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Whether you spent all weekend holed up in Butler, drinking away your stresses, or a little bit of both, this weekend’s field notes have got you covered. Fun game: try to guess which Bwoggers submitted which field notes… 

All’s fair in love and war:

  • Got dumped. Fucked another guy that night out of desire and spite.
  • Tried not to develop feelings for a possible fuckboy? Stay tuned.
  • Deleted Tinder in the name of self care.
  • Realized I had never loved someone, because when I broke their heart I didn’t care, at all.

Finals I guess?

  • Stormed Butler 209!
  • Did my Gulati practice problems buzzed (thanks Bwog!!).
  • Bought overpriced snacks in ButCafe because it doesn’t take fucking Barnard points.
  • Reluctantly opted for studying over drinking, caved, and drank while studying.
  • Went home three different times this weekend despite being in the middle of finals.
  • Woke up at EIGHT Saturday to get a seat in Butler and the fourth floor was completely empty for 20 glorious minutes.
  • Got a bunch of fruit for munchies, ended up eating a gross assortment of spreads on pita chips instead. Finals I guess?

Procrastination is REAL:

  • Didn’t get out of bed on Sunday until 6 pm.
  • Watched Mean Girls and remembered how fucking iconic early 2000’s fashion is.
  • Went to church and actually felt better afterwards. All of my anger and frustration is now gone.
  • Facetimed with my sister like 3 times this week and now I feel like I miss her.
  • Picnic-ed under the lit trees of Bryant Park.
  • Escaped the fuck out of an escape room for my friend’s birthday.
  • Went home from a party early with the intention of getting up early the next morning to study; ended up sleeping in until 2 pm the next day.
  • Bailed on a social gathering that was supposed to be hosted in my own suite.
  • Went to Pret three times in one day, got a free croissant out of it.
  • Climbed onto the [redacted] roof twice.
  • Scammed my way onto a white supremacist episode of SVU (until they realized I was in fact not an extra).
  • Had my mom make me fortified wine with rum in it (10/10 recommend).
  • Made a gingerbread house that promptly collapsed. :/
  • Got a juicebox cocktail at Junzi kitchen. It’s a mini bottle of tequila sticking out of a literal juice box.
  • Made dick-shaped cookies.



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We’re gonna miss this (Google street) view

For the past few weeks, rumors have circulated various GroupMes and Slack channels regarding a potential Amigo’s closure—ours included. Several tipsters have approached us panicking about the fate of their margarita OG, with funeral dates as near as a week ago to as far as never gonna happen.  As hardworking, persistent journalists, we at Bwog have tried to get to the bottom of this, but after every attempt at investigation, we received a different response to our inquiry. A waiter on December 2nd said they would be closing in three weeks. Later that night, a host initially told us no, but after hearing why we were asking admitted, “you can prevent us from closing by spending more money here.” A waiter the following weekend told us they were closing in January. Today we spoke with another waiter who nervously said he did not know, before eventually deferring us to his manager, Phil, who said he “has no word on it.” From our confusing accounts alone, it seems as if there’s a lot going on with Amigo’s at the moment (sort of like our messy Saturday nights at its bar!), but we hope that everything is okay and will be back to normal soon.

Update, 10:34pm: We received an email from an anonymous employee who informed us that Amigos has been without gas (and as a result without heat) for just over two months. Our tipster told us that management has been “pretty tight-lipped” about whether they are closing, but that it is pretty obvious that this is the case. It looks like we’ll all have to go to the Heights for margaritas now.

Yeah we’re photographically challenged literally via Google Maps



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This peppy girl could you be you, doing homework and jamming to our playlist!

Lookin’ for some new jams to get you through finals week? Bwog is here with a playlist just for you. This playlist, albeit short, is a tribute to (one of) the most obnoxious thing(s) about Bwog: our fiery rivalry with you-know-whomst’ve. Check out these jams, and pay special attention to the first letter of each song…

Creepy stock photo via Dreamstime



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Liz, in a backwards baseball cap that is not, in fact, her Barnard Dad hat

Because we haven’t covered the Band enough in recent weeks: our first Senior Wisdom of the semester is from Liz Pudel, the organization’s former Drum Major and Head Manager (yeah, she did both).

Name, School, Major, Hometown: Liz Pudel, Barnard College, Sociology, Brooklyn, NY

Claim to Fame: Former Drum Major and Head Manager of the CUMB. You can spot me wearing my Barnard Dad hat backwards, and, despite what you might think, it has everything to do with my daddy issues. I also once read the Orgo Night script while wearing my backwards Barnard Dad hat.

Where are you going? I have a job and a codependent relationship in the city, so nowhere, I guess.

What are 3 things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2021?

1. Engage with ideas that make you uncomfortable, but do it in earnest. If you’re going to fight for something that might upset people, do it because you truly know what you’re saying and you truly believe in it. That might mean confronting some of the things you thought you knew, but it also might result in others confronting the things they thought they knew.

Advice, a strongly worded opinion of Prezbo, and more after the jump



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Good morning, Columbia! It’s the last week! The home stretch! The final countdown! Whether you have four more exams or are just finishing up that last essay (or are already home, in which case, why the fuck are you still reading Bwog?), we’re here to love and support you with some good ole fashioned Bwoglines. Check ’em out.

Bwogline: Last night, the Atlanta airport lost power. Wait, let me just say that again: last night, on December 17, the busiest airport in the entire world lost power. Thousands of people were stranded and over a thousand flights were cancelled. It was a holiday shitshow.

Study tip: Give yourself a break from staring at your computer screen. Your eyes will thank you. Try writing some flashcards by hand (instead of using Quizlet), or draw out diagrams/mind maps on paper using colorful pens. Sometimes a little creative boost actually makes studying more bearable.


Procrastination: Go find a Christmas tree corner and pick up some of the fallen branches laying by the tree wrapper/cutter thing. Take them back to your room and put them in a vase, then wrap tiny lights around them. Bonus points if you find stuff to hang on the branches (I used a plastic lei I stole from DSig one time). Boom! Merry fuckin’ Christmas!

Overseen in Schapiro: It’s an elevator conspiracy.

Elevator? More like devilator. (I tried.)


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