Philosophy Class Drinking Game

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Ahh, philosophy class. For those who have braved the icy lecture halls speckled with the seemingly all-knowing international students, these lec-seminars seem to bring out the most in CU students. There are plenty of things that happen all too frequently; take a shot when………….

  • The professor asks for a simple example of anything and someone brings up God.
  • Someone asks a completely off topic question to insert knowledge from another philosophy class; bonus points if this happens in History of Phil I or II.
  • Someone misuses the term metaphysical.
  • Someone proposes an extremely convoluted thought experiment that actually makes the concept even harder to understand.
  • The TA shit talks the way the professor explained something in recitation (not exclusive to philosophy, but in one bwogger’s experience this happens a lot in philosophy).
  • You are triggered by any reference to logic.
  • You explain to your parents that it is, in fact, possible for Philosophy majors to find jobs after graduating.

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