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SGA becomes first student government body to issue statement in support of graduate student unionization.

In a meeting this evening, SGA voted unanimously in favor of releasing a statement supporting graduate student unionization, making SGA the first student government body on campus to do so.

In August 2016, the National Labor Relations Board ruled to allow graduate students at US universities to unionize, in a case that involved the Graduate Workers of Columbia University petitioning to join United Auto Workers Local 2110. Following this case, Graduate Workers of Columbia University-UAW voted to unionize on December 2016 as well.

SGA emailed the statement directly to President Bollinger and Provost John H. Coatsworth, in addition to issuing the statement via Facebook and an email to the student body.

Below is the full statement for your convenience.

Recently, we were approached by Student-Worker Solidarity to issue a statement of support for the GWC-UAW Local 2110 Graduate Workers of Columbia (GWC). At tonight’s SGA meeting, we voted, unanimously, to issue the following statement. This statement has been emailed to both the Office of the President and the Provost of Columbia University in the City of New York:

SGA recognizes and supports the efforts of the Graduate Workers of Columbia-UAW Local 2110 (GWC). We believe that Columbia’s graduate and undergraduate student workers are entitled to livable wages that are paid on time, adequate benefits, clear workload expectations, and consistent and transparent employment policies.

As representatives of Barnard’s student body, we feel compelled to speak out on this issue due to the presence of Barnard students in Columbia classes that are TA’ed by student assistants represented by GWC. Working conditions are learning conditions. It is essential that the administration grants fair and equitable working conditions to graduate workers, not only because it is their right, but also because how they are treated directly impacts our education as Barnard students.

With President Trump’s appointees to the National Labor Relations Board positioned to disregard workers’ rights at large, and potentially graduate workers’ right to unionize, it is vital that Columbia respect the democratic decision of research and teaching assistants to unionize.

Therefore, we call upon President Bollinger and Columbia University to recognize the union, drop the objections, and bargain in good faith.

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This weekend, Bwog went wild, per usual. Freshman Bwogger Thomas Saenz compiled Bwog’s wildest moments throughout the weekend and arranged them for your enjoyment!


Bwog In The City:

  • Had a genuine New York City “this is something straight out of a rom com” moment down in the village.
  • Helped a family of five tourists buy a metro card, then had to swipe them through when they kept screwing it up.
  • Went to a darty in Brooklyn.
  • Heard a police officer invoke Jesus Christ after stepping in a pool of vomit.
  • Joked about peeing in the Lincoln center fountain, got a stern look from the security guard.
  • Went to the Whitney to look at some fine art.
  • Dramatically (and dangerously) exited an Uber mid-ride because the driver wasn’t listening to me.
  • Attended an alumni reunion for Obama’s high school on a tribeca roof w/ a basketball court. Obama wasn’t there.

What other messes did Bwog get themselves into?.



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It doesn’t hurt, we promise

Flu season is coming, and with it comes Columbia’s infamous free flu shot fairs. (Note: if you are a Barnard student, don’t go to the Columbia one – they won’t take you.) This year, Bwog decided that the best way to convince the Columbia community at large to make sure to get properly inoculated was to share some horror stories of our own. Get a flu shot, or face ending up in primary healthcare services… or worse.

  • I never got the flu shot growing up because I lived in warm places my whole life. I made it one winter here unscratched, but my sophomore year I got so sick I couldn’t do anything except watch family feud in bed for a week. My nose would not stop bleeding. Once at 3am, I went to get a towel for my nose that had started bleeding in my sleep and fainted in the hallway of my suite. It sucked. Probably won’t get a flu shot this semester though.
  • I was really sick one weekend, but I had a lot of big events planned: like going to a Control Top performance, and attending a punk show in a basement in Bushwick. All the activity proved too much for me and I wound up at primary health on Monday, where they told me they couldn’t do anything, and if I had the flu it was too late. A couple weeks later I still had a hacking cough, so I returned to primary health where they nebulized me and prescribed me an inhaler that I use to this day. I can no longer blow up balloons. My lungs are fucked.
  • I got the flu shot my sophomore year and within a week I was horribly sick, and I think I lost like five lbs (god bless), and then my boyfriend dumped me and it was a bad time all around.
  • I usually got flu shots because at my high school if your parents signed a form for it and you didn’t get the shot the health center tracked you down until you got the shot, so last year I didn’t get the shot as a sort of rebellion for that – and guess what I got a HORRIBLE flu. It was so bad that I could barely walk from Carman to Lerner, and walking to John Jay Health Services from Carman like almost killed me. i was in so much pain for like a week, and lost my voice for like three weeks or something.
  • I’ve never gotten a flu shot and I’m usually fine, but I also inevitably get at least one bad cold each fall – runny nose, exhaustive coughing every night, the works. Maybe what I think is a bad cold is actually the flu and I just push through it?
  • I got it every year except last year because I forgot and I got sick so much… but that was mostly strep, so doesn’t have much to do with the flu shot. But I think everyone should get it every year. Please help the people around you. (I’m a hypocrite because of last year, but now I’m a changed woman and will definitely get it.)
  • Didn’t get a flu shot because I had pneumonia all of freshman year and the fucking health center didn’t diagnose it even though I went there like 5 times. Sorry to all the boys I probably gave pneumonia. And girls.



