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Petition to change the maple leaf to a weed leaf

Happening in the World: Canada is officially the second country in the world to legalize possession and recreational use of marijuana. The first country to do so was Uruguay, which legalized the cultivation of weed in 2014 and the sale in 2017 British Columbia will open up its first legal store this coming week (BBC News).

Happening in the US: Multiple states in the Midwest are preparing to vote on marijuana legalization in November. Michigan and North Dakota face the decision of whether or not the drug should be legal for ages 21 and over, similarly to alcohol. Missouri and Utah are taking baby steps, deciding whether or not to legalize the use of medical marijuana only (US News).

Happening in NYC: A house fire in the Bronx left a firefighter severely injured and led to a man’s arrest. Louis Roman, the 50-year-old resident of the house, was allegedly growing marijuana on his property. Reporters are referring to the scene as “a marijuana grow house” (abc7NY).

Happening on Campus: The SIPA Diversity Committee is hosting a panel regarding the influence of policy in voting and voter turnout. The event will be held in the International Affairs Building from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Panelists include former mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter,  Alex Hertel-Fernandez, assistant professor at the School of International and Public Affairs, and more.

Quote of the Day: “Look, for a lot of people, life is just one long hard kick in the urethra.” – BoJack Horseman

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Happening in the World: The Xinjiang region in China has legalized internment camps for Muslim Uighurs. Detainees are forced to renounce their faith and pronounce their loyalty to President Xi Jinping.

Happening in the U.S.: On her way out of office, Nikki Haley claims international respect for the United States has grown, despite a Pew Research poll showing “10 percent or less of respondents in Germany, France, and Spain believe Trump is trying to do the right thing in world affairs” (US News).

Happening in NYC: In the wake of Toys R Us’s liquidation, FAO Schwartz announced it will be opening a flagship store at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City on November 16 in preparation for the holiday season. The company also said it plans to open permanent stores in Canada and China and pop-up shops in Spain, Australia, and London (CNBC).

Happening on Campus: HeForShe is hosting a discussion on women in STEM today from 10:00 am-11:30 am in Low Library.

Book of the Day: The Color Purple by Alice Walker

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isn’t she beautiful

The Milstein Center will be holding its ribbon cutting ceremony today at 2:30pm. After the ceremony, there will be tours and demonstrations throughout the building until 5:30pm. Stop by to see all of the exciting new resources for Barnard and Columbia students!

You can read more about the event here.


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Happening in the World: Rédoine Faïd has been recaptured after escaping from jail through a hijacked helicopter in July. The French gangster was detained north of Paris, and officials worry he will escape again.

Happening in the U.S.: A Times investigation revealed that Trump received about $413 million from his father’s business, discrediting his claim of being a “self-made billionaire”. The money was mostly acquired through tax schemes and evasions.

Happening in NYC: On October 4, 2011, an unidentified body was dug up in Elmhurst, Queens. While police officials believed it to be a homicide, they now know it was the preserved body of a woman from before the Civil War. A new PBS documentary titled “The Woman in the Iron Coffin” airs on Wednesday and will reveal the woman’s identity.

Happening on Campus: From 11:30am-12:30pm, the STEM Education Journal Club will hold a meeting in room 520 of Mudd Hall. The club will be discussing “Lockhart’s Laments”.

Movie of the Day: Little Miss Sunshine

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bland and boring

Happening in the World: Trump delivered a speech to the United Nations on Tuesday filled with inaccuracies, including him signing the “biggest tax cut in American history” (NY Times).

Happening in the US: Bill Cosby was sentenced to 3-10 years in a Pennsylvania prison for sexually assaulting and drugging Andrea Constand in 2004. Bill Cosby did not have any friends or family present during the sentencing and showed no remorse.

Happening in NYC: Kevin Hart is bringing one of the tiny homes from Elizabethtown’s Tiny Estates to Madison Square Garden for his concert on Thursday night. The inside has been redecorated by Hart’s team and will be used to promote his upcoming tour.

Happening on Campus: Colombian novelist Juan Gabriel Vásquez will be reading from and discussing his latest novel, The Shape of the Ruins, tonight in Sulzburger Parlor on the third floor of Barnard Hall. The event is hosted by The Barnard International Artists Series and will begin at 6:30pm.

Chip Flavor of the Day: Cheddar and Sour Cream

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Imagine this but with sequins.

Happening in the World: Christine Blasey Ford, Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, reported she would not testify in a public hearing unless the FBI first investigates her allegations. The GOP will most likely continue to move forward with Kavanaugh’s confirmation, claiming Ford had the chance to testify and failed to do so (CNN).

Happening in the US: After Hurricane Florence ripped through North Carolina last week, many residents are left stranded and homeless. While past hurricanes have caused significant damage, the situation in North Carolina is different in that many of the homes and buildings damaged were owned locally and in small towns. Such areas include Wilmington and Fayetteville, where there are less than 1,500 available apartment units (Wall Street Journal).

Happening in NYC: Are you tired of seeing drab construction and menacing scaffolding on your walk throughout the city? Well, you’re in luck! The City’s Department of Cultural Affairs announced a new initiative to beautify city construction sites with art from local artists and support from non-profits (Vox Media).

Happening on CampusFilm Screening and discussion of the film Love Me is happening in Deutsches Haus, 420 W. 116 St, hosted by the Ukrainian Film Club. The film is about a Turkish man, a Ukrainian woman, love, and sex tourism. What could be better?

Restaurant of the Day: The Salty Splatoon

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