Field Notes: Fall Break Edition

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Ah yes, fall break. Halloween is officially over, Thanksgiving is done before it even begins, and the holiday season is upon us! We hope you caught up on sleep, got ahead in your classes, and enjoyed wholesome family dinners. Bwog, on the other hand, is here to share stories from their eventful weekend. 

Bwog Gets Political

  • Knocked on hundreds of doors, many in the rain, to encourage people to vote
  • Got told I looked “WAY too young to vote” by a poll worker…at least the bartenders here disagree
  • Watched the midterms while drinking svedka straight
  • Texted hundreds of Georgia voters on behalf of Stacey Abrams and only got called the c-word a couple times
  • Watched Doctor Who instead of election coverage
  • Got my vote suppressed (fuck you, Brian Kemp)
  • Voted for the first time!
  • Found out that the place I’m from is filled with old republicans. I’m talking so old, they all had walkers and were so slow
  • Got sad and ate my feelings because I am not allowed to vote in this country. I wish I could help change it for the better
  • VOTED!!
  • Watched my polisci major roommate almost give herself an ulcer over midterm elections

Bwog being Bwog

  • Got drunk in the student center at Smith
  • Played a lot of drunk Clue :)
  • Quit drinking. For real this time. Let’s see how it goes.
  • Destroyed my bank account at a Brooks Brothers in Florida. Woke up the next morning and found out that my bank malfunctioned and put about just as much as I spent into my account for no reason.
  • Met my last hookup’s wife (context: they were not engaged or married when we did anything)
  • Tried weed for the first time and proceeded to throw up
  • Ran into another one of my tinder matches at the law school
  • Won a round of Cards Against Humanity at e’s despite being (probably) the drunkest person there
  • Got drunk with my parents
  • Drank my sister’s vodka and showed my roommate Coco for the first time. Cried just as hard as I did the first time.
  • Got very drunk and peed in Harvard Yard
  • Got high while overlooking the Cambridge skyline across the Charles River at night
  • Hooked up with someone else for the first time since breaking up with my ex
  • Two friends (who are ex’s) got into drama because one hooked up with the other’s best friend at a party we went to
  • Tried to diffuse drama
  • Took a break from diffusing drama to meet sister’s friends
  • Ran into a girl from my high school at an MIT frat party. Also ran into a guy wearing a Columbia 2021 shirt at a different MIT frat party.

Bwog Goes Home/Somewhere that isn’t here

  • Had my birthday
  • Saw all my bestest friends
  • Ate the best food in LA!!!
  • Saw my sister that I haven’t seen in 2 years
  • Realized I should’ve considered going to school on the west coast
  • Went to Boston to visit my sister and two friends
  • Missed my megabus
  • Drove for the first time since August, in a rental car, from NYC to a forest 40 miles upstate. Am honestly really proud of myself for how well it went.
  • Invited my friend to come on an ecology field trip with me over fall break, only to nearly get us both lost in the woods
  • Took my younger sister to a concert in which I was almost crushed by a white guy with a feather earring and his manic fans
  • Drove a car for the first time in two months and almost hit a tree
  • Got asked if Florida is in a different time zone than New York
  • Was told by my parents that we are moving, so I spent most of fall break cleaning out closets and shelves so that only the essentials and the important things will be packed in boxes
  • Gained a new appreciation for suburbia
  • Witnessed the absolute ghost town that is Barnard campus during fall break
  • Went to the so-called armpit state of America aka New Jersey
  • Went to Philly and saw UPenn’s campus! They have insane mansions as frat houses
  • Used my dad’s bookshelf for research instead of Butler
  • Walked around the Philly rain for 5 and a half hours

Bwog Chills

  • Started rewatching Gravity Falls!
  • Slept till noon every day, didn’t exercise once, ate not a single vegetable, ate a shit ton of junk food, lived in the same pair of sweatpants cuz was afraid to see how my clothes fit
  • Binged the new season of House of Cards
  • Ate dairy
  • Slept for nine hours, three nights in a row

Wholesome Bwog

  • Cried while hugging my dog
  • Cried eating a home-cooked meal
  • Hugged my roommates when they came back because I missed living with people
  • Got bubble tea and played Uno and Jenga with my best friend at a bubble tea place that was exclusively playing Justin Bieber songs, and in that moment was the happiest I’ve ever been in my life
  • Got shat on by my cat
  • Bathed cat because he also shat on himself
  • Got bitten by cat for bathing cat
  • Felt remorseful for bathing cat
  • Am trying to make it up to the cat
  • Realized am obsessed with cat
  • Made a twenty-layer crepe cake with a bruleèd crust
  • Swam with dolphins. Only cried twice
  • Had 7 people stay in my room for the entire weekend that I had just met and now I LOVE them

Bwog Bonus

  • soup n beans…. beans n soup

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