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This is what a little’s bed should look like.

Living in a quad presents some challenges. You love your roommates, but noise complaints from hallmates seem to happen at least once a week. Your roommates have just joined sororities and their bigs are popping in your room to leave gifts on their beds. Everything seems great: but what happens when the your insane hallmate stops by instead?

‘Twas the day before a midterm, when all through CU
Not a student was happy, forgetting all that they knew;
The dorms were clean and beds made with care,
In hopes that their big would soon would be there;
The littles were stressed, remembering what they haven’t read;
While gifts like clothing and chocolate danced in their heads;
And with sorority girls in Butler, and I in my bed,
I’d just settled my brain for a five-minute nap,
When in my dorm there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.
Towards the other bedroom I flew like a flash,
Tore open the door and heard something crash.
On my roommate’s bed from her “mystery big,”
I gazed in surprise as I realized what she did,
When hate mail, voodoo dolls, and used condoms did appear,
With a pile of shit and an empty six-pack of beer.
With a small note from that crazy across the hall read,
“Remember to lock your door and keep the noise down. Enjoy the shit in your bed.”


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Give ’em the old razzle dazzle

This past weekend, the United States has celebrated Hollywood and film at the 89th Academy Awards. Moonlight, La La Land, Hidden Figures, Lion, and other films were celebrated by the Academy. This year, Hollywood celebrated diversity through thought, creativity, and color. Hollywood still has to make significant changes in order to make creative opportunities more accessible for minorities. There was one group that was explicitly forgotten at the Oscars last night: we celebrated the large budget successes, but what about the cringe-worthy flops? Don’t they deserve to be recognized too?

With the Oscars finally over, many would assume that awards season has ended, but they’re wrong! We can’t forget the Razzies, or according to CUCR, the “37th Golden Raspberry Awards!” Bwog wanted to finally see if Batman vs. Superman would get every horrible award it truly deserved: when we were honestly disappointed that it didn’t sweep, we were about to shut our laptops, filled with sadness, when Dinesh D’Souza popped up at the end of the video with members of CUCR.

You might have been like us, wondering how in the hell this all came together. Apparently, Dinesh D’Souza stopped by Columbia University and asked Columbia students to join him in a video for the Razzies. Dinesh wanted his audience, members of CUCR, to celebrate the fact that the Razzies hated him. At the end of the Razzies video, D’Souza and CU students came together and were featured at the end of the video.

Confused? If you’ve seen his documentary, you might not be. Watch the video below. We skipped to the good part for you.


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Barnard often displaces international students and others travelling long distances because of their strict housing policies.

There’s always something that needs to be fixed at Barnard, and once again our fearless SGA is trying to get things done. At this week’s blessedly brief Rep Council meeting, the Student Government Association discussed what can be done about winter housing.

Unlike at Columbia Housing, where dorms are open throughout winter break for whichever students may want to stay there, Barnard dorms close their doors the day after finals. Limited housing is available in Plimpton, Barnard’s isolated dorm on 120th and Amsterdam, for select student athletes, essential student workers, and students with other undefined extenuating circumstances. Students with unsafe family situations, international students, and others for whom going home over break is not a viable solution have expressed frustration with the application and acceptance process for winter housing. Additionally, students have voiced concerns over the winter housing fee, which is $400, and the requirement that students must be in good academic standing to qualify.

More on winter housing after the jump



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B&W’s February 2017 cover

Nightlife sociologist Victor P. Corona has traveled past the velvet ropes of New York’s wildest clubs, cocktail spots and cabarets, contributing to his field in an irresistibly idiosyncratic–and iridescent–way. In pivoting his academic focus from the military to the world of drag queens and glam scenes, Corona seeks to dissect their hold on our national imagination. As a Columbia professor, he has also sought to bring his interviewees into the classroom to trip the light fluorescent, as it were. To fête the upcoming release of his star-studded book, Night Class: A Downtown Memoir, contributor Alexandra Warrick, CC ’17, welcomed him back from a trip to Los Angeles with a conversation about its flipside–New York City–and its complex underworld.

This piece is our second from the most recent issue from our sister publication The Blue and White – Columbia University’s undergraduate magazine, founded in 1890. It publishes three issues a semester. Meetings are held on Monday nights at 8:00pm in the Choir Room of St. Paul’s chapel. If you would like to write for the Blue and White, or if you would like information about the magazine, please email dds2148@columbia.edu.

The Blue and White: Congratulations on the upcoming release of your book Night Class: A Downtown Memoir – the title of which is an apt triple entendre. You’ve taught at Columbia, the fulcrum of your courses being the world of nightlife; you focus on the class divides inherent in the scene; and you’ve experienced your own series of “night classes,” learning all about the fame game from exploring the club kid jungle. Tell me a little about the inception of this project.

Victor Corona: I did my PhD in sociology at Columbia about a very different subject – about the U.S. Army – and I spent a year in Washington D.C. collecting dissertation data for that project. Since it was a study of an organizational labor market, I foresaw eventually looking at cultural careers where the very rigid stratification system that exists for army officers doesn’t exist – obviously a much more volatile career system. I had the misfortune of finishing my dissertation during the year that the recession hit the academy the hardest. And so, when I was looking for a job and eventually started doing some courses at Columbia, that’s when I really started to explore my interest in pop culture and urban culture.

What else does Corona have to say about night life?



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Share a bottle, make a friend.

Happening in the world: With the continuation of climate change, Arctic plants are beginning to grow. With the increase in temperature and less continental ice coverage, plants are growing nearly a month in advance. This is the biggest “shift in spring-bloom timing” ever recorded by scientists in the Arctic region. (NY Times)

Happening in NYC: A full bottle of wine was discovered under a subway seat on the 6 train. Two random strangers came together and shared the bottle together. See? New Yorkers can be nice! (NBC New York)

Happening on campus: Do you like math and basketball? Check out Anatomy of the NBA System tonight from 7-8 pm in Lerner! You must RSVP.

Overheard: Bikers riding through Columbia looking at the college walk trees: “It’s always Christmas at an Ivy League.”

Reminder: You still have time to enter our contest to win a free meal swipe into John Jay during JJ’s hours! If you have a nickname for our displaced JJ’s, let us know by midnight tonight.

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