Bwoglines: 4/20 Edition
No day like today!

No day like today!

At about midnight on this April 20, 2015, the feds arrested six Americans who are believed to be aiding ISIS in Syria. (Fox News)

We’re itching to know what start-up company OnePlus has brewing to announce at some point today, April 20th. (Digital Trends)

Hit up the Metro North while you avoid all responsibility on this rainy Monday, April 20th in Poughkeepsie. There are, surprisingly, some things to do there. (Poughkeepsie Journal)

Be on top of the deep conversations you’ll have with your fellow Econ major friends on (presumably) Low Steps this fine April 20th afternoon. (Reuters)

  Why is this day different from all other days via Shutterstock

Bwoglines: Wizard Of Oz Edition
How can you not trust this face?

How can you not trust this face?

Doctors are pissed. A group of ten doctors, led by an M.D. from Stanford University, have written a letter addressed to Columbia’s Dean of the Faculties of Health Sciences and Medicine in an attempt to get the University to remove Dr. Oz, a well-known tv personality and our current vice-chair of the department of surgery, from the faculty. (Time)

Are you a fan of lip-syncing contests, but are too straight to watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race? Fear not, frat boy, for there now exists a show for you. Check out Anna Kendrick’s performance on a new show on Spike called “Lip Sync Battle” here. (People)

Oklahoma just became the first state to sign into effect using Nitrogen gas in its executions in the event that lethal injections “are not possible.” (The Guardian)

Time Magazine just released its 100 Most Influential People list. Some of our favorites? Taylor Swift and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. (Time)

The Only Doctor We Trust via USA Today