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Bwog does math too!

Looking for ways to get out of finals? Bwog checked to see if finding a new world altogether was possible. Bwogger Victoria Arancio trudged through the snow to see this gravity talk, because she’s that desperate. 

Every few weeks, the Columbia Astronomy Department hosts its Stargazing & Lecture series. As a part of their public outreach,  the department hosts talks on Fridays that discuss current scientific understanding of our Universe. Whether you’re a student, professor, or just someone who somehow found their way into Pupin, the talks are engaging and relatively easy to follow. I was able to attend the department’s last two talks; although very different from each other, both helped better my understanding of astronomy and also made voluntarily sitting in a lecture hall enjoyable.

Two weeks ago, the department hosted a book talk, focusing on the life and work of Jill Tarter, an astrophysicist and astrobiologist. Sarah Scoles’ Making Contact: Jill Tarter and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life, investigates not only the technology that may one day detect life elsewhere in the Universe, but this biography sheds light on the life of a woman struggling to be taken seriously in a field dominated by men. Jill Tarter is responsible for the SETI project, scientific research that looks for life elsewhere by detecting electromagnetic signals from other parts of the Universe. The weather was even nice enough so that the public was also able to observe through telescopes on the roof of Pupin!

Science is cool!



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Amaris Hemmings, CC ’19, killing the field

With Thanksgiving over and the holiday season upon us, it seems appropriate to take time to be thankful for the strong fall sports season that Columbia Athletics had this year. With the shocking 8-2 Columbia Football winning season, the Columbia community exposed themselves as true bandwagon fans, but the success of other programs was also something new and exciting to follow for many new Lions fans. This past season was one to remember, and while football may have stolen the spotlight, other teams—specifically Columbia Women’s Soccer—also have earned the bragging rights of a successful season.

The Lions (9-5-2 overall, 5-1-1 conference) had a lot to celebrate this season. With 6 back-to-back shutout wins that would lead them to making program history with a 5-0 standing before their Yale game, Columbia Women’s Soccer experienced one of their best seasons in recent memory. With the exception of Seton Hall early into the season, every game that Columbia won was a shutout, proving that the Lions dominated the field. Despite experiencing losses on the road early into the season, everything seemed to change at Cornell: with a 2-0 win, the Lions would begin to show considerable momentum once they began to play in-conference games. Columbia would later win against Brown and Penn in hard fought overtimes and beat Wagner at a staggering 11-0. The Lions would end their season with a loss to Yale and finish with a tied game versus Harvard.

While the end of their season does not reflect their impressive results amongst the Ivies, several players stood out on the field. Senior defender Natalie Ambrose was recognized as the Ivy League Defensive Player of the Year, goalkeeper Sophie Whitehouse was also recognized for Ivy League Player of the Week and midfielder Natalie Neshat was Top Drawer Soccer’s National Women’s Team of the Week after Columbia’s 2-0 win against Princeton.

Columbia Women’s Soccer held their own this season. After a strong season for both the men and women’s soccer teams, Columbia Soccer will definitely be something worth watching next year, especially if Columbia Football decides to take another 20 year hiatus. Columbia Athletics has had an impressively strong start to a new academic year: maybe it’s time to really start learning Roar, Lion, Roar.

Photo via Columbia University Athletics/Mike McLaughlin



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Give yourself over to absolute pleasure!

On Friday night, Bwogger Victoria Arancio decided to put down her drink and enjoy a Halloween classic: Rocky Horror Picture Show. Hear what she has to say about CMTS’ modern spin on a cult favorite.

While Thursday night might have started off my Halloweekend, it really didn’t feel like Halloween until I walked down the steps to the Diana Event Oval. There I was met with a strange sense of school spirit as I gazed upon the Rocky moviegoers: dressed up and buzzing with excitement as they waited for the doors to open. With students dressed up in just about every costume imaginable, I felt out of place with my stained and unlaundered Columbia sweatshirt, an obvious sign that I watched the sun set inside of Butler. I found my friends and ushered them into the Event Oval, found seats, and sat down.

