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This could be you

New York City is packed with amazing culture and inspiring art, but sometimes it’s difficult to break the Morningside-bubble and experience it all first-hand. “Where Art Thou” is a weekly guide to interesting and notable lectures, events, and performances for the literary/musically/theatrically-inclined on campus.

On campus:

  • At 6 pm on Tuesday, February 13, the Mivos Quartet – called “one of America’s most daring and ferocious new-music ensembles” by The Chicago Reader – will be performing a series of original works at the Miller Theatre. Find out more here.
  • At 6 pm on Thursday, February 15, the Miller Theatre will be hosting a screening of Jordan Peele’s Oscar- and Golden Globe-nominated movie, Get Out. This nail-biting horror/comedy centers around a black man who discovers an insidious secret while visiting his white girlfriend’s family. The film will be followed by a discussion and Q&A.
  • The CU Artist Society is hosting Valentine’s Portrait Day this Friday, Feb 16 at 6 pm in Dodge 501. Move in speed dating-fashion around the room, drawing your fellow artists and making new friends! Snacks provided.
  • At 8 pm on Friday and 2 and 8 pm on Saturday, Orchesis is presenting the MaMa Project: SEE ME, an exploration of reflection and spatial analysis through dance. See it at the Minor Latham Playhouse: tickets $7 CUID, $9 non-CUID. Check out the Facebook event here.

Off campus:

  • At 7 pm this Thursday, the Brooklyn Museum is holding Brooklyn Talks: A Tribute to Basquiat. The gallery features works by contemporary artists, who will discuss how one of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s works inspired their life and practice. Tickets $25.
  • From 11 am to 5 pm tomorrow, BAM and the Black Comics Collective are hosting Black Comix Expo in Brooklyn, a day-long expo celebrating comics of color. There will be comic exhibitors, a panel discussion, and a cosplay showcase. Get more information here.

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See you soon, Koronet!

Everyone’s favorite drunk food is about to be unavailable for a month. Tomorrow will be Koronet Pizza’s last working day before they close on Monday for renovations. An employee said that they will be closed for approximately three weeks, and will hopefully reopen in the first week of March.

The longtime cash-only establishment has also started accepting credit card payments last September.

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The jackets in question.

ConspiracyBwog is here to unpack Goosegate.

What We Know
In the late hours of the night on February 2nd, 2018, Kappa Delta Rho, henceforth referred to as KDR, threw a soiree of sorts at 548 W 114th St. Liquor flowed plentifully and music shook the banisters. Having attended myself, I can attest that ample coat hooks were NOT provided. An indiscriminate pile of downy Michael Kors, North Faces, and Canada Geese began to form to the side of the entryway. At approximately 1:33 am, lights were switched on and chaos ensued as people grabbed coats and were herded like sheep through the entryway.

The following morning, February 2nd, 2018, reports were issued that various coats had disappeared, presumably of the Canada Goose variety. Facebook commenters immediately jumped to the conclusion that the coats had been stolen, perhaps by one specific culprit. Such coats are valued at a whopping $925, prompting Bwog to question: perhaps these coat disappearances can’t be chalked up to a simple misunderstanding. Is KDR a front for Morningside Heights’ underground Canada Goose black market?

What We Don’t Know
Does KDR = Kanada goose Down jacket Robbers?

Where are the jackets going? Who took them? Was this a one-student job or is there an insurgent force of Canada Geese hunters and huntresses? Of course, this could also this be superhuman, a Hand of God stealing from the bourgeoisie and redistributing the Canada Geese into the wild.

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President Sian Beilock at yesterday’s inauguration

President Sian Leah Beilock, the eighth President of Barnard College, was inaugurated yesterday. Bwoggers Sarah Harty and Idris O’Neill were there for it all.

Sian Leah Beilock (pronounced Sē-ôn Lē-ah Bī-lock, contrary to what most speakers were saying) was inaugurated yesterday at Riverside Church. Present for the event were both Barnard and Columbia students alike, representatives of the Alumnae class, the Board of Trustees, former president Debora Spar, faculty members, Prezbo (a rare sighting), and distinguished friends of the College. Following a reading of Elizabeth Bishop’s At the Fishhouses by Barnard professor Saskia Hamilton, Chair of the Board of Trustees Jolyne Caruso-Fitzgerald ‘81 welcomed guests with her own anecdotes of her time at Barnard. She noted the importance of her attendance at Barnard during a pivotal moment of the women’s rights movement in the late 70s, mentioning that the same causes she fought for were unfortunately similar to issues students currently encounter today.

Among some of the first presenters were Beilock’s dual-advising team from Michigan State University, Thomas Carr and Deborah Feltz, who recalled stories of her more raucous years. “Of course Sian needed two advisers,” Feltz joked before speaking on Beilock’s dedication to her field, how she would drive four hours once a week to do research at a Canadian university.

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Tinder is the death of love

Columbia is not a big school. It’s geographically small: we are, for the most part, confined to the small rectangular island between 110th, 120th, Broadway, and Amsterdam. Population-wise, it’s also relatively small: CC, SEAS, and GS have a combined population of just under 9,000 students, and Barnard has over 2,500 students. Together with the approximately 16,000 graduate students in the MoHi campus, the population count on campus adds up to less than 30,000.

This means that it’s highly likely you’ll run into a lot of people on an average day. Per Murphy’s Law, you will run into a lot of people you don’t want to run into. Like old hookups. But fear not: Bwog is here to help. Here is a list of ways you can avoid your old hookups to whom you no longer talk.

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Yay sports!!

Happening in the World: The 2018 Winter Olympics kicked off in Pyeongchang, South Korea. This year’s Olympics are said to be the largest in history, with 92 countries competing. The opening ceremony also consisted of a historic handshake between South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Kim Yo-jong, the sister of Kim Jong-un. (NYT)

Happening in the US: Rob Porter, an aide to President Trump who was accused of domestic abuse, received farewell wishes from Trump after recently resigning. In response to the allegations, Trump stated, “We found out about it recently and I was surprised by it, but we certainly wish him well and it’s a tough time for him.” (BBC)

Happening in New York: When asked if he saw fare evasion as an indicator of poverty, Mayor de Blasio stated that he saw no evidence for such. “We see people who evade fares and have money, and we see people [who] evade fares and don’t have money.” (NY Daily News)

Happening on Campus: ADI is hosting DevFest, Columbia’s week-long hackathon and learnathon this week. Even if you don’t have any experience programming, there are lots of opportunities for you to learn and create things! Check out the Facebook event here and check out DevFest’s website for the schedule.

Overheard: At President Sian Beilock’s inauguration, “Sorry I made Spec and Bwog sit together; I know there’s a rivalry.”

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