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Rush Bwog!

Bwog is currently accepting applications for positions on the business and tech teams: Account Executives and System Administrators. Interested applicants should send their resumé and a brief statement of interest to by 11:59PM on Thursday, September 28. Applicants may apply for multiple positions. After receiving all applications, a small number of candidates will be interviewed for the positions, and the final decision will be made shortly afterwards.

An Account Executive’s responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining communication with existing clients
  • Sourcing new direct advertising sales leads
  • Scheduling advertising campaigns
  • Compiling analytical reports on advertising campaigns

A System Administrator’s responsibilities include:

  • An ability to learn quickly, untangle complicated systems, and track down hard-to-find bugs
  • Frontend development on the site’s WordPress theme
  • Extensive use and regular maintenance of a Linux server
  • Familiarity with any of the following is a plus: WordPress, PHP, HTML/CSS, NGINX, MySQL, Memcached, Redis.

The heart of the application is a paragraph describing your past experience and qualifications for the job. Candidates should show that they are responsible, honest, self-motivated, and familiar with the culture of Bwog. Past involvement with Bwog or other publications would be a major asset, as would sales, marketing, and digital media experience. Technical skills and/or experience will also be a major asset to an application.

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