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You’re probably going to regret your oral sex vs cheese answer in 5 years and ask us to take it down anyway.

Daily editor and lapsed black belt Isabel Sepúlveda has loved Columbia during her first year, but nothing is perfect. And since she’s stopping practicing Tae Kwon Do for the time being, she’s using her new favorite outlet for venting her frustration at minor inconveniences: Bwog!

As every semester comes to a close, we here at Bwog take the time to turn to our graduating seniors and ask them to offer their wisdom to current and future generations of Columbia students. It’s a time-honored tradition and stands alongside housing coverage and anytime readers want to question our journalistic integrity as one of our most popular.  Everyone is clamoring to see themselves and their friends answer the oral sex or cheese question and ask us to pour one out for Cannon’s one last time.

But, for better or for worse, we don’t have enough time to share the wisdom of every senior who has blessed Morningside Heights with their presence and tuition dollars, leading us to open a nomination process in the weeks leading up to the end of the semester. Especially in the spring, this helps us filter through all of our amazing seniors to find the 40 or so we feature at the end of every year.

It’s a process and by the time we post all these cheese puns, all the decisions are made. So that’s why I’m asking you to please step away from that email you’re currently writing to telling us that we absolutely have to feature the wisdom of your best friend or your sophomore year RA. We understand that they’re important to you, in some way, and most of the time, we love it when you email us. But also, my sanity is important to me so I’m asking you kindly to delete the draft and go back to procrastinate packing/unpacking/napping some other way.

More of me literally begging you to stop below.



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As the school year comes to a close, so does this series of screenshots from the Class of 2022 GroupMe. We hope y’all enjoyed it while it lasted, and Class of 2022, we’ll see you on campus next year!

Dude, that’s so meta:

Prospies take exams, too! Dare I say, they’re just like us:

But between exams, they watched some movies too:

May 1 was decision day, so that meant more wholesome content™ in the GroupMe:





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Bold beautiful smile, perfect for a bold beautiful senior

Our last senior wisdom is courtesy of former Bwog Deputy Editor Lili Brown who takes us back to a simpler time of mom jeans and clogs and reminds us that your GPA isn’t what matters; it’s the friends you’ve made along the way.

Name, school, major, hometown: Lili Brown, Barnard, History with Gender & Sexuality concentration, Atlanta, GA

Claim to fame: I was your or your roommate’s Barnard tour guide, or I was your or your roommate’s AllSex facilitator, or you tried to shush me as my laugh emanated through LeFrak (which is a CHAT ZONE). I also was a bad journalist and written erotica vigilante during my brief tenure as a Deputy Editor of Bwog (it’s so good to be back you guys!). And finally, I am an unexpected senior night regular, and I’m one of the four to five women who come really early and demand that you give us as much room on the dance floor as that which we started the night with. I am still so, so sorry to the girl whose drink I knocked out of her hands while really getting down to Work.

Where are you going? The day after move-out for seniors I’m jetting off to Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris with a good Barnard pal and I’ll finally get to say I’ve been to Europe, which seems like something that way more people than I expected have just done at some point in their young lives already (send us affordable recs!). Upon our return, I’m moving to Brooklyn and doing a series of part-time gigs, one of which includes being an archivist at a Yiddish archive downtown!

What are three things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2022?

1. No one at this school is exactly like you. Just because we all got into this super insular or niche or small type of community does not mean we all want the same out of it, and sometimes this can make you really clash with people in different ways and in different magnitudes. If you come here looking for uncanny similarity — be it academically, socially, emotionally, etc — you will be disappointed. This took me so, so long to learn, and it was something I stopped trying to look for too late in the game. I’ve spent chunks of time here with genuinely lovely people, who, to be honest, were not my matches and I changed myself significantly in order to convince myself I wanted the same thing from college that they did. And I don’t regret that at all — phases in college academically, socially, or emotionally are so totally ok and part of the whole sha-bang of this thing. But each change was hard, especially because it took time for me to recognize that the people I was surrounding myself with didn’t want the same things I did; identifying what I want or what other people want is…difficult! It will amaze you how easily or slowly people come in and out of your life during these four years. A lot of relationships here are dependent on things completely outside of your control because we cannot possibly know what each person at this school is going through. With that said, come prepared to be utterly disappointed and completely inspired by the people you’ll encounter here.

