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The beautiful, ethereal Mitski

This was the second to last weekend of the semester, friends. And since most people will probably be spending this upcoming weekend packed in Butler, you might as well say it’s the last… RIP. Check out what everyone was up to. 

Peaceful, Artsy, Wholesome:

  • Went gallery hopping in Chelsea with the goal of getting onto as many rooftops as possible.
  • Went on a date with a boy all my friends thought was catfishing me. Turns out he’s real. And actually great! Take that, Nev Schulman.
  • Had an impromptu writing conference at the Met.
  • Went on a long journey with a timpani. (It was only from Riverside Park to Lerner, but it felt much longer.)
  • Was walking through while in South Williamsburg in a very Jewish neighborhood when a Hasidic man in full sabbath garb (including a huge fur hat) literally sprinted across the street to talk to us. He had locked himself out and the only way he could get back into his apartment was through the elevator which he couldn’t use because of it was Saturday. His six young daughters seemed shocked by how little clothing me and my friend were wearing (it was 85˚F), but the man was ecstatic to find probably the only non-jewish people in a six block radius to help him. To thank us he gave us tons of snacks and chips and stuff. And thus I learned the value of having an open mind and heart.
  • Went to Mitski concert. Got high after and walked through the streets of Brooklyn singing “First Love, Late Spring.”
  • Went to Coney Island.
  • Also went to Mitski concert. Cried.
  • Went to the beach.
  • Went home for the weekend and let my mother take care of me like a big baby.
  • Spent Friday night sober.
  • Quit smoking weed. Well, at least until my drug test.
  • Saw my very own choreography come to life on stage for the first time. Incredibly rewarding.

Only a wee bit messy (alright, maybe more):

  • Verbally abused a Varsity Show member on the street because of my disappointment in the quality of the show.
  • Cried on SO many trains because I was feeling dramatic and trains are the best place to cry.
  • Passed out from a mix of allergy meds and Xanax. Woke up on my couch naked with a Luna Bar.
  • Danced with the owner of a bar downtown and got an uncountable number of free drinks.
  • Got drunk and went to KCST Presents: As You Like It and had my first utterly enjoyable “up past 3 am” night of the year.
  • Got drunk incredibly quickly and tried to take my shirt off in Broadway after sweating profusely in Sig Ep.
  • Engaged in more drunk texting in one night than the rest of my almost two years at CU put together.
  • Obtained a Beta Theta Pi sweatshirt.
  • Met a Mexican tourist on his gap year at Mel’s, made out with him aggressively next to Alma, went to Times Square at 3 am with him, essentially ended up leaving him stranded there alone at 5:30 am with two bucks in his wallet and a dead phone and not knowing where his friend is.
  • Fretted over a boy, but went to Ruggles and drank wine and felt better.
  • Accidentally got on a bus going towards LaGuardia from Harlem instead of towards Columbia right as my phone died, ended up so lost in Queens that I had to take a cab home.
  • Complained about it being too hot to sleep, but took a three hour nap anyways.
  • Went to Maison Pickle to mourn the loss of Jacob’s Pickles and managed to get drunk on 2 cocktails.
  • Racked up a $35 tab at 1020 all on my own.
  • Didn’t start any of my homework until 9 pm on Sunday.

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Definitely not Sara Wrong

Say hello to Sara Wright! She’s a New Yorker who’s not from the city and she’s crazy about wind instruments. You heard it here first, folks. 

Name, School, Major, Hometown: Sara Wright, Columbia College, Double Major: Political Science and French, Mamaroneck, NY

Claim to fame: Being President of the Columbia University Wind Ensemble because, even if you don’t know what the Wind Ensemble is, you’ve probably heard me yelling at every elevator in Lerner to just let me move the damn percussion (Yes, there is percussion in a Wind Ensemble).

Where are you going? To do the one thing naïve high school me swore I’d never do: work in law.