I was excited to be surrounded by people so passionate about a tradition. While this was CMTS’ fifth annual Rocky Horror Picture Show, it seemed to me like this was something embedded in Columbia culture. The show seemed like it was fit and tailored to the nature of our community. The show started late, as more people continued to funnel their way into the room, trying to find the closest seat to the action that was about to unfold on stage. The first time I went to see Rocky was in my friend’s backyard; the show seems to have that effect on people, one where they recall their “first time.” I made endless virgin jokes and tagged my friend with a red “V.” My friend and I cheered her on once she went on stage and uncomfortably tried to sound an orgasm.

What does a fake orgasm sound like?



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Since the beginning of this semester, two Barnard RAs have been fired by Barnard ResLife. After learning about the ambiguous relationship between ResLife and RAs, Deputy Editor Victoria Arancio explores how RAs have struggled to be heard by administration. 

Since February, Bwog has been following the ongoing problems between Barnard Resident Assistants (RAs) and Barnard Residential Life and Housing (ResLife). Bwog recently reached out to several current and former RAs, and sat down with Alicia Lawrence, Executive Director of ResLife, to understand the various perspectives. Many RAs have remained silent about their experiences and frustrations in fear of being terminated by Barnard ResLife. Of our four student sources, two are no longer RAs and two currently hold the position.

After hearing the accounts of several Resident Assistants, all sharing similar experiences, it is apparent that each RA struggles to make sense of their ambiguous relationship with ResLife. RAs, despite efforts in the past to increase communication and transparency with ResLife, continue to question their job security and fear speaking candidly about their hardships in the position. As two RAs have lost their positions and one resigned this semester, understanding the changes to the position is worthy of investigation since in the wake of talks reevaluating RAs’ responsibilities and compensation.

So, what is really expected of Barnard RAs? According to a Barnard RA, the position is inaccurately advertised. Despite ResLife’s efforts to recruit new students last year, interest in the position diminished in the wake of talks between RAs and ResLife. According to the 2017-2018 RA Position Expectations and the 2017- 2018 RA Statement of Acceptance & Understanding, the documents given to each RA, they are expected to foster a community and enhance the quality of life for their residents. This translates into floor programs, attending meetings and trainings, sharing shifts in on-call duty, and more. With the possibility of ResLife adding new initiatives during the year, the expectations of the job can change over time, and a former RA stated that there was, “absolutely no support for RAs besides other RAs.” Recently, months after Barnard students requested that changes be made to the position’s expectations, ResLife “burned through the waitlist” to replace the vacant RA positions after three RAs terminated their employment.

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Sex sells… tickets for arthritis benefit!

Guys, in case you weren’t tapping through the Ivy League Snapchat Story in Butler last night, AOII had their philanthropy event, AOKaraoke, and it was wild. Bwoggers Victoria Arancio and Aliya Schneider checked it out.

See photos from the event at the bottom of the article!!

This year’s AOKaraoke event’s theme was Pillow Talk. In all honesty, the theme at first caused me to cringe: watching people try to sing in addition to trying too hard to be overtly sexual sounded like it would just make me really uncomfortable. Once the music started playing, my doubts and reservations were overpowered by Jason Derulo’s, “Trumpets” and Bruno Mars’, “Marry You.” Despite the event’s theme, intended to celebrate women’s ability to take control of their own sexual narrative, the performers—mostly men—proved to instead embrace their self-humiliation, objectifying themselves. It was messy. It was fun. My expectations were low. The event surprised me in the best way possible. I’ll give you the run down on all things karaoke: how the fraternities and sororities performed, what they sang, and more.

Get the full run down, including the salacious pics!



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As I recalled my good memories from the weekend, I looked down at my Long Island Iced Tea and smiled. On Sunday, I celebrated two wins: Columbia Football winning at home and the fact that I can remember. I brought myself back to the memory of standing in the stands at during overtime, screaming with excitement that we won. I felt a subdued kind of joy as I remembered rushing the field, hearing the band play Roar, Lion, Roar over and over.

