Bwoglines: Little Towns, Big Scandal Edition
This bird is the size of a large scandal

This bird is the size of a large scandal

In Rotherham, England, police are accused of intentionally failing to investigate several men who abused and sexually assaulted groups of teenage girls (NY Times).

In Novoazovsk, Ukraine, Russia may have sent its troops, but residents are still unsure why their town made front-page news (Al Jazeera).

In Alabama’s 26th district, Republican state legislators are in trouble after concentrating black residents there to create a 75% black district surrounded by majority-white districts (USA Today).

And in Waldo, Florida, the Florida Inspector General is investigating the large number of traffic tickets, partly due to a two-mile stretch of highway that includes six speed changes (Seattle PI).

A scandalous bird via Wikimedia.

The Dog Days
One month left.

One month left.

The summer is sliding by.

  • Morton Williams is boycotting Turkish products. (Gothamist)
  • This guy turned his GS admissions essay into a Kindle book, so we bought it. Highlight: “I have never smoked a cigarette, drank beer, or used any illegal drugs.” (Amazon)
  • All old campus buildings still have asbestos, and are continuing treatments begun this spring.
  • Spec was threatened. (Post)
  • The f***ball team is really turning itself around. (Daily News)
  • More Manhattanville, more demolition. (Commercial Observer)
  • Gulati is a badass, and his birthday is coming up in about a week. (CNBC)
  • Columbia’s startup incubator location will have free beer. (Capital)
  • Our school is expensive. (University Herald).
  • We offer our sincere condolences to Luciano Rebay’s family and friends. (Boston Globe).

Update 3:11 p.m.: PrezBo just sent out a press release announcing his appointment of Suzanne Goldberg, Herbert and Doris Wechsler Clinical Professor of Law, as Special Advisor to the President on Sexual Assault Prevention and Response.

Professor Goldberg is currently the director of the Law School’s Center for Gender and Sexuality Law and head of its Sexuality and Gender Law Clinic. As PrezBo’s Special Advisor, she will help develop programming for students, faculty, and staff, and create the organizational structure for the new office of the Executive Vice President of Student Affairs (identity: still unknown). Read his press release:

Read it…

Bwoglines: Mixed Bag Edition
Have some cuteness to get through the last day of classes

Have some cuteness to get through the last day of classes

The White House correspondent’s dinner was last night, and President Obama got his comedy on. (CBS)

Confused about new Snapchat? So are a lot of people. (Atlantic)

Teen Boys are losing their virginity earlier and earlier, according to the Onion, which cites Columbia (!). (the Onion)

Want to get hired at Goldman Sachs? Apparently this is how it’s done. Also probably just go to Career Development. (WSJ)

And lastly, some very sad news. The body of the missing Columbia dental student, Jiwon Lee, was found last night in the Hudson River. Remember that CPS and the Office of the University Chaplain are available to you should you feel you need them. (NY Daily News)

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Bwoglines: At Last Edition
Aaat last, the press coverage we deserve has come along


The New York Times published a piece on sexual assault, featuring the issues at Columbia and quotes from actual students who have filed complaints. If Columbia’s administrators won’t talk about it, the Times will. (NY Times)

It’s been too long since we saw a bunch of famous people, particularly the president, try to be funny. We can always count on the White House Correspondence Dinner to put a somewhat forced smile on our face. (Deadline)

Some rich guy made a lot of money off a horse and everyone got to wear big hats and drink. (USA Today)

Twitter is finally figuring out how to do what Facebook does with the unfollow button. Soon you will be able to “mute” followers from their annoying tweets. Ugh, we all have the problem of having too many followers. (Tech Times)

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Bwoglines: NOOOO Edition
All your worst nightmares

All your worst nightmares

Schools nationwide are under scrutiny for their handling of sexual violence and harassment “complaints.” Despite all the news we’ve been making, Columbia is not on the list because the investigation hasn’t actually started yet. (NY Daily News)

Yikes. One of the many reasons we rarely venture downtown. (Newsday)

Google set themselves up with a comfy profit margin for Google Glass. We would expect nothing less from the company that tracks your every move. They definitely already know if you’re planning to buy one based on how many times you’ve googled it. (CBS News)

Most importantly, let’s worry about James Franco. (Gothamist)

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Bwoglines: Out With The Old Edition
It's been nice.

It’s been fun.

