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A photo of a costume in a box on a wall at Spirit Halloween, showing an "Inflatable Poo" costume.

You will be remembered

When a tremor went off at midnight on November 1st, none of the costumes and props in Spirit Halloween suspected a thing. The skeletons were used to having their bones rattled, and the pumpkins had experienced a good shake or two. But Spirit’s ghouls and ghosts started to worry when the quaking did not dismiss but grew.

What was happening to their dear store? For a month they had enjoyed new friendships from all of Morningside Heights. Children rushed in to become superheroes. Students jumped at the possibility of wordplay-based costumes. Just the weekend before the shakes, hundreds stopped into the store for pairs of animal ears. Spirit was thriving – so why was the ground now opening up as if to swallow them?

Video game characters jumped off the walls as vampires flew to escape. But the doors locked were shut, and the tremors made it harder and harder to see and move. A loud crack shot off, the trembling floor threatening to swallow a display of hair dye. With one final quake, tiles started to shower. Costumes and props tumbled into a widening cold abyss. Powerful bursts of wind gusted up from the depths and juggled high-hanging masks off the wallss. Those which were spared the deep fall only fell onto the far floors, but they too would soon crumble.

From the frosty sinkhole beneath Spirit Halloween rose a gingerbread spire. Like a screaming herd of banshees, jingle bells ascended and hooked themselves to Spirit’s walls. The growing tower of Christmas spirit shattered steel beams and blew off the store’s facade, but as though held together by magic and cheer, the building remained upright.

Reindeer came up like bats from hell, towing a brand new sign to hang along Broadway. In a final blow against Halloween, the Spirit storefront now read, “Merry Christmas.”

Alas, poor poo via Ana Rael and Youngweon Lee



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Tonight, Bwog’s GSSC Bureau Chief Alex Tang brings us updates from last night’s GSSC (General Studies Student Council) meeting, featuring attendees in costumes and lots of free candy. 

Last night, GSSC held a festive Halloween-themed town hall meeting, which included GSSC officers and some audience members in Halloween costumes. The lively cast of characters at this meeting included Superman, Catwoman, and Wednesday Addams.

The meeting ended with a costume contest. Check the GSSC Facebook page to vote on the best pair, funniest, and scariest costume categories. Voting closes on Monday.

The meeting itself was relatively short, with only a few announcements.

Click here for said announcements



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One of those serious DJs

Never listened to a WBAR/WKCR show before? Want to? Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, Bwog’s always looking out for you. Bwoggers, Jenny Zhu and Megan Chew, asked around Bwog and Barnumbia for the best radio shows our university has to offer. Here’s what the people have to say.


Barnard Residential Life: Heard great things about Barnard Residential Life, 2 to 4am on Fridays. The show critiques Barnard Residential Life and Housing through music expression. There’s some controversial commentary about elevators.

Broadway on Broadway: This show is “excellent” and “a wild time”. They play show tunes from 8 to 10am on Tuesdays.

Challo This Time: With one DJ in New York City, one DJ studying abroad in Beijing, and a weekly in-studio guest, Challo This Time reps good times and South Asian tunes. They air from 12 to 2pm on Mondays.

Dead Deli: Airing on Saturdays from 4 to 6pm, Dead Deli plays an array of underground tunes. The DJs described the show as “TMZ meets bandcamp meet Google+”.

Don’t worry, there’s tons more!



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Maybe I’ll find a sad Columbia boy in here!

Have you ever wanted to stay in touch with your friends at other schools by sending them packages? Have any friends request that you send them something that you can only get at Columbia, but didn’t know what to get them? Well, here’s a preliminary list of unique Columbia items to mail to that friend from high school who won’t stop asking you for a taste of New York City.”

Vomit from Carman Hall: Relive your NSOP days and show your friends just what orientation was like for you!

A Bowl of Steaming Pasta from Ferris: Cold Ferris pasta just won’t cut it. Don’t worry about the pasta losing heat when being shipped to your friends since thermodynamics is just a social construct.

An Abandoned iPhone Charger from the Butler Ref Room: Because everyone is always forgetting to pick up their belongings (usually the smaller ones) after they leave Butler.

An Hour of Hygiene Time: From your two hours, of course. That leaves you with only an hour of hygiene time per week for yourself, but you can just compensate for it by tapping into your nine hours of free time.

A Barnard ID from the Front Desk at EC on a Saturday Night: This may be hard to get, but there are plenty to choose from!

A Ton of Fucking Pigeons: Your friends may have seen pigeons, but have they ever encountered Columbia pigeons? Those things are vicious, showing no mercy, not even to the most kindhearted of people.

A Sad Columbia Boy: This one is pretty self-explanatory.

