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Let’s reminisce on that time, long ago, when classes were on and professors still inspired. Inspired you not to go class. Or maybe, inspired you to actually go to class. Either way, there were classes and there were professors. Here’s our professors at their finest moments.

David Siegel: “I wish I did more charity work. Which is kinda why I teach here.”

Jon Snow, Cell Bio: “This is the real reason why I didn’t post the slides until this morning… I didn’t want to give away my sweet sheets upon sheets joke!”

Hisham Matar, Fiction Writing: “I think mac and cheese has got incredible potential.”

Peter Kelemen: “I lost my original wedding ring in a leaf bag.”

Ross Hamilton, 18th Century Literature: [While handing out the midterm] “It smells like marijuana in here.”

Tim Paine, Essential Data Structures: “The goal of this class is not to get an A.”

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She’s thinking about how chill and helpful this Bwog In Bed is, I promise.

It’s Wednesday, my dudes. Is that a primal scream you hear? Most definitely. Hop into bed with Bwog this morning and chill the fuck out before realising you have two days left until finals really begins.

Bwogline: Doug Jones wins! Jones wins the senate seat in the Alabama election against Roy Moore. The first Democrat to win the seat since the early 1990s, Jones’ victory means that the Republican majority in the Senate will be narrowed to 51-49. CNN’s exit poll found that Jones’ win “was fuelled by huge turnout — and near unanimous support — from black voters.” (CNN)

Study Tip: Don’t study. Don’t open a book, don’t pick up a pen, don’t flip a page. Butler? Forget her! Avery? Who cares! LeFrak? Literally never heard of it! If you don’t study, you don’t pass. If you don’t pass, you don’t graduate. If you don’t graduate, you don’t need to study any longer! Now isn’t that what higher education in the Ivy League is all about? It’s a “Yes” from Bwog.

Music: Never listened to any of these songs, but here’s a 7 minute and 51 second long playlist about our favourite day of the week!

Procrastination Tip: Collect all nearby pulpous fruit and lay it along the ground. Roll around in it. Feel your stress bleed away into the fruit. Wait to marinate.

Overheard: She grows out her armpit hair… she must smoke weed.



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Change the world… more like charge the world…

Columbia will purchase six brand new battery-electric powered buses, which will replace the current diesel-powered buses in use by the campus shuttle network. Due to a grant from the New York State Electric Vehicle Voucher Incentive Funds, the University will be able to buy these buses for the network. The electric buses will provide both environmental and health benefits, like “reduced emissions and noise pollution, and improved air quality”. By going electric, the University is predicted to reduce emissions “by over 270 metric tons”, which will be a 70% reduction.

The six electric buses will be Xcelsior buses that are fourty-feet and will be able to seat 40 passengers. These Xcelsior buses have a “battery capacity of 480 kilowatt hours” and will be able to “travel over 200 miles on a single charge”. These new buses will also be the first electric buses in New York City.

Look out for these green, clean machines when they roll up onto campus next summer!

Xcellent Xcelsior via CUFO



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Professional investigations…

Happening In The World: Russia banned from 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea due to Russia’s 2014 doping scandal. In 2014, Russia allegedly fixed the urine samples of over 100 competitors to “hide evidence of their use of steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs”. However, if you think this is unfair, there is still some hope! Russian athletes who can prove that they are clean will still be able to compete in the games under the neutral Olympic flag by invitation. (US News)

Happening In The US: The US Supreme Court rules that Trump’s travel ban will be able to go into full effect. The ruling is applied to the third version of Trump’s travel ban, which has travel restrictions on individuals from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, North Korea, and some groups of people from Venezuela. Seven out of the nine justices “lifted injunctions […] imposed by lower courts against the policy”. (BBC)

Happening In NYC: An anonymous letter accuses the leader of New York City Ballet (NYCB), Peter Martins, of sexual harassment. Martins, aged 71, has since been removed from his teaching responsibilities at the School of American Ballet as two organisations investigate these accusations. Martins has been leading NYCB since the early 1980s. The school released a statement, publicly announcing that “the safety and well-being of [their] students [are their] absolute priority”. (NYT)

Happening On Campus: There will be a zine reading and fundraiser for Puerto Rico recovery efforts with, “Hecho a Mano Y Corazón” tonight! Co-hosted by NYC Feminist Zine Fest and WordUp Community Bookstore, four “seasoned zinesters” (Jamie Varriale Velez, Linda Ocasio, Nico Acosta, and Rachel Hernandez Casiano) will be reading. The event will be at the WordUp Community Bookstore/Libreria Comunitaria from 7 to 9 pm. Zines will be sold at the event and donations at the door are encouraged.

Overheard: I think I’m pregnant. The gas in my stomach feels like baby kicks.

