Bwoglines: The World Stage Edition
...Theme music plays...

…Theme music plays…

Will Scotland finally leave U.K. once and for all? Or will these two crazy countries find they have some love left?  (The Wall Street Journal)

Will India and China put aside their differences and find friendship? After some late night wine and whispered foreign policy, will they find… something more? (BBC)

Now that the Republican party is cool again, will it ditch its new friends to go to the cool party parties? (Gallup)

Will YOU transfer to Brown when you learn that New York dive bars may be closing? (New York Times)

Will the Fed raise the interest rates? No. (New York Times)

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Bwoglines: Innovation And Addiction Edition
Controllin dat cell phone consumption

Controllin’ dat cell phone consumption

There’s a new app that will tell you how many times you check your phone throughout the day. (We weren’t on Tinder–we promise!) (Gawker)

According to a national survey on drug use, American teens are apparently using drugs less and less often…really?? (Washington Post)

There’s a proposed high-speed gondola (called the East River Skyway) that would connect Manhattan to parts of Brooklyn and the Bronx. It’s said to be safer, greener, and prettier!!! (Gothamist)

From the night of the Benghazi attacks on September 11, 2012 to early May of this year, Fox News aired 1,098 segments covering it. Additionally, when Fox was interviewing members of Congress, they asked Republicans about the attacks 144 different times, while only doing so five times with Democrats. (Huffington Post)

This guy paid $65 for a jug of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice syrup and put it on basically everything he ate. (Grub Street)

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Bwoglines: Mistakes, Missteps, And Miscues Edition

But…what did we do wrong?

Miss Nebraska, Megan Swanson, accidentally revealed a bit too much to the cameras during the 2015 Miss America pageant on Sunday. What was the host, Chris Harrison, talking about? Revealing too much. (Yahoo!)

Rush Limbaugh decided that, in cases of sexual consent, no can mean yes “if you know how to spot it.” Yea, okay, whatever you say, Rush. (Gawker)

Speaking of…Robin Thicke admitted to being “high on Vicodin and alcohol” when he recorded “Blurred Lines,” the song that he also admitted he took too much credit for writing. Oops. (New York Daily News)

Urban Outfitters “deeply regrets” that their Kent State sweatshirt, featuring a bloody design, was “perceived negatively.” In trying to defend the item, Urban dug themselves a bigger hole. Should anyone be surprised? Probably not. (Washington Post)

The NFL and its associated teams are still confused about where they stand on domestic abuse. Hint: They don’t seem to care thaaat much. (USA Today)

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Bwoglines: Constitution Edition
The Smithsonian has the original pen from 1788, too!

The Smithsonian has the original pen from 1788, too!

We’ve got a national holiday this week, but it awkwardly falls on a Wednesday. No canceled classes for a non-Monday, rather unknown commemorative day. (Springfield News-Leader)

Is there an Establishment Clause in China? (Yahoo!)

Bill Clinton makes an old jeer at the Constitution during a rally for his wife—and by rally we mean a community BBQ. (New York Times)

Learn how to sound like the most knowledgeable of your comrades at the Constitution Day 2014 party. You go to Columbia (and probably want to major in poli sci), after all. (Washington Post)



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Bwoglines: Give Me More Edition
Pasta will never hurt you (unlike those mean OkCupid users).

Pasta will never hurt you (unlike those mean OkCupid users).

Keep a close eye on Scotland, guys. (The Huffington Post)

Did you get your Olive Garden Never-Ending Pasta Pass?! No? Hmm. Well, there are always the breadsticks. (Salon)

Here are the most affluent cities in each state. We never knew we might want to live in Texas. (Slate)

A plea from OkCupid: be more humane. (Salon)


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Bwoglines: Is It Too Good To Be True? Edition
Would you mess with this family?

Would you mess with this family?

The Palin family may have gotten into a drunken brawl. (State Column)

Endless salad and breadsticks? There must be a downside. (Arizona Daily Star)

“A 15-metre-long behemoth with a crocodile-like face,” or the first known aquatic dinosaur. Terrifying. (IBN)

Meanwhile, putting tanks in towns may not be the most popular idea. (NYT)

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Bwoglines: “Dropped” Edition
Twas' a bad time to drop the ball

Twas a bad time to drop the ball

NFL Commish Roger Goodell dropped the ball on Ray Rice’s domestic abuse investigation, and Ray Rice was dropped from his endorsement deals with Nike, Vertimax and several other companies. (CBS)

Speaking of f*ball, Rihanna was dropped from last night’s Thursday Night opening segment. Apparently, CBS wanted to beat an already pretty badly maimed horse instead (hint: see above). (Philly.com)

$250,000/day is what Yahoo! will have to drop if they don’t hand over user data to the Fed. Maybe the Fed will use that to drop the national debt from 15 trillion to a barely lower number. But probably not. (Gothamist)

All it took was some people screaming “Boooo!” to get JBiebs to drop his pants at Brooklyn’s “Fashion Rocks” event, part of New York Fashion Week. He posed tall and proud in his “Calvins” next to Dutch beauty Lara Stone. (CNN)

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Bwoglines: Sad News Edition
"But Obama said we were done with war..."

