 120th Street New York, NY 10027

HoursThey vary. Typically, the library is open from 9am-11pm, but during midterms the library remains open until 3am. See the full schedule here.

Contact: (212) 851-2950

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This semester, Bwog is bringing back our tradition of publishing articles from our sister publication, The Blue and White, after they put out a new issue. Today’s piece by Ufon Umanah tackles the presence and nature of conservative discourse at Columbia.

The Blue and White is Columbia University’s undergraduate magazine, founded in 1890. It publishes three issues a semester. Meetings are held on Monday nights at 8:00pm in the Choir Room of St. Paul’s chapel. If you would like to write for the Blue and White, or if you would like information about the magazine, please email dds2148@columbia.edu.

Milo Yiannopoulos, the self-proclaimed “most fabulous supervillain on the internet” and technology editor at Breitbart, was to, as Columbia alumnus Daniel Garisto put it, “descend upon Columbia to teach you progressive heathens about your regressive ways and the evils of feminism, tolerance and empathy,” like an anti-messiah ushering in the new age of Trump, with his host, the Columbia University College Republicans (CUCR), heralding in the controversial figure to discuss conservative politics with Columbia’s students.

Controversy isn’t new for CUCR. It was only last year that they invited far-right,  anti-Islamic activist Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, or Tommy Robinson, to speak over Skype to an assembled audience in Hamilton 503. There, attendees listened to an hour-long lecture filled with assertions like Islam “promotes violence” and “cannot assimilate” into British and presumably American culture . When Bwog wrote a story on that event, the various tags read, “What does CUCR hope to learn from this guy, you wild CUCR but wyd [what you doing?] like really what the fuck are you doing, are you trying to become white nationalists? [sic]”

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The sun may be out, but it’s also worried about why it’s so warm in the middle of winter.

Spring is in the air, even though it’s literally the middle of winter. While it feels really nice to walk around without mittens, earmuffs, and a heavy winter coat, something about this weather is pretty unnerving. February definitely isn’t supposed to be this warm, right?

Whether the weather changes are due to global warming, the impending apocalypse, or just the universe deciding to give you a break as midterm season rolls around, it’s definitely a nice break.

Enjoy sunbathing on Low Steps in the middle of winter, Columbia! Who knows when you’ll have this opportunity again?



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Me looking at these new extraterrestrials.

Happening in the world: Scientists (I mean it would be weird if clowns did this. Actually, would it?) have recently discovered a solar system they’ve named TRAPPIST-1. It’s eerily similar to ours, with seven planets close to Earth in size and at least three of those planets in the habitable zone, or the zone where liquid water could form. (Space.com)

Happening in the Big Appz: The cost for the NYPD to protect Trump and his family in New York since Inauguration Day has turned out to be significantly less than what the NYPD previously anticipated — $24 million as compared to the estimated $35 million. Thank goodness, right? (New York Times)

Happening on campus: Tonight at 7 pm CU Generation will be performing its first ever Showcase in the Black Box Theatre.

Overheard: “Now, the reason they gave for giving him second place was that he wasn’t French. But the winner wasn’t French either. He was Swiss.”

Health goth tip of the week: High glycemic foods such as pretzels, saltine crackers, and instant oatmeal can lead to intense spikes in blood sugar and the release of insulin, which facilitates the storage of blood sugar in fat cells. If you want to lose fat, try looking into low glycemic foods instead. However, do note that just because something has a low glycemic index doesn’t mean it’s healthy; the value of a food depends on a variety of other factors, such as how processed the food is or how many nutrients it contains.

Bust of a Man Facing Right by Anonymous via The Met

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