With a weekend that ended on a high note, how did I find myself at 1020 on a Monday night? The week hit pretty hard: I stayed up all night writing a paper on two books that I didn’t even finish, rolled in late to an in-class midterm for which I forgot a calculator, and still have another paper to write for by the end of the week. Reflecting on the mess that became my Monday, I felt that I could finally relate to that girl that I watched throw up on herself on Saturday; We both appeared defeated by a Higher Power. Some might blame procrastination, or alcoholism, but call it what it is: an act of God.

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Roar, Lion, Roar!

This past weekend was unreal. Columbia won the big game, parents and students alike were in good spirits, and the celebration served as a well-needed distraction from impending midterms. Check out what Bwog was up to! 

Bwog has school spirit:

  • Went to Homecoming and got annoyed at all the drunk obnoxious people, because normally I’m the drunk obnoxious person and they were stealing my thunder.
  • Got dinner with my parents after Homecoming and almost fell asleep at the restaurant.
  • Got drunk really early into Homecoming, ended up falling asleep to Hercules in my bed at 1:30 in the afternoon.
  • Had a lovely boozy brunch in my suite the morning of Homecoming feat. frosé and pumpkin spice pancakes.
  • Lost my voice at the game.
  • Got blackout drunk on Friday because a boy flaked on me. Was subsequently too hungover on Saturday to enjoy Homecoming.
  • Was asked to go clubbing downtown by 45 year old men, back to reminisce for Homecoming.
  • Missed the last 15 minutes of the Homecoming game because I was being a responsible travel manager.

The trials and tribulations of Columbia students:

  • Wrote a 5 page take-home midterm in an hour! It’s due in a week but I just felt inspired.
  • Fell over unto my desk, with my feet hitting the wall, knocking three books off my neighbor’s shelf and giving myself a black eye.
  • Spilled water on my MacBook, just in time for midterms this week.
  • Got very inspired (possibly too inspired) by the Jhumpa Lahiri event, and wrote a short story in Russian.
  • Had fun at dwb but then subsequently spent 2 hours in Butler’s Ref room wasted, trying to study.
  • Wrote 2600 words in 3 hours and haven’t stopped bragging about it.
  • Skipped all of my responsibilities on Sunday to work on other responsibilities.
  • Got 10 hours of sleep on Saturday night instead of doing literally any studying for my midterm on Monday morning.
  • Cried for 20 mins while drunk after someone took away a Krispy Kreme donut.
  • Waited for hours to get an X-ray of my face that they ended up fucking up. Got fired from my babysitting job because the ex-ray place made me a couple minutes late even though I showed up despite having a concussion.
  • Listened to new music until my list of unheard podcasts gave me too much anxiety.
  • Saw my male floormate in the literal nude as I passed by because his door was open.

Bwog in the city: 

  • Walked the Brooklyn Bridge during sunset with my best friend from home who is visiting.
  • Spent way too much money on Uber/Lyft.
  • Had my genitals grabbed by a drag queen in broad daylight on W14th.
  • Almost got into a fight with some rude man at Mel’s but I was with an entire fraternity so he backed off.
  • Went to a jazz club with my friend and had to fight to stay awake since last week was so draining.
  • Got stopped on the street in front of the Flatiron Building to take photos for someone’s online column on Cosmo Japan.
  • Partied with artsy NYU kids, dressed as weird as possible to fit in.
  • Went to my first concert with a boy! Not my first concert ever, just my first time going with a boy.
  • Slept on the street in the rain to get SNL tickets.
  • Gave a blowjob in the shower of a dorm at a university I don’t even go to.

Image via Bwogger Victoria Arancio 



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The talent rests in CUMB.

It’s the day that we all seemed to forgot but are now excited for: Homecoming! Columbia Football being undefeated is like watching a total solar eclipse: a short-lived rarity that encourages a massive lack of productivity, costing students and the university thousands. But let’s face it: Columbia’s Homecoming is well deserved time to go to parties and relax with friends. If you’re even feeling some ~school spirit~ and you’re not in CUMB, you might actually go to the game. Either way, if you’re doing homecoming right, you won’t be sober.