“But Obama said we were done with war…”

Oscar Pistorius, that guy that from South Africa that was accused of shooting his girlfriend, was found not guilty. (USA Today)

Here we go again with yet another war. Thanks, Obama. (Washington Post)

An MTA worker was arrested for allegedly masturbating in a token booth. Good Lord.  (Gothamist)

The Tribute Lights will continue tonight to commemorate 13 years since the 9/11 attacks. (Buzzfeed)


American Horror Story: Freak Show came out with an extended teaser and it is everything. Slay, two-headed Sarah Paulson, slay. (sfist)

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Bwoglines: Bad Puns And Good Palindromes Edition
Snack the Ripper

Snack the Ripper

After the major upset(s) in the men’s division at the U.S. Open this week, Marin Cilic of Croatia beat Kei Nishikori in the final last night.  We’re just happy someone with a palindromic last name FINALLY won. (Washington Post)

We can’t actually quote any of Howard Stern’s eulogy for Joan Rivers, BC ’54, but we promise it’s as hilarious and horribly crass as she was. (Gawker)

Study to become a “Ripperologist” and (maybe) you’ll be featured in an article just like this one.  You’re important!! (NBC News)

Amazon Prime rules.  Amazon’s new phone: not so much. (New York Times)

So TSwift has a feud with a nameless female celebrity.  Is it bad we kinda sorta actually care? (New York Daily News)

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Bwoglines: Dream Big Edition
Anything is possible if you just believe! This guy is flying.

Anything is possible if you just believe! This guy is flying.

Kate has produced an heir and now she’s working on the spare! There’s going to be a royal sibling! (Yahoo News)

Columbia Law Professor (and the person who basically invented net neutrality) Tim Wu is running in tomorrow’s primary election for Lieutenant Governor of New York State. (Gothamist)

Reddit banned the subreddit r/thefappening, which was being used to spread the stolen celebrity nudes. And according to their statement, people who work at Reddit consider themselves “the government of a new type of community.” Okay. (Reddit Blog)

A former Dreamworks employee has made an amazing blog of imaginary “rejected princesses”, who are women “too awesome, awful or offbeat for kids’ movies.” (NPR)

We’re not the only ones who are back to school! Check out these photos of studious kids from around the world. (National Geographic)

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Bwoglines: Upsetting Things and Upsets Edition

Upsetting overseen: Spec Vandalism!

Upsetting overseen: Spec Vandalism!

Continued measures to control Ebola include imposing a restrictive quarantine in Sierra Leone. Several groups have spoken out about the dangers of such a coercive and fear-motivated approach. (NY Times).

Tennis upset: Djokovic and Federer lost in the semifinals in the US open to Kei Nishikori and Marin Cilic respectively. (ABC/AP)

In 10 days time, Scotland will vote for independence from the UK. Shockingly, the polls are leaning towards a YES. (The Independent).

Giant Mutant Spider (Dog). (io9)

Bwoglines: Do You Care? Edition
And zero fucks were given that day.

And zero fucks were given that day.

Barnard RAs received a dress code for their training stating “No belly, no butts, no bras.” Do you care?Maybay? (Feministing)

A student in Florida was required to wear a “shame suit” when her school skirt did not reach her knees. Do you care?! Yes. (Yahoo News).

US Stocks rose yesterday, with the S&P 500 reaching an all-time high, after news of slowing job growth. Do you care? (No) (Wall Street Journal)

101 years ago today the first plane completed the loop the loop. (Commonly misstated as the loop de loop). Do you care? Bwog cares. Bwog cares very much so. (Wikipedia)

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Bwoglines: What Makes You Angry? Edition
There's too much in this world that can ruin a Friday

There’s too much in this world that can ruin a Friday

Across the United States, there’s anger in the streets for justice, as fast food workers are protesting and getting arrested for higher wages. (The Guardian)

In the UK, academic Marina Warner has slammed her former university for its transition from humanistic pursuits to corporatization. Columbia students, take note. (The Independent)

But bureaucrats are having problems to; healthcare.gov has been hacked into. (Slate)

In news that should make any lover of comedy angry, actress Joan Rivers, BC’54, has died aged 81.  (New York Times)

Overheard: “Can they vajazzle you if you have chlamydia??”

Portret van een man004 by Gert Germeraad via Wikimedia Commons

Bwoglines: Capitalism, Militarized Police, And Iggy Azalea Edition
Not sure how one would capture the smell of Bushwick in convenient candle-form.

Not sure how one would capture the smell of Bushwick in convenient candle-form.

In response to the ongoing controversy surrounding the shooting of unarmed teenager Mike Brown and resulting protests in Ferguson, MO, the U.S. Justice Department will be investigating the Ferguson police department to determine if they were practicing “discriminatory policing and [using] excessive force.” (USA Today)

Surprising absolutely no one, Billboard has announced that Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” is the official song of the summer. Bwog will likely continue to play “Anaconda” and the Nicki Minaj remix of “***Flawless” instead. (Gawker)

Also surprising absolutely no one, American Apparel is indeed just as shitty to its workers as one might think (they’re sexist and racist!). (Gawker)

As Williamsburg falls prey to the Starbucksification of New York, Bushwick is now available as an $81 candle. That’s right. It’s a candle that apparently smells like Bushwick. (Gothamist)

In case you missed it, news of CC senior Emma Sulkowicz‘s performance piece “Carry That Weight” has gone viral. Here’s a video from Spec. (Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Gothamist).

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Bwoglines: Serious Issues And Pugs Edition

Ugh, the world

The director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims that the “window” to handle Africa’s Ebola outbreak is rapidly closing. (Seattle Times)

Rough. Have a picture of a pug dressed as a giraffe.

In light of recently leaked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other female celebrities, it might be a good time to find out how to protect your data stored in the cloud. (NYT and Boston Globe)

Whew. Have a picture of a pug dressed as Yoda.

In Columbia-related news, Emma Sulkowicz is carrying her mattress to every class until her rapist moves off campus. (The Guardian)

The world is a tough place. Have a picture of a pug wearing a tiny pair of jeans.

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