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What first-years campaigning for CCSC next fall will be like

We know. It was reading week, now it’s finals and summer and graduation are just a few hours away. You don’t want to hear about weird quorum rules and comma splices, you want to leave! But for incoming first-years, this isn’t the last day of spring semester – it’s one day closer to starting school at Columbia. To help that incoming class prepare for a foray into student government, Guest Writer Ufon Umanah has put together an overview of CCSC politics.

Here’s the thing. CCSC is not the administration, which can do most things. But CCSC, for better or for worse, became a conduit for many issues on campus, and there are many ways their advocacy might affect you. So whether you’re waiting to graduate from high school or waiting to toss reams of notes out the window, here’s a viewing guide for the antics of CCSC next year.

The State of Health

The mental health situation has always been bad at Columbia, but after a cluster of suicides last winter, mental health took central stage in student politics. It was the topic of an ad hoc town hall this semester. Every party running for Executive Board or Class Council had something about mental health and CPS. When CCSC considered adding a mental health and wellness representative, Vice President of 2020 James Ritchie argued that because everyone elected ran to fix mental health, creating said representative would be shirking the job they ran to do themselves. In short, they’re going to try to do something on mental health. We just don’t know if the administration will be responsive.

Divestment Do-Overs

CUAD announced in February that it would circulate a petition to get a resolution on the ballot for CCSC. On what, you ask? On whether to support CUAD’s campaign against Israel, specifically companies operating in the West Bank. After not gathering the 15% necessary to force a vote, the resolution failed in a dramatic 4-hour meeting on April 2nd. Following this, CUAD pledged to return with the 15% of signatures from the student body of CC necessary to force a ballot resolution. Things are sure to get even more contentious when CCSC is forced to address this again.

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This pose should inspire all of the Class of 2021.

We’re back again and better than ever: this evening we share with you some words of wisdom from Vida Biggins! 

Name, School, Major, Hometown: Vida Biggins, GS, Philosophy Major, Atlanta, Georgia

Claim to fame: First Multicultural Affairs Representative for GSSC and VP of Students of Color Alliance. I’m also known for smiling too hard, giving inappropriately long hugs, and being obsessed with Beyonce.

Where are you going? Austin, Texas. I’ll be working in management consulting and bringing a gang of magical black girls to the top with me!

What are 3 things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2021?:

1) The moment you find yourself bragging/joking about how much sleep you didn’t get or how overwhelming your sense of existential dread has become, check yourself. Take a moment for self-care. Nothing -not even your GPA- is worth your personal health. Oh, and be nice to people. Columbia can be a huge, lonely place for many people. The more we smile at each other, the more we take care of one another, the more we show compassion to our classmates, the better this place is for all of us.

2) This next one is best summed up by a quote from the movie Poetic Justice that my grandmother likes to remind me of when I need to loosen up: “The world’s just a big place for us to go and fuck up in it.” College is the most appropriate place to make mistakes and when you stop obsessing over perfectionism and allow yourself room to mess up a little bit, you create the space you need to discover new things about yourself and learn valuable lessons. When I look at my transcript, it’s the biggest dips in my GPA that tell the most interesting, pivotal stories of my journey through Columbia.

3) You’re in Harlem (no matter what they tell you), bro! Get out of the Columbia bubble and take advantage of the rich culture around you. Do Harlem stuff! Eat you some real Caribbean/soul food, listen to you some good ol’ jazz, and support you some black theatre.

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Mother’s Day: if you disappoint your mother, it’s a scarier holiday than Halloween.

In the midst of packing, finishing finals, and drinking the rest of the Svedka in your fridge in order to “clean the fridge out,” you’re tired, you’re exhausted, and you can’t wait to be home. All of a sudden, it hits you: Mother’s Day looms in the near future, mocking you as for the ten-thousandth time, you have forgot this sacred holiday. Here’s some ideas that will help you throw together a last-minute present. 

The cop out: Rush over to the Columbia Bookstore and buy one of those $20 Columbia Mom T-shirts. Although not creative, if you have some cash and are rushed for time, this is a good option.

Pull out the crayons: Grab some extra markers and crayons and draw your mom a picture. Even if you’re artistic skills haven’t developed past the 5th Grade, we’re sure you’re mom would like that shit. Some things you can draw: a nice photo of a memory the two of you have shared, your future (if you think you’ll have a good one,) and your hopes and dreams. Avoid completely: trying to draw your mom (you’ll only insult her.)

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Jennie Olson Smiling and looking down at a cup of milk(?) which she is about to drink.

Can you make that drink if you’re in CBA?

One of our most request Senior Wisdom recipients, Jennie Olson managed the Columbia Bartending Agency and has rocked the Earth Science world. Read on for her words of wisdom.

