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Late this evening, we received news that Barnard senior Caroline Montgomery has passed away. Caroline and her father, Mark Montgomery, died in the mudslides in her hometown of Santa Barbara, California.

A psychology major, Caroline also kindled a deep love for the world of fashion, finding her stride in companies such as Coterique, Topshop, NYLON, and KITH. In the Columbia community, she involved herself in the Water Polo Club team and demonstrated her passion for writing through contributions to Barnard’s fashion publication, Hoot Magazine, as well as Bwog itself.

During her tenure at Bwog in 2015, Montgomery took on the duties of both a Thursday daily editor and an SGA Bureau Chief, managing the stories on our site every Thursday alongside covering the SGA meetings for Bwog every week. On Bwog, she gave us witty advice on what to wear, reviewed several art exhibitions, and wrote about Fashion Week in her Bwoglines. One fellow Bwogger described her as “sweet” and always having “excellent style.” Many more of her articles may be found through her author tag.

As relayed by Dean Hinkson’s email, “students who are in need of support or counseling, please do not hesitate to reach out to family, friends, or your Residential Life staff. The staff members in the Furman Counseling Center (, 212-854-2092) and Dean of Studies office (, 212-854-2024) are also available either in person or by phone. As many of you have not returned to campus yet, we will be holding a listening session on Tuesday, January 16 in the Dean’s Office from 7-9 p.m. (105 Milbank Hall) for those who wish to gather.”

Our deepest condolences go to Caroline’s family and her friends.

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