Welcome to your Columbia Homecoming adventure! Click on the images to see if you’ll make it through the day in one piece!

It’s the night before homecoming. Do you: 

A. Eat lots of carbs and prepare for the next day.

B. Decide to go out! You know you like to have a good time on the weekends, but since midterms are coming up, you need to unwind. Friday is a gift that would be wasted otherwise.

You and your friends are looking to start the day off right. Do you:

A. Try to kick off the day like its Bacchanal and start at it hard.
B. Pace yourself: drinking at 9am will only lead to getting CAVA’d or worse- humiliating drunk snaps.

More drunk decisions after the jump



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What ever happened to predictability?

Happening in the world: With allegations of tampering with the results of the Kenyan presidential election, the Kenyan Supreme Court ruled that the election be “re-run” within the next 60 days. The voting irregularities found convinced the court to dismiss the election results. This is the first time that an African country is redoing an election. (BBC)

Happening in the United States: Cities in California are suing oil companies for the environmental damage that is being inflicted on their cities. Both Oakland and San Francisco are seeking money to protect homes and city property from climate change. (Buzzfeed)

Happening in NYC: After being completed, the 2nd Avenue subway failed to finish the final steps of safety testing. Although the line is under a “temporary safety certificate.” Introducing an $800 million plan to fix problems with the overall subway system, Cuomo has been criticized for starting new projects instead of solving current problems. (NY Times)

Happening on campus: The President of Costa Rica is coming to the World Leaders Forum! If you’re unable to see His Excellency speak in person, Columbia is live streaming the event.


Person 1: “I’m more into the fruity ice cream, like sorbet.”
Person 2: “That sounds like gay ice cream.”

Person 3: “Sorb-gay.”



Image via Wikimedia Commons



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Aww could you imagine how cute picnics would be up here?

Ever wanted to take your love of NYC to new heights, right in MoHi? You’re in luck: Barnard is continuing its Diana Center Roof access! The Diana Roof is open Thursdays and Fridays from 11am to 3pm. If you’re looking to add something special to your Snap Story or Instagram or even just hang out with some friends, take advantage of this opportunity and try something new! All you need to do is take the Diana elevator to the 6th floor!

Image via Barnard College



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Can Mother Nature settle down for a second?

Happening in the world: The southeast United States and Caribbean Islands are starting to take steps towards recovery efforts. Photos of Hurricane Irma’s impact can be seen here. (The Atlantic)

Happening in NYC: Brian Coll, a former Rikers Island correctional officer was recently sentenced to 30 years in prison after beating up and killing a seriously ill inmate. According to the Times, inmate Ronald Spear was restrained face down on the floor by several other officers as Coll kicked him in the head several times. (NY Times)

Happening on campus:  Today from 6-8pm in the International Affairs Building there will be a talk called, “Investigating North Korean Sanctions Violations: Trends and Indicators.”

Overheard: “What did Hewitt do to deserve your wrath?”


If you’re just looking for something stupidly catchy…



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The only table worth going to is ours tbh.

Things you won’t regret doing:

  1. Dropping that insanely hard CS class that you thought you should take to “challenge yourself.”
  2. Staring at your phone to avoid eye contact with your ex that you thought graduated last year.
  3. Getting drunk as hell tonight because you made it through the first week!

Things you will regret doing:

  1. Wearing pants and a sweatshirt on a warm day.
  2. Giving Hewitt another chance: that shit won’t ever get better.
  3. Not joining Bwog.

We get it: the activities fair is probably going to be just as unbearable as last year. With hundreds of people desperately trying to squeeze themselves between club tables, you’re going to sweat your ass off trying to find some clubs that are somewhat interesting. Why not save some time by coming to our table or just sending in a Staff Writer application?

