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Once a Tunnock teacake exploded on a V bomber

Happening Around The World: Terry was launched into space! Terry, a chocolate Tunnock’s teacake from Glasgow, was sent into the Earth’s atmosphere at a peak altitude of 37,007 metres. Terry launched into the atmosphere, glided over the Earth’s curvature, and landed back in a tree in Galloway Forest Park. Terry is made of marshmallow and chocolate. Don’t worry, you can still watch the two hour expedition on Facebook. (Sky)

Happening In The US: Bigfoot has been spotted once again at a lake in Northern California by self-proclaimed paranormal expert, Jeffrey Gonzalez. Bigfoot sightings are not uncommon in Northern California, as there have been at least three more sightings in the past five years. In one particular orchard in East Fresno County, two young men have claimed to have seen Bigfoot and another man claimed to have see five creatures. Gonzalez asked what’s on all our minds: Is this for real? (Fox)

Happening In NYC: A loose bull was running around Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York until recaptured by animal officers. After being seen running about near 17th street in South Slope and injuring a child in a stroller, the bull made its way to Prospect Park. Animal officers were ultimately able to tranquillise and recapture the animal. It is still unclear where the bull ran away from. (ABC)

Happening On Campus: The CU Asian-American Alliance (Triple-A) and YELLOW JACKETS have come together to present, “Unpacking Lunchbox Politics“, a panel discussion on media representation, East Asian privilege, and “how we must challenge ourselves and our peers in crossing the threshold from talking to taking action”. The event is happening tonight from 8:00 to 9:30 pm at Lerner 569 and is open to everyone.

Bop Of The Day: Man’s Not Hot (Big Shaq Diss) by Shaquille O’Neal & ShaqIsDope

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Me, thinking about all the good news in the world lol

Happening Around The World: Mariano Rajoy, the prime minister of Spain, seeks clarification from Catalonia, asks whether or not they have declared independence. After signing a letter of independence, Catalan leaders had suspended its immediate implementation, as tensions between Catalonia and the rest of Spain began to rise. The possibility of PM Rajoy invoking his emergency powers to halt Catalan self-rule still remains. A response from Catalan leaders is pending. (BBC)

Happening In The US: After the first exposé by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, more and more individuals have stepped forward with their accounts of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour. Six more women, including famed actresses, Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow, have come forward detailing how the film producer and (former) studio executive abused his powers. Paltrow stated, “This way of treating women ends now.” (NYT)

Happening In NYC: Yesterday’s trial of the Chelsea bombing suspect, Ahmad Rahimi, was funnier than you thought. One key piece of evidence were several texts between Rahimi and an individual named Zobeydh. One text from Rahimi read, “Lmfaooo don’t wanna find any time bombs”. When Rahimi was asked what “Lmfaooo” meant, the jury and the courtroom audience reportedly broke into laughter with Rahimi giggling as well. (Daily)

Happening On Campus: Barnard Columbia Divest and Columbia EcoReps have teamed up to co-sponsor a panel on “federal environmental attacks in the Trump era“. Speakers include Susan Kraham, professor and attorney at Columbia Law School’s Environmental Law Clinic, Sara Tjossem, Professor of Environmental Policy at SIPA, and Jennie Olsen, a Federal Environmental Defense Fellow at Environment America. Join the conversation on how we can protect our bedrock environmental laws tonight from 8-9pm in Pupin 414.

Bop Of The Day: Man’s Not Hot by Big Shaq

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As we know, this is the universal symbol of ethics…

Need something to do today from exactly 4-5pm? Interested in the ethical state of this nation? Want to gaze at a bearded man?

Nobel prize winning economist and New York Times columnist, Paul Krugman will deliver a lecture, “Does Equality Have a Future in America?”, in honour of the 10th anniversary Benrubi Lecture in the History and Ethics of Public Health. The lecture will be held at the Vagelos Education Center in Room 201 at 4-5pm. After the lecture, a reception will follow.


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This face will end homophobia.