Song Rec of the Day: Easily by Bruno Major



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You turn around to flush the toilet… you see him… what do you do?

Happening In The World: The Australian state of Victoria becomes the first in the nation to legalise assisted dying. After over 100 hours of debate, the legislation has been approved, allowing terminally ill patients the “right to request a lethal drug from mid-2019”. Patients must be at least 18 years old with less than six months to live. (BBC)

Happening In The Nation: A beautiful iguana visited a woman on the toilet. A Tampa-bay resident noticed a spiny tailed iguana floating around in her toilet bowl. Her neighbour quickly extracted the foot-long iguana from the toilet using a net and cooler. The iguana has since been named Flushy by Matthews Wildlife Rescue. (BayNews9)

Happening In NYC: Sayfullo Saipov pleads not guilty to 22 federal counts. Saipov is being charged for killing eight people and injuring a dozen more on October 31st, when he drove his pickup truck “down a bicycle path near the World Trade Center”. The incident has been labelled as New York’s deadliest terror attack since 9/11. Saipov will next appear in court on January 23rd. (CNN)

Happening On Campus: Columbia Law School is hosting a panel discussion about New York’s abortion laws tonight at 6:30 to 8:30pm in Jerome Green Hall, Room 103. The discussion will be about “New York State’s current abortion laws and how they contradict Roe v. Wade and how anti-choice extremist try to prevent women from accessing abortion care”. Make sure to RSVP for the event, Outdated and Dangerous: New York’s Abortion Laws Are Failing Us!

Overheard: “You should go to the stacks with him.” “I should go eat his ass?”

Sensual iguana via JimRules42



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Me, after OPT, working hard and working legally!

There will be a workshop with an immigration attorney to help international students with their employment-based visa options after ending one’s student status (i.e. after F-1 and OPT) later today. The focus will be on the H-1B process and other possible non-immigrant statuses. The workshop will take place at the 1754 Board Room in Faculty House from 11am to 1pm. The event is open for any and all students. For any questions or inquiries, contact the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) at

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Well done Oz!

Happening In The World: In a non-binding poll, 7.8 million Australians voted in favour of same-sex marriage. After the results were announced, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull stated that “[Australians] have voted overwhelmingly yes for marriage equality. They voted yes for fairness, yes for commitment, yes for love.” Turnbull then said that the government will make moves to legalise same-sex marriage by Christmas. (BBC)

Happening In The Nation: Kinder Eggs are now legally available in the US! Since the 1938 Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, these sweet treats have been illegal for having “non-nutritive objects” inside the chocolate egg. These newly legal Kinder Eggs (which will be available starting on Black Friday) will have one half chocolate egg and one half separately sealed toy. (AV Club)

Happening In NYC: Remember Salt Bae? The “salt sprinkling phenomenon”, otherwise known as Nusret Gökçe, has begun hiring for his new Turkish steakhouse, Nusr-et, in Midtown. Located at 60 West 53rd Street (near Sixth Avenue), the steakhouse will be open to the public by next month. (Eater)

Happening On Campus:Reclining Figure Gives BIRTH“, a performance art piece hosted by Bianca Rico and Yasmine Kaya, is happening at 6 to 7 pm in front of the Mathematics building. Through a performance and various mini sculptures of the Reclining Woman, the artists will be reappropriating the Reclining Woman using feminist art.

Overheard: “He has such clear skin, maybe he’ll clear my skin if we kiss!”

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Happy fall!

Bwog is finally back from fall break and we sure got up to a lot this past weekend. From being wholesome to being dangerous, read on to find out what Bwog did this break!

Bwog chills:

  • Fell asleep on a bed while a party raged around me.
  • Stayed up late watching Riverdale and now my Archie comics childhood is ruined.
  • Ended up taking shots with my geeky prom date and singing on a table.
  • Watched the sun rise and set without moving from my bed all day.
  • Went wake swimming in Vermont.
  • Had a few drunken conversations with my parents.
  • Baked one and a half pies because my friend dropped one while taking it out of the oven.
  • Had an impromptu sleepover with some friends because we were eating pie and talking and then suddenly it was 4am.
  • Was kind of drunk and almost cried when a waitress gave me syrup to go with my pancakes.
  • Rebuilt my town in Animal Crossing (& hate my new neighbors).
  • Got a tattoo.
  • Went to a George Washington University frat party with my best friend from childhood.
  • Started and finished the Stranger Things series so I could understand the memes.
  • Talked about Beyonce’s Halloween costume with someone different every single day of the break.

What else did Bwog do?



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Oh MoHi!

It’s easy to get too used to the familiar sights we see around Morningside Heights: that one Indian food truck, that gang of pigeons, that other gang of pigeons… We here at Bwog believe that these familiar sights may still have hidden gems. Whether you’ve walked past this shop a hundred times and never been in, Bwog has compiled a list of those MoHi stores you love to pretend don’t exist. Maybe you should go into one next time.