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The nautical theme gave us prom flashbacks.

This year’s Anchor Splash served up some nostalgia alongside its heavy helpings of raunchy and humorous dance moves. Delta Gamma’s fundraiser for its philanthropy, Service for Sight, was a success despite the dry venue. This year’s exercises, partly due to the hardworking and talent of Kate Barrett, former Bwogger and Director of Anchor Splash, dazzled. Bwog takes you in depth to one of the more fun nights amidst the stress and isolation of Columbia student life.

Last night, Roone Arledge Auditorium was transformed into a nautical vista that one could have mistaken for an ‘Under the Sea’ themed High School Prom. Spirits were high as ΚΔΡ chanted from backstage while twirling basketballs and pizza was hauled in through the double doors. ΔΓ sisters and participating fraternity brothers donned nautical themed outfits while a throng of students took their seats. For a second, it really felt like a campus community. As the lights dimmed, the emcees strode onto the stage, commencing the night’s festivities.

Each group’s performance was preceded by a short questionnaire, administered by an emcee to the groups’ self-appointed leader. The questions were evocative of Miss Congeniality and highly entertaining. Below, Bwog recounts the action.

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We were sad enough with the grass. Now that there is this big ugly patch of dirt in the middle of campus, we are even sadder. Facilities, we love you, but please give us grass.

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Help CCSC help victims of Hurricane Maria by participating in their clothing and food drive!

If you missed CCSC’s latest gathering at the Satow Room (and who can blame you), let Monday maven Nadra Rahman catch you up on the latest resolutions, appointments, and comparisons to totalitarian regimes.

Last night’s CCSC meeting focused more on collecting ideas than taking action, but the pause was necessary.


If you missed them, fall elections just ended—and with them, the Columbia Elections Board (CEB). Chair Charlie Kang (CC ‘19) stepped down after the latest cycle of elections ended, and as the only remaining member of CEB, his departure spelled the end of the current elections system. But where one door closes, another opens: last night, President Nathan Rosin asked members of CCSC to discuss what they wanted in a new elections committee—from membership to the adjudication process—as the discussion would inform the shape of the new process.

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In this house we love political efficacy!

Happening in the World: Turkey has issued a warrant for the arrest of a US consulate worker, the second case this week. Turkey has claimed that the workers have alleged ties to the 2016 attempted coup, as well as have negatively impacted their economy. (BBC)

Happening in the US: Trump issued a list of demands to Congress in exchange for saving the DACA program, including the construction of the US-Mexico border wall, the hiring of thousands of new immigration officers, and stricter regulations for sanctuary cities. (NY Times)

Happening in NYC: The annual Columbus Day parade will occur in Midtown Manhattan today, expecting to draw

over one million spectators. Controversy has arisen over this year’s event, as activists have called for the celebration of Indigenous People’s Day, as well as the removal of the Columbus statue located in Columbus Circle. (Patch)

Happening on Campus: As a continuation to the protests against CUCR’s “Free Speech Month,” the Muslim Students Association is hosting a program entitled “Tommy Robinson Exposed: CUCR’s Islamophobic Speaker,” held in the Earl Hall Auditorium at 7 PM. Robinson is one of CUCR’s controversial individuals who will be speaking on campus this week.

Overseen: A girl putting Sriracha in her coffee… we need to talk.

What I’m Listening to Today: Don’t Speak – No Doubt

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