Housing Coverage 2018, Day 5

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Coming out of our cage and we’ve been doing just… not that great

It’s day five of in-person room selection, and we’ve gotta be honest: choices are looking a little bleak. All large suites are gone except for a couple in Claremont, and the doubles options have been narrowed to primarily Broadway, Schapiro, Nussbaum, and McBain (the worst dorm on campus?).

But fear not, rising sophomores! Keep your heads up, keep your wits about you, and most importantly, keep reading Bwog’s housing coverage, and you’ll still be able to secure a housing option for next year that’s… well… not the absolute worst. Think of it this way: at least you’re not in the Barnard 1/2/3 lottery.

As with every other day of housing coverage, Bwog will be keeping running tallies of the remaining rooms and suites, and liveblogging the majority of picks (or, every pick for which people coming out of the cage tell us where they’re living and what their lottery number was.) Please be kind to the staffers on the Couch, if you see them today. We are getting a bit tired of shouting. And of pointing to the massive banner behind us every time someone asks who we are. We’ll still offer consolation if you need a shoulder to cry on, though.

Artistic representation of sophomores picking today via Pixabay

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