  • Amir’s: Their hummus is so good, also the people that work there are great.
  • Book Culture: Sell your books here, buy your books here.
  • Franny and Fanny’s: They have creepy baby dolls on like 112th and Broadway.
  • Häagen-Dazs: Expensive ice cream.
  • International
  • Jack’s Art Gallery: Their frames always look so nice… but so expensive.
  • Mondel Chocolates: Katharine Hepburn’s go to choc!
  • Park’s Shoe Repair: Mr Park’s a really good cobbler and gives you discounts if you’re Korean!
  • Pressed Juicery: Gentrification exemplified, but their Freezes are so good.
  • That bakery place under the Heights
  • That one flower store on Broadway and 112th
  • The party store
  • Shaking Crab
  • SubsConscious: Subalicious delicious!
  • Vitamin Shoppe: On 110th and Broadway… what even is this store?



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Soon they will control us!

Happening In The World: Syrian Deputy Environment Minister announces that Syria will join the Paris climate agreement, which leaves the United States alone in disagreement. The Paris Agreement is a climate accord that “unites the world’s nations in tackling climate change”. (BBC)

Happening In The Nation: In Minnesota, a drone helped save the life of an 84 year old man. The man had left at 3:45pm for a hunt, but when he did not return hours later, his wife grew concerned. After searching for about an hour with numerous false alarms, the drone located the man. The man was found face down and semi-conscious in a wet, swampy area. (CBS)

Happening In NYC: Bill de Blasio re-elected mayor of New York City; this will be his second term as mayor. Public opinion on de Blasio is divided, partly due to his corruption scandal and his feud with Governor Cuomo. After voting, de Blasio stated that he hoped his re-election would “restore the idea that this is a consistent, Democratic, progressive town.” (NYP)

Happening On Campus: There will be an opening reception for “Currents“, an art exhibition by Barnard students, tonight from 6 to 8pm in the Louise McCagg Gallery in the 4th floor of the Diana Center. “Currents” is a space for Barnard artists’ to share their “pressing visual and conceptual concerns”. The exhibition is open from October 31 to November 13.

Overheard: [Trying to pronounce the name Jacques] “Ja quease? Ja kwee?”

This man’s beautiful form via BLMOregon



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Scarecrows scare crows

Happening In The World: On Manus Island in Papua New Guinea, about 700 refugees in an Australian-run immigration detention centre refuse to leave, even though requests for food and water are being denied. Last year in April, the PNG Supreme Court ruled that the refugees were “being deprived of their personal liberty” as they were not allowed to leave the centre. Now, the gates are open, yet refugees refuse to leave as they worry they are at risk of “being attacked by locals who don’t want them living in their town”. Many refugees still remain, despite the centre’s officially closing on October 31st, 2017. (CNN)

Happening In The Nation: Production for the final sixth season of the acclaimed political drama, “House of Cards”, has been suspended by Netflix, due to sexual misconduct allegations against lead Kevin Spacey. Netflix and Media Rights Capital, a production company, stated that they were going “to review the current situation” and “address any concerns of our cast and crew”. Spacey has been accused by stage and film actor, Anthony Rapp, for allegedly making sexual advances on a 14 year old Rapp at a party in New York during the late ’80s. (NBC)

Happening In NYC: Around 3pm on Halloween, a 29 year old man, Sayfullo Saipov, drove his car into a bicycle path in Lower Manhattan, killing eight people and injuring eleven. Saipov reportedly crashed into a school bus, then exited the vehicle with imitation firearms. Saipov was then shot by an NYPD police officer. According to law enforcement officials, a note written in English was found in the truck that the attack was done in the name of ISIS. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio stated that it “was an act of terror […] aimed at innocent civilians”, while President Trump has tweeted that he will step up extreme vetting. (BBC)

Happening On Campus: As part of Palestine Awareness Week, there will be a Palestinian Poetry Night featuring Tariq Luthun, today from 8:30-10:00pm in Ella Weed Room in Milbank. Palestine Awareness Week is a week of events, organised by Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine and Barnard/Columbia Jewish Voice for Peace, that aims “to raise awareness about the Palestinian struggle for justice & the Palestinian people’s resistance against the Israeli occupation”.

Overheard: Scarecrow.. scares crows… oh!

Bop Of The Day: Plants by Crumb

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What made this happen? Why did he do this?

