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“[Knowledge is power] ..and with great power comes great responsibility” – Spider Man/Uncle Ben

With midterms peeling the skin off of our cuticles and the hair out of our scalps, the last thing we need is the AC to blast away any ounce of life left in our tired skins. Regardless of NYC’s weather confusion, facilities has been keeping it at a consistent 65° in our lecture halls and study spaces. Don’t worry; Bwog’s resident shiver has compiled the best places to keep the goosebumps on the geese.

  • Butler 310: This room never exists below 71°. Possibly because of the mezzanine, which allows for twice the amount of computer chargers and human breath.
    • Related: Butler 303: Directly across the hall from its warmer OG, one could come across an occasional 303 heat wave.
    • Also related: Butler 210: Directly below its warmer OG, this room is another toasty target when looking for a place to study.  The lack of a functional mezzanine in this room makes securing a seat to be slightly more difficult than 310, but its dim lights and proximity to Blue Java are worth trying for.
  • Diana 3 Study Room: The carpet, tall windows, and low-square-footage of this room all do their part to remind you of a sauna when you walk in. It’s definitely a nice reminder, but good luck finding a seat. This room is popular and accommodates no more than 30.
  • East Asian Library: While the closest coffee is a humbling trek to Joe, the climate is worth it. This library stays refreshingly warm in the mid 70’s and also has nice mezzanines.
    • Bonus: The views out of these windows are particularly nice when it snows.
    • Bonus again: go down the stairs near the printer to explore the super rare stacks and cozy lounge.
  • Wallach Sky Lounge: I, a frosty Barnard cub, have never been to this lounge before, but am including this because a fellow Bwoggo recommended it!
  • Sulzberger Basement: Any computer lab on campus is a safe bet for t-shirts and tank tops, but I think the heat from this year’s WBAR shows have kept our jackets off of our backs lately.

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  1. Aliya Schneider  (Bwog Staff)  

    Not a fan of toasty study spaces because they make me tired but Butler 6 is also on the warmer side

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