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Imagine getting drunk in this beautiful apple orchard

For the average Barnard student, Appletree Deli becomes a crutch that carries them through the highs and lows of college living. Eventually, you might even find yourself on the deli line, trying to choose between a Jack Jack and a Tex Mex. A Barnard Bwogger discusses some of her experiences inside of Appletree.

After walking eleven blocks from 1020, my body starts to really feel the chilling breeze that wraps around the shadowy buildings. I cross my arms to keep the heat inside my jean jacket, regretting my clothing decision. As I walk past a pile of leaves, I refrain from saying, “fall aesthetic” and continue walking toward Plimpton Hall. Before I roll into bed and accept the fact that nursing a hangover will be a part of my morning routine, my eyes dance in the lights that illuminate the hidden gem of Morningside Heights: Appletree Deli.

I nearly trip on myself as I step into the store. I try to play off the fact that I am ridiculously drunk by warmly greeting the person behind the counter making sandwiches. I look up to see the abundant options before me: subs, grilled cheeses, and cheese burgers to help tend to my hungry stomach. I stand behind a guy that appears to be waiting for his order. He turns to look at me, and I attempt to keep my shit together. He strikes up a conversation, talking about this Halloween party he went to with his law school buds: you know, like one of those parties where you have to have facts on-hand for protection. I ask him what his costume is as I try to make sense of a black smudge on his face. He gave me a law school explanation. Figures.

But what about the sandwich?



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Spending time in Columbia spaces as a Barnard student can often be intimidating and stressful, but we can always manage to find guys who make us feel as though we belong. Senior staffer Betsy Ladyzhets explains the phenomenon of the “Columbia Boys I Trust” list.

This past Sunday, as I considered the events of the previous night, I came to an important revelation: there were two guys I needed to add to my “Columbia Boys I Trust” list.

The “Columbia Boys I Trust” list isn’t an official document by any means. It’s not taped to a notebook, stuck on my fridge with a magnet, or even hidden in a secret file in the bowels of my computer. The list is all internal. I believe that if I wrote it down, it would somehow become less genuine, or at least lose its natural ability to grow without me consciously realizing it.

The list began some time around the end of my freshman year, when I realized that there were two guy friends whom I could always count on to swipe me into JJ’s (this was, for you underclassmen, back when Barnard students couldn’t swipe themselves into JJ’s at all). My friendship with these two people extended beyond access to fried food, of course; I could also count on them to laugh at my terrible jokes, let me rant to them about how frustrated I was by my First-Year Seminar, and listen to me read aloud from the comment sections of my fan fiction. A JJ’s swipe was important, but more important were the conversations we had inside JJ’s – conversations that made me feel as though I belonged there.

But this isn’t an isolated phenomenon…



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Scarecrows scare crows

Happening In The World: On Manus Island in Papua New Guinea, about 700 refugees in an Australian-run immigration detention centre refuse to leave, even though requests for food and water are being denied. Last year in April, the PNG Supreme Court ruled that the refugees were “being deprived of their personal liberty” as they were not allowed to leave the centre. Now, the gates are open, yet refugees refuse to leave as they worry they are at risk of “being attacked by locals who don’t want them living in their town”. Many refugees still remain, despite the centre’s officially closing on October 31st, 2017. (CNN)

Happening In The Nation: Production for the final sixth season of the acclaimed political drama, “House of Cards”, has been suspended by Netflix, due to sexual misconduct allegations against lead Kevin Spacey. Netflix and Media Rights Capital, a production company, stated that they were going “to review the current situation” and “address any concerns of our cast and crew”. Spacey has been accused by stage and film actor, Anthony Rapp, for allegedly making sexual advances on a 14 year old Rapp at a party in New York during the late ’80s. (NBC)

Happening In NYC: Around 3pm on Halloween, a 29 year old man, Sayfullo Saipov, drove his car into a bicycle path in Lower Manhattan, killing eight people and injuring eleven. Saipov reportedly crashed into a school bus, then exited the vehicle with imitation firearms. Saipov was then shot by an NYPD police officer. According to law enforcement officials, a note written in English was found in the truck that the attack was done in the name of ISIS. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio stated that it “was an act of terror […] aimed at innocent civilians”, while President Trump has tweeted that he will step up extreme vetting. (BBC)

Happening On Campus: As part of Palestine Awareness Week, there will be a Palestinian Poetry Night featuring Tariq Luthun, today from 8:30-10:00pm in Ella Weed Room in Milbank. Palestine Awareness Week is a week of events, organised by Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine and Barnard/Columbia Jewish Voice for Peace, that aims “to raise awareness about the Palestinian struggle for justice & the Palestinian people’s resistance against the Israeli occupation”.

Overheard: Scarecrow.. scares crows… oh!

Bop Of The Day: Plants by Crumb

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