Happening In The World: China’s new senior leadership committee for the next five years has been announced. President Xi Jinping once again appoints himself to the committee, breaking tradition of producing a successor. This act has raised concerns over Xi’s long term plans for the future of China and some suggest that he may have a continued role in parliament until 2022. (BBC)

Happening In The US: Santa Anas, extra dry and hot winds, are affecting Southern California, raising temperatures to over 100°F. Quite a few schools announced short-day schedules due to the heat. Downtown Los Angeles experienced an alarming 104°F. (ABC)

Happening In NYC: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has approved a new fare payment system where passengers can use their smartphones, debit, or credit cards instead of a MetroCard. Starting next year, passengers will no longer need to swipe at subway turnstiles or bus fare boxes with their MetroCard. MetroCards are expected to be phased out by 2023. (NYT)

Happening On Campus: The information session for Camp Kesem, a community that supports children with their parents’ cancer, is happening today from 7 to 8pm in Hamilton 408. There are spaces for new First-Year Coordinators (FYC)!

Overheard: “What if ‘sausage’ was pronounced like ‘massage’?” “What, like… masausage?”

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Once a Tunnock teacake exploded on a V bomber

Happening Around The World: Terry was launched into space! Terry, a chocolate Tunnock’s teacake from Glasgow, was sent into the Earth’s atmosphere at a peak altitude of 37,007 metres. Terry launched into the atmosphere, glided over the Earth’s curvature, and landed back in a tree in Galloway Forest Park. Terry is made of marshmallow and chocolate. Don’t worry, you can still watch the two hour expedition on Facebook. (Sky)

Happening In The US: Bigfoot has been spotted once again at a lake in Northern California by self-proclaimed paranormal expert, Jeffrey Gonzalez. Bigfoot sightings are not uncommon in Northern California, as there have been at least three more sightings in the past five years. In one particular orchard in East Fresno County, two young men have claimed to have seen Bigfoot and another man claimed to have see five creatures. Gonzalez asked what’s on all our minds: Is this for real? (Fox)

Happening In NYC: A loose bull was running around Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York until recaptured by animal officers. After being seen running about near 17th street in South Slope and injuring a child in a stroller, the bull made its way to Prospect Park. Animal officers were ultimately able to tranquillise and recapture the animal. It is still unclear where the bull ran away from. (ABC)

Happening On Campus: The CU Asian-American Alliance (Triple-A) and YELLOW JACKETS have come together to present, “Unpacking Lunchbox Politics“, a panel discussion on media representation, East Asian privilege, and “how we must challenge ourselves and our peers in crossing the threshold from talking to taking action”. The event is happening tonight from 8:00 to 9:30 pm at Lerner 569 and is open to everyone.

Bop Of The Day: Man’s Not Hot (Big Shaq Diss) by Shaquille O’Neal & ShaqIsDope

Teacakes via Twid



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Me, thinking about all the good news in the world lol

Happening Around The World: Mariano Rajoy, the prime minister of Spain, seeks clarification from Catalonia, asks whether or not they have declared independence. After signing a letter of independence, Catalan leaders had suspended its immediate implementation, as tensions between Catalonia and the rest of Spain began to rise. The possibility of PM Rajoy invoking his emergency powers to halt Catalan self-rule still remains. A response from Catalan leaders is pending. (BBC)

Happening In The US: After the first exposé by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, more and more individuals have stepped forward with their accounts of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour. Six more women, including famed actresses, Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow, have come forward detailing how the film producer and (former) studio executive abused his powers. Paltrow stated, “This way of treating women ends now.” (NYT)

Happening In NYC: Yesterday’s trial of the Chelsea bombing suspect, Ahmad Rahimi, was funnier than you thought. One key piece of evidence were several texts between Rahimi and an individual named Zobeydh. One text from Rahimi read, “Lmfaooo don’t wanna find any time bombs”. When Rahimi was asked what “Lmfaooo” meant, the jury and the courtroom audience reportedly broke into laughter with Rahimi giggling as well. (Daily)

Happening On Campus: Barnard Columbia Divest and Columbia EcoReps have teamed up to co-sponsor a panel on “federal environmental attacks in the Trump era“. Speakers include Susan Kraham, professor and attorney at Columbia Law School’s Environmental Law Clinic, Sara Tjossem, Professor of Environmental Policy at SIPA, and Jennie Olsen, a Federal Environmental Defense Fellow at Environment America. Join the conversation on how we can protect our bedrock environmental laws tonight from 8-9pm in Pupin 414.

Bop Of The Day: Man’s Not Hot by Big Shaq

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As we know, this is the universal symbol of ethics…

Need something to do today from exactly 4-5pm? Interested in the ethical state of this nation? Want to gaze at a bearded man?

Nobel prize winning economist and New York Times columnist, Paul Krugman will deliver a lecture, “Does Equality Have a Future in America?”, in honour of the 10th anniversary Benrubi Lecture in the History and Ethics of Public Health. The lecture will be held at the Vagelos Education Center in Room 201 at 4-5pm. After the lecture, a reception will follow.


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