More eloquent advice and a trip down memory lane.



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A big pile o’ taxes

Today’s Bwog Finance column meshes a traditional Back Of The Envelope article with our novel Bwog Finance series. We’re going to give you a rough estimate of how to know how much money you’ll *actually* make this summer after taxes are deducted from every paycheck, and how much of a return you *might* get. Remember to send column topics to

Writing this column wasn’t my idea, but I’m gonna give it my best shot: how to know how much taxes will be deducted from your paychecks, and how much $$ you might get back come spring 2019, using basic math and some help from the internet.

Let’s say you make $15/hour and you work 30 hours a week. That’s $450/week. Woohoo!

Let’s say there are 4 weeks in a month (even though for some months, it might be less!). 4 x $450 is $1,800. LIT. That’s just enough for one half of a studio apartment in SoHo. But wait…

If you make $5,400 for the whole summer (3 months x $1,800), according to, because of FICA, you will owe $413 in taxes. FICA, or the Federal Insurance Contributions Act, goes toward social security and Medicare, which Trump hasn’t managed to get rid of (yet).

You’ll also have $30 withheld each month for federal taxes. You might also have money withheld for New York State taxes, to cover things like NY’s new “Paid Maternity Leave.” But you should get those taxes refunded next spring…

Unless you make more money during the year! This calculation isn’t counting taxes you might owe based on other income you earn throughout the year. So…you may need to re-evaluate that 1/2 of a studio apartment in SoHo and go for something a little closer to MoHi, or else venture into Brooklyn or Queens.

The point is, what you expect to make this summer might end up being a lot less than you thought! Unless you have an under-the-table gig, like babysitting.

Does this apply to things like grants? Yep. If you get a grant from the school, that’s still taxable income. What about stipends? That too.

If this newfound tax knowledge changes your summer plans, have no fear. We’ve composed an easy guide to creating a summer budget.

Good luck!

Photo By 401(K) 2012, via Wikimedia Commons



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Gloriana would sell her soul to the marching band

Need someone to cheer you on when you’re destined to fail? Gloriana has some experience in that field and more in this Senior Wisdom.

Name, School, Major, Hometown: Gloriana Lopez, Columbia College, Anthropology, San José, Costa Rica.

Claim to fame: #1 fan of Columbia athletes (but not athletics), former Bwog sports adjacent ™ , token Latin American international student of CUMB, that Orgo Night script reader who couldn’t turn pages, “that girl who plays the drums and is super loud”- Columbia Men’s Basketball, former Civil Engineer who decided to obliterate her job prospects by switching to Anthropology.

Where are you going? Back home :( . I’ll try to be an adult, get a job, apply to grad school, all that fun stuff.

What are 3 things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2022?
I would like to quote my friend Evan who once said: “There are three things I have learned from Gloriana: 1. Always be yourself, 2. You can never be too enthusiastic and 3. If life gets too hard, you can always transfer to CC”.

Allow me to elaborate on these:

1. You do you. This means you should pick classes you are excited about (although sometimes that is hard), and find your people (which is also kind of hard here). Don’t worry about what other people are doing if you are happy with what you are doing, whether it is taking 6 classes and being in 23 organizations or taking 3 classes and never leaving your room. Have fun and take advantage of what this city and this school have to offer in a way that makes you happy.

It’s time for reflection



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Her lipstick (and everything else about her) is amazing

The rest of our senior wisdoms are coming from Bwoggers, current and former. To kick things off, we have Bwog’s director of communications, Gabbie Lipson, who wants to dispense from tough love and remind us all that we’re our own best advocate.