As a Staff Writer, you’ll be generating content for our site by creating write ups of events and pitching ideas at our weekly meetings. Bwog has everything: creative people, great content, and some pretty great DWBs. If you’re a first year just trying to ~find yourself~ or even a senior that’s just squeezing out the remaining creativity you have before real adulting starts, then give Bwog a try.

Email applications to by Friday, September 15 at 11:59 pm.

The Application

About Bwog:

Tell us about one Bwog post you liked, one post you didn’t like, and why for both.
What is your favorite tag?
Come up with three sample post ideas that you would like to see on Bwog.
Draw Bwog.

About you:

Why do you want to join Bwog?
What do you think Bwog is?
You’re taking Bwog out on a date! What would you do? Where would you go?
What about Columbia might you be interested in writing about?
Send us a screenshot or list of the bookmarked Favorites on your browser.
Do you have prior experience writing or editing for a publication? If yes, describe this experience.

Image via Bwog



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When your professor goes straight into lecture after giving out the syllabus…

Happening in the world: Protests have erupted in cities all over Togo, as thousands of people took their discontent with President Faure Gnassingbe to the streets. President Gnassingbe has held the position for 50 years, and the current opposition is demanding changes to the constitution, specifically the voting system currently in place. (Al Jazeera)

Happening in the nation: Hurricane Irma is projected to be one of the most destructive hurricanes in history. The Caribbean Islands have been hit with over 185 mph winds, and it appears that Florida will experience similar Category 5 hurricane conditions. (New York Times)

Happening in NYC: NYC public schools will now offer free lunch to every student. As 75% of students appeared to qualify for free lunch in the past year, the city took initiative to grant both free breakfast and lunch to all students. (ABC7NY)

Happening on campus: There will be an outdoor film screening of a French film, The Wild Child at Low Plaza from 7:30-10pm!

Overseen: Seriously, where did the bananas go…again…

Images via Flickr and Bwogger Rachel Deal 



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Mother’s Day: if you disappoint your mother, it’s a scarier holiday than Halloween.

In the midst of packing, finishing finals, and drinking the rest of the Svedka in your fridge in order to “clean the fridge out,” you’re tired, you’re exhausted, and you can’t wait to be home. All of a sudden, it hits you: Mother’s Day looms in the near future, mocking you as for the ten-thousandth time, you have forgot this sacred holiday. Here’s some ideas that will help you throw together a last-minute present. 

The cop out: Rush over to the Columbia Bookstore and buy one of those $20 Columbia Mom T-shirts. Although not creative, if you have some cash and are rushed for time, this is a good option.

Pull out the crayons: Grab some extra markers and crayons and draw your mom a picture. Even if you’re artistic skills haven’t developed past the 5th Grade, we’re sure you’re mom would like that shit. Some things you can draw: a nice photo of a memory the two of you have shared, your future (if you think you’ll have a good one,) and your hopes and dreams. Avoid completely: trying to draw your mom (you’ll only insult her.)

More ideas after the jump



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Take the good memories with you.

Well Columbia, you’ve almost reached the end of another year here. Whether you had a good year or not, it’s nearly over! 

Bwogline: FBI Director James Comey has been sacked by Donald Trump. Right before Comey began expanding his investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia, President Trump wrote a letter, firing Comey. The most embarrassing part: Comey found out when he was watching the news and thought it was a joke. Ouch. (NY Times)

Study Tip: Alright Columbia, I’ll cut the shit: you’re almost done. You’re so close. If you’re still at school, struggling to memorize random facts or frantically packing to catch your plane, do what you need to do to get it all done. Bwog believes in you, Alma believes in you, so getting your life together must be possible! Just think about lying on a beach somewhere this summer, or hanging out with old friends. It will push you to the end.

Music: Here’s a playlist of songs to end your year off right!

Procrastination Tip: At this point, procrastination would just mean sleeping longer. Set like 15 alarm clocks, rise and grind, get your finals done, and get ready for the summer!

Overseen: Rando in ref giving out free 5 hour energy drinks. Was rewarded with a “fuck spec” sticker in return.

 Image via Bwogger Victoria  Arancio

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