Happening Around The World: An ad in New Zealand challenges casual homophobia through “the medium of a dropped pie”. Rainbow Youth, a New Zealand-based LGBT+ charitable organisation, released the ad earlier this week on their Facebook page. Within its first three days, the video racked up 430k views and an overwhelming positive response! Watch the ad to find out how a dropped pie can move a nation to end their casual homophobia. (BBC)

Happening In The US: Animal rescue groups, like Wings of Rescue and The Sato Project, are sending volunteer pilots to fly into Puerto Rico to rescue cats and dogs. As we know, Puerto Rico has been absolutely devastated by an onslaught of hurricanes, these animal rescue groups have taken it upon themselves to evacuate the many stray animals on the island from a heavily pregnant dog to a badly injured puppy. If only Americans cared this much about the Puerto Rican people! (Today)

Happening In NYC: The 55th New York Film Festival (NYFF) is happening right now! From September 28th to October 15th, the NYFF will screen some exciting new features, documentaries, short films, and host a series of panels with filmmakers like Richard Linklater, Sean Baker, Hong sang-soo, and many more. Today, ‘Thunder Road’, ‘Til The End of Time’, and ‘Call Me By Your Name’, are slated to be screened! (NYFF)

Happening On Campus: Our very own, Joachim Frank, PhD, professor of biochemistry, molecular biophysics, and of biological sciences, has been awarded the 2017 Nobel prize for chemistry! Alongside Richard Henderson and Jacques Dubochet, Frank has been awarded in recognition “for developing cryo-electron microscopy for the high-resolution structure determination of biomolecules in solution”. What does that mean? No clue, but it sounds pretty cool. Well done, Joachim! (CUMC)

Overheard: I refuse to club to a slowed down remix of Sweater Weather.

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Honour this beautiful bisexual man

LGBTQ @ Columbia honours the 20th anniversary of the Stephen Donaldson Lounge tonight with their Fall Open House at the grand opening of the new Stephen Donaldson Lounge. The open house and grand opening is from 6-8pm on the ground floor of Schapiro Hall.

In 1967, Stephen Donaldson (CC’70) founded the Student Homophile League (SHL), now the Columbia Queer Alliance. It was the world’s first LGBTQ student group. Following Donaldson’s death from AIDs-related complications in 1996, the Student Gay Lounge in Furnald Hall was renamed the Stephen Donaldson Lounge in his memory.

Students, faculty, staff, and alumni are all encouraged to attend tonight’s open house and grand opening. Light food and refreshments will be provided. Register to the event and show support for Columbia’s LGBTQ community by coming along!

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At first I thought politricks was a typo

Happening Around The World: Women will soon be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia once the royal order is implemented in June of next year. Some strict conservatives believed that if a woman were to drive, she would damage her ovaries or be led to live a promiscuous lifestyle. Saudi leaders hope that the royal decree will help improve the reputation of Saudi Arabia overseas and also help boost their economy. (NYT)

Happening In The US: Some NFL players have recently been taking the knee during the national anthem to protest against racism and police brutality, most notably beginning with Colin Kaepernick last year. Naturally, President Trump tweeted his response. Trump criticised the NFL players by tweeting a video of Usain Bolt stopping an interview to listen to the American anthem. Twitter account, Team Jamaica, responded to Trump by rebuking him to “Please leave The Boss out of your politricks.” (Huffington Post)

Happening In NYC: This morning, a fire on the rooftop of a Bronx apartment had more than 200 firefighters. The fire was on the sixth-floor of the apartment building with smoke pouring out into the sky. Two firefighters sustained minor injuries. (Patch)

Happening At Columbia: The Great Columbia College Giveaway is happening today from 2-5pm at Lerner Ramps! There will be CC merch, sweet treats from Momofuku Milk Bar, Insomnia Cookies, and more.

Q of the Day: If Pinocchio says his nose will grow, will it grow?

Overheard: As much as I bop to Travis Scott, I wouldn’t bop out a baby with him.

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