Name, School, Major, Hometown: Gabbie Lipson, Barnard College, Psychology, Phoenix, Arizona

Claim to fame: I wrote Bwog’s apologies for the last 4 years as their Director of Communications. Got carpal tunnel for knitting during all of the NSOP activities I had to go to as an OL. I think I’m known for a few other
things but those get filed under infamous so we’ll just go with the above…

Where are you going? On a grand adventure! No, seriously, I’m still working out my plans but looking forward to seeing where life takes me. Though it will probably have something to do with studying babies. But if anyone reading this wants to hire me, I wouldn’t be opposed!

What are 3 things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2022?

1. You are your own best advocate.
There are nearly 11,000 undergraduates at Columbia University (that includes SEAS, GS and Barnard, don’t get snippy with me, I’m making a point). We come to this school and operate under the expectation that every administrator, professor, and fellow student has our own best interests at heart. And in theory they do! But they can’t seriously think about all 11,000 of us individually at once. So advocate for yourself. There are people who will help you succeed but you have to make yourself known to them. I wanted to work in a lab but I couldn’t get funding and the hours interfered with classtime. I convinced my advisor and the department for long enough that they allowed me to take an independent study under my advisor even though I was working in a completely different lab. My advisor now takes the extra time to function as my liaison and works with my PI so that I can do what I love for academic credit. I wanted to present my research abroad but couldn’t find the funding. I poked around a bit, asked for some guidance and now, guess who’s going to Prague? This gal! The people at this school want to help. But they won’t know how or even that you need help until you stand in front of them and tell them what you need and why. You have a powerful voice, use it and then keep on using it.
See what other advice Gabbie has below!



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In focus

Today’s senior wisdoms are starting off strong with Nathan Rosin, CCSC president and Bwog’s friend from the fifth floor of Lerner.

Name, School, Major, Hometown: Nathan Rosin, CC, Middle East South Asian and African Studies and Econ, Needham MA

Claim to fame: Received an email last year from Dean Kromm that she and Deantini wanted to explore what exactly the annual student snowball fight was all about for the first time, and I was out of bed like lighting a few minutes later to see just how well the Dean could toss a snowball – and he didn’t disappoint. Then, this year was personally challenged to a rematch snowball fight by Deantini via email alongside John and Nicole (clearly I did a good job last year, given that the Dean seemed to think he had some scores to settle) – and tbh I think I did a pretty good job the next day living up to the challenge (judging by the snowball I landed smack on his face). CCSC President, COOP leader, and McBain president once upon a time (responsible for Rush McB tanks…)

Where are you going? 50 blocks downtown, but probably won’t be able to stay even that far away for too long…

What are 3 things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2022?

1. It’s so important to put in the time and effort to maintain strong friendships throughout your four years here. Sometimes it’s hard to remember or to make the time, and I’ve struggled at points to keep some friendships going that I really wished I had worked harder for, because it really is the people that define Columbia. When I graduate, I’m pretty confident I’ll remember my relationships and the people here in general as the best part about this place. The stories everyone has to share are unbelievable, and the support and encouragement people give each other carried me through my time here.

Classes, events, JJ’s, and more after the jump



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Don’t be the next Maggie killer

Bwogline: Puerto Rican students taken in by NYU for the semester as the island recovered from Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria have requested to have their stay extended through the fall, due to the poor recovery efforts taking place on the island, including frequent power outages and the economic crisis. NYU has denied their request. (Buzzfeed)

Study Tip: Use the Forest app to keep you from constantly checking your phone while your cram for you last couple finals. In it, you set a specific amount of time for your phone to “grow” a tree and if you close out the screen, it dies.   You don’t want to kill a tree, even a digital one, do you?

Music: You might think it looks dumb, but SpongeBob the Musical is actually a modern classic. Also, it’s super motivating while we finish finals/packing/any other last minute plans.

Procrastination Tip: Take a walk around campus, either alone or with some friends who are still around, and reminisce about what you’ve done in your time here at Columbia. These years go by fast so it never hurts to take a little time to reflect.

Overheard: “I need to hydrate before I die-drate”

a once majestic magnolia via Bwog Archives

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