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Okay but when is the Columbia Daily Spectator going to get an office?

The Columbia Daily Spectator, Columbia and Barnard’s lovable weekly “daily newspaper” and perpetual op-ed machine, is to shortly move out from their old building at 2875 Broadway, which was located between 111th and 112th—conveniently adjacent to the Heights. According to an email sent earlier this evening to Spectator alumni, which is appended below, “the landlord has asked the University to relocate the various student organizations in the building, but made a firm decision to no longer allow students to occupy space in the building this year.” The email speaks little of the landlord’s motivation in removing Speccies from the building, but sources familiar with Spec’s now-defunct office space refer to ongoing construction within the building as perhaps the primary reason for the landlord suddenly ejecting the Spectator from their offices.

As far as what the future holds for Spec, little is certain. The announcement circulated to Spec alumni claims that while “the University has shown [Spec] a few spaces to relocate to, we have yet to find one that adequately meets our space requirements, and we are moving into a swing space at the end of this month as a permanent home for Spectator is finalized.” Nevertheless, Bwog received a tip earlier this week describing Spec’s imminent move, characterizing the relocation as “their landlord kicking them out,” and alleging that “it’s a sensitive subject for everyone working there.” However, Bwog couldn’t locate any public eviction records, implying that the move is more-or-less wholesome in nature.

While the alumni email does not deign to mention the specific location where Spec will be temporarily located, our source claims that Spec will be housed in the Nash building at 133rd and Broadway. The Nash building is located across from the Studebaker building, on the eastern side of Broadway, and Columbia’s interactive Manhattanville map identifies it as an office space which is part of the new Manhattanville campus. Whether Spec will suffer from its new location in this transition space, which some consider annoyingly far-removed from Columbia’s undergraduate population, remains to be seen.

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