Name, School, Major, Hometown: Jennie Olson. CC. Earth Science Major, Sustainable Development Concentration. Berkeley, CA.

Claim to fame: Manager of the Columbia Bartending Agency for two years. Overenthusiastic COÖP leader. Fell backwards off a bench while giving a campus tour. Also known for always being asleep.

Where are you going? Moving to DC to do environmental policy work with Environment America. Before that, road-tripping and hiking all summer.

What are 3 things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2021?

1) Don’t be too hard on yourselves. Keep in mind that school is just one small part of the college experience, and not by any measure the most important. Carefully reflect on the things you think you want to take away from Columbia when you walk out in that cap and gown— Sure, you probably want to walk away with a decent GPA, a solid resume, future prospects, etc. I did, too (and still do). But please don’t, in that pursuit, forget to walk away with as many memories, friends, and experiences as possible.

Tip 2: Break out of your comfort zone.



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What a studious student.

As time runs down on another year at Columbia, Bwog is here to present some wise words to the incoming class. Today, Romane Thomas adds her two cents. 

Name, School, Major, Hometown: Romane (and no it’s not pronounced like the salad, do you really think my parents would have named in after a salad? It’s actually French. It’s pronounced like this: Row Mahn.). General Studies (Dual BA between SciencesPo and Columbia), Human Rights, St Etienne (France).

Claim to fame: I am GSSC’s favorite live commenter. Also, I was in Paris one time, ran into Dean Awn and he recognized me. It was maybe the most fulfilling day of my life.

Where are you going? This summer? To California, from New York, by train, for four days. And next year? To London! More precisely to the London School of Economics. So while I am supposed to study there, I am secretely planning to escape to Scotland, be taken back in time to the 18th century and meet a ruggedly handsome Scotsman. This is a reference to Outlander by the way. If you don’t know what it is, I just gave you your summer reading assignment. You’re welcome.

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Smoulder, Mike, smoulder.

Accepted your fate for that final in an hour? Take some time to read our next Senior Wisdom, featuring Michael Glendinning!

Name, School, Major, Hometown: Michael Glendinning – Columbia College 2017, Neuroscience major.
I’m from New Providence, NJ.

Claim to fame: I was a lead activist for the CU Dems and was an organizer for Columbia Divest for Climate Justice! #divestnow. I also am a world champion dreamer.

Where are you going? I plan on living in NYC and working in a clinical research lab in my gap-years before med school. My friends and I are actually looking for somewhere to move in to after graduation. An affordable 4br apartment somewhere in Northern Manhattan would be convenient and awesome for us. Please let me know if you have any leads!

What are 3 things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2021?

1) If you are having any legal issues, related to the school or not, go to the Ombuds office!! It is the most underappreciated resource on campus when you’re in a jam, of any kind. They saved my rear end one time and I’ll be forever grateful. And they are super duper nice.

2) I’ve learned that people here in particular have this weird thing hating on New Jersey all the time! As a proud New Jersey native, I am pissed about it and want the facts cleared up on the Internet! Sure the NJ turnpike kind of sucks, and our state politics are sometimes embarrassing. But, only from a truly incredible cultural epicenter could American heroes like Ice-T, Bruce Springsteen, and Jon Bon Jovi have been born. We have, hands down, the greatest beach towns in the entire country, and the best diners too. Where would modern life be without the light bulb, the transistor, and the laser, all of which were invented in NJ! People from New Jersey are also the best looking people in the nation! Class of 2021’ers, if you know what is good for you, you will make a friend or two from The Garden State! You won’t regret it!

3) I’d like to share the H17 with no peppers on ciabatta (+ arugula sometimes) with the Class of 2021. It’s the best sandwich nearby.

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Take the good memories with you.

Well Columbia, you’ve almost reached the end of another year here. Whether you had a good year or not, it’s nearly over! 

Bwogline: FBI Director James Comey has been sacked by Donald Trump. Right before Comey began expanding his investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia, President Trump wrote a letter, firing Comey. The most embarrassing part: Comey found out when he was watching the news and thought it was a joke. Ouch. (NY Times)

Study Tip: Alright Columbia, I’ll cut the shit: you’re almost done. You’re so close. If you’re still at school, struggling to memorize random facts or frantically packing to catch your plane, do what you need to do to get it all done. Bwog believes in you, Alma believes in you, so getting your life together must be possible! Just think about lying on a beach somewhere this summer, or hanging out with old friends. It will push you to the end.

Music: Here’s a playlist of songs to end your year off right!

Procrastination Tip: At this point, procrastination would just mean sleeping longer. Set like 15 alarm clocks, rise and grind, get your finals done, and get ready for the summer!

Overseen: Rando in ref giving out free 5 hour energy drinks. Was rewarded with a “fuck spec” sticker in return.

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