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For context, this is the view from my home.

We’ve all been there – whether this is your first or last Thanksgiving break at college, there’s always a sense of wanting to maximize your time off and make a trip home worthwhile. Luckily, Bwogger Zoe Metcalfe compiled a list of ideas of things to do when back home on vacation so you wouldn’t have to think of it yourself. 

  • Marvel in the sheer number of snacks your parents have stocked the house with in preparation for your arrival: crackers and cheese? Yes please! Milk in the fridge that hasn’t clumped together from that one time you stole a couple of cups of milk from Ferris while under the assumption you would make cereal with the moldy box of Lucky charms you bought from Target during NSOP? Drink it! Vegetables? What are those but eat it!
  • Refill your underwear: somehow the number of pairs of underwear you have access to has slowly been decreasing over the course of this semester? Ponder that phenomenon and restock.
  • Enjoy baths?: honestly, you never really took advantage of your cramped bathtub during those high school days, but college has really filled you with the urge to gently achieve entropy in a tub of lukewarm water, so take a three hour long bath and avoid all that post-thanksgiving work.
  • Walk by a library without being accosted by the smoke from huddles of cold, smoking teenagers.
  • Gather the essentials you forgot: Hey! Did you forget your inhaler and have a bunch of asthma attacks? Find it! A coat? Heck yeah, you need that! The floss in your bathroom from circa 2007? Use it!
  • Collect as many hugs as you possibly can: you’ve been gone awhile! Your family missed you terribly! Run between members and squeeze some love back into your life.

More ideas here.



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Happy lil’ turtle free of plastic beer parts.

While many of you may have been packing and preparing to head off for Thanksgiving Break, we at Bwog started our weekend out right with a (somewhat) wholesome evening with our annual Symposium dinner. However, as you probably know, shit hit the fan and we went a little wild. Here’s a summary of this weekend’s endeavors by yours truly, the Bwog Staff.

Bwog and Food:

  • Made a pumpkin chocolate chip loaf!
  • Ate a Philly Cheese Steak on the subway on my way to be an educator for a Jewish kids program.
  • Went shopping for friendsgiving ingredients planning to spend $50 and spent $150.
  • Made an amazing friendsgiving meal using “borrowed” pots/pans/utensils.
  • Tried kratom tea, a borderline-legal substance that supposedly mimics the effect of opioids. Tasted like dirt and did not deliver.
  • Ended my vegetarianism and have not looked back.

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No idea why this picture was in Bwog archives but here we are, a pair of handcuffs, symbolizing cuffing season

It’s cuffing season, and we’re back with our annoying tabloid-esque love-and-relationships articles. Here are the stages of getting cuffed in this city, a land barren of love, at this university full of emotionally unavailable sad people. 

  1. You arrive at Columbia, not yet having broken up with your high school sweetheart who is going to college in California. You shared an emotional and tearful farewell, where you promised to text each other every second of every waking moment, that you will see each other every possible break or long weekend, and that you will get married as soon as you both graduate.
  2. Some drunken nights later, these New Yorkers are looking real attractive.
  3. You go to some EC/frat parties and may or may not make out with someone and not tell your boo, depending on how (im)moral you are.
  4. But you receive news that your sweetheart cheated on you, so you kiss that ass adieu and start singling and mingling.
  5. Singling and mingling is….fun. Very fun. And goddamn, there are so many attractive people in this city.
  6. You become the anti-commitment archetype. You take pride in being the “emotionally unavailable” douche who doesn’t look back after a hookup, and you brag about ghosting people. You don’t text back. Or text first. And hey, live your best life! Don’t be an asshole, but you do you!
  7. Your friends who used to go on hoescapades with you start getting cuffed. You grow bitter and defiant. Relationship labels are a social construct! Sexual liberation is a necessary part of spiritual liberation! You are a free soul who won’t let the archaic conventions of typical relationships tie you down!
  8. Eventually, you may get too busy to hunt out a new hookup (or multiple) every weekend. You stop going to those hot, sweaty parties. Who has the energy to walk all the way to EC, anyway? You’re too tired to meet new people. Tinder sucks. Bumble has a BUSINESS feature now, what the fuck? It disillusions you and you delete both apps.
  9. Cuffing season rolls around. (Note: the time span between steps 6 and 8 may be anywhere from a few weeks to a few years, so a few cuffing seasons may have rolled around already. But another one comes, inevitably.) You meet someone (at 1020, a party, Tinder, a class, whatever) and hook up with them not once, not twice, not even three times, but more than that. All your friends are shocked. You are shocked, too.
  10. Congrats, you are cuffed! Everyone has different definitions of “being cuffed.” You might define “being cuffed” as hooking up more than twice, being exclusive, actually being in a serious relationship, or whatever else. It doesn’t matter what the objective definition of “being cuffed” is, as long as you’re cuffed according to your own standards.
  11. Then you’ll probably graduate from college, move across the country, break up, and repeat this cycle. I’m not sure how that works because I haven’t gotten there yet, but if any alums want to weigh in on this, please do!

Happy cuffing season!

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Imagine this being a CCSC application.

Though she was locked out for most of the meeting, Bwogger Nadra Rahman is here to deliver you your Monday medley of CCSC news. This time, CCSC feels its own mortality.

CCSC won’t be the same next year, or for that matter, next semester—and that’s what last night’s meeting was all about. After lengthy deliberations, members appointed an Interim Columbia Elections Board (CEB) Chair, along with CCSC members to fill the Vacancy Committees (more on that to come).

Mo’ Applicants, Mo’ Debate

The Interim CEB Chair will help fill positions in CEB (currently dissolved), at which point their task will be complete. To President Nathan Rosin’s surprise, people actually applied, which is a good sign for the future of student government.

Trolls ahead



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The scene of the crime.

Happening Around the World: As tensions escalate in Zimbabwe, current president (dictator) Robert Mugabe continues to refuse to step down from his position, even after yesterday marked the final day in which his political party allowed him to reign. Protestors have been taking the streets the past few days calling for his impeachment and/or resignation. (BBC)

Happening in the US: Notorious serial killer and cult leader Charles Manson has died after living 83 shitty years on this planet. Manson is known for the creation of the Manson Family cult, which came into the spotlight after he and his followers murdered popular actress Sharon Tate in the 1960s. May he rot in hell forever. (LA Times)

Happening in NYC: It’s everyone’s worst nightmare: after bouts of heavy wind in the SoHo area, a major piece of scaffolding collapsed yesterday afternoon. The incident occurred at the corner of Prince Street and Broadway, where 6 people were injured by the collapse. One person was hospitalized for their injuries and is expected to make a full recovery. (CBS Local)

Happening on Campus: Columbia’s Middle East Institute will be holding “Beyond Fighting ISIS: Gender, Conflict, and Nationalism” with a discussion led by Professor Al-Ali and Latif Fas TONIGHT at 6:30 PM in Knox 509.

Overseen: Some fun butter laying on the floor in Brooks. To the person who left it there: what was your intentions? Why butter? Why Brooks? If you are the butter dropper, please contact Bwog so we can get to the bottom of this.

Butter churning fun via Bwog Staff

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