Working in law sounds fun tho



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Tag yourself. We’re the Pocky

Our next senior to be featured is Sofia Geck, who’s been to the side of the stage, leading pit orchestras in more shows than we can count. She shares theater stories, ox ball stories, and more in this witty Wisdom.

Name, School, Major, Hometown: Sofia Geck, Barnard College, English/creative writing & Psychology, Takoma Park, MD/Nairobi, Kenya

Claim to fame: 122nd Annual Varsity Show and XMAS!10 composer/lyricist, Barnard Writing Fellow, occasional acting roles as Sassy Pianist in Top Hat, shy geek who will drown you in puns and dry existential humor if you let your guard down.

Where are you going? Probably across campus carrying a keyboard and wearing a green bucket hat.

Can we come?



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Hey look, it’s an SGA meeting!

CCSC barely managed to cling to a quorum but still got hectic. For the last time this academic year, Monday marionette Nadra Rahman reports from the Satow Room. Read on for details on a new International Students Rep and travel fund for CC students.

The final meeting of CCSC was unexpectedly empty and blissfully, only an hour over schdule. Throughout, the meeting teetered dangerously on the edge of losing quorum, to the point that visits to the bathroom had to obtain approval lest they meant a vote couldn’t occur. Even so, CCSC worked its way through multiple proposals for constitutional amendments and yes, paper plate awards.

Unethical Patagonias: A Note On F@CU

Before beginning the meeting, several members of CCSC spoke about F@CU (pronounced Fac You), the hours-long funding extravaganza in which the four student councils divide the money collected from student life fees amongst the five governing boards, after removing their own internal expenses.

VP Finance Anuj Sharma made the point that CC students, had paid disproportionately more than students of other schools, as usual—though in the coming year, CCSC will be given more flexibility in how they would spend the money. VP Campus Life Nathan Rosin was even more emphatic: according to him, CCSC puts most of its money in F@CU, while other councils retain more money for internal spending (which includes money for class councils, Campus Life, and Communications). This allows other councils to put on more events, but disadvantages the rest of student life, so Rosin voiced his desire that other groups would meet CCSC in their F@CU contributions. In his statements, Sharma also referred to “clear differences in the ethical practices of councils.” When prompted to elaborate, he said that Barnard’s SGA had spent $2,000 on Patagonias for board members. There is too much stereotype confirmation here to really say more on the topic.

International students, rejoice!



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We’d join his cult

Bwog is back with more senior wisdoms! Today we have Aleksandar Obradovic, President of Philo. So, yeah, he’s basically a cult leader. Check out what he has to say! 

Name, School, Major, Hometown: Aleksandar Obradović, CC, double-major in Information Science (Health Informatics) and Biology, Pre-med, home is where you hang your hat (alternatively, home is Dresher, PA)

Claim to fame: As President of both the Philolexian Society and Science Fiction Society I can safely put “cult leader” on my résumé. Also I lecture for the Medical Informatics Society and do computational organ transplant research.

Where are you going?: Going straight into Columbia’s MD/PhD program. If the stars align I’m only here for 6 more years.

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The Met Gala this year is a tribute to St. A’s favorite brand.

Happy last official day of classes, Columbia! Last night a friend asked me to breakfast for this morning and I told her no because I have class at 10:10. She said, “We have class tomorrow?” Be less like her. Go to class. Godspeed, friends. 

Happening in the nation: Seeing as it’s the first day of May, I like to think that what’s arriving on Netflix/Amazon/Hulu this month is national news worthy. Check it out. (Hint: get ready for more Master of None and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.)

Happening in NYC: It’s the best day of the year for New Yorkers! That’s right, tonight is the Met Gala! The Costume Institute’s exhibition this year is dedicated to Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo, founder of Comme des Garçons. Now accepting invites, please.

Weather today: Sunny (ish) and 70º. Too bad we can’t sit on the steps/enjoy the lawns… Thanks, commencement.

Overheard: “I’m going to Butler purely for the air conditioning.”

A playlist for the final weeks. 

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