The death penalty is still legal in the United States and as much as we continue to debate it, this kind of botched execution won’t stop  happening in the mean time. (Slate)

Don Draper, maybe we liked you better when you weren’t so #dark. (Salon)

Let science make your decisions for you. Who needs friends to help you figure anything out? You’ve got a computer. (Slate)

Rest in peace, middle class. Where did they go, anyway? (Salon)

#TBT: a nice time at Koronet. (Bwog)

Sort of resembles the houses in that Edward Scissorhands movie via Shutterstock

Bwoglines: People Saying Mean Things Edition
Yeah okay, fair point.

Yeah okay, fair point.

The king of saying mean things (and somehow still not being hated), Louis C.K. angry-tweeted about the common core all of yesterday twelve times, decrying the system as “all about these tests.” As per usual, we feel ya, Louie. (Twitter)

As if Formspring wasn’t bad enough, the youth of today has come up with yet another mode of bullying spirited teasing. Yik Yak, a bulletin board app, lets you say whatever you want in 1.5 mile radius. Somewhere Gossip Girl is turning over in her grave. (Gothamist)

Donald Sterling, LA Clippers (ex)owner, said racist things—on associating with black people: “Do you have to?”—and has been barred by the NBA. And good riddance to that, we say. (NY Times)

Emotionally destroyed because Spec’s digital? You’re not alone. One of Spec’s trustees quit the board yesterday, saying in an email, “I didn’t get the sense that the two Spectator people present were even interested in actual journalism.” Ouch. (NY Mag)

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Bwoglines: Party In The Library Edition
Tryna get a little bit tipsy

Tryna get a little bit tipsy

The White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault released a 20-page report that includes data on sexual assault on college campuses and recommendations for ways to combat it.  This article even mentions Columbia. (CNN)

Now you can drink all day in Butler without getting drunk!  Finals week plans anyone? (Gothamist)

The Tennessee deputy featured in the viral photographs of his strangling a college student was fired.  Go Internet justice! (NY Daily News)

At Bwog we’re not the only ones who like to publish self-referential poetry.  Check out these haikus written about NYC from the NYT.  They definitely copied us, though. (New York Times)

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Bwoglines: Snaps Edition
the only way to show approval

Because every Barnard girl needs a good reason to snap

Popes John Paul II and John XXIII will be granted Sainthood today with Pope John Paul II now being the quickest Pope to become a Saint. (CNN)

It’s official: Malala has endorsed Hillary. We can all go home now. Hill has got this in the mofo bag. (Techsonia)

New Hampshire is real happy about increased regulation on e-cigs, because you know, New Hampshire and live free or die (but not from e-cigs.) (Eagle Tribune)

Some restaurant owner on the East Side is paying her employees more and Barack is down with it. (NY Daily News)

Palestine is finally admitting the Holocaust was pretty damn shitty. Aw, conflict resolution. (NY Times)

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Bwoglines: Beezus Edition
For more reasons than you know

Finals necessities

Beezin’. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Maybe you’ve tried it. In any case, it’s a harmless and sure way to make your finals more fun. (Gothamist)

Most of us know a few sets of twins on campus, but how many know a set of triplets? These triplets are trying to decide between Columbia and Penn…Come on guys. That’s not even a decision. (The Root)

Definitely more interesting than your Lit Hum reading. Hey, maybe if you write about this on the final, your professor will forgive all those passage IDs you missed! (PBS)

Microsoft claws at a fighting chance in the cell phone industry. We’re keeping our grips on our iPhones for now. (The Verge)

Get freaky with ‘em via Wikimedia Commons

Bwoglines: Stop The Presses! Edition
Not so fast...

Not so fast…

Fleet Foxes is still on hiatus, guys. Just give the kids some time to tend to their Columbia education. (Pitchfork)

We don’t know about you, but we’re Ready for (Grandma) Hillary. (The Washington Post)

The Folk Art Museum’s destruction is the MoMA’s pet preservation project. (The New York Times)

The Supreme Court recently upheld Michigan’s ban on affirmative action. What does this mean now? (Politico)

And lastly, let’s take a moment for a #tbt – throwing back to the days when Speccies could rely on consistent publication. (Bwog)

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Bwoglines: A Morning Squirrel Edition

This teen survived a five hour flight stowed away in an airplane’s wheel well.  We were impressed, although we admit we had to look up wheel well first.  (ABC News)

Trigger warning for GoT spoilers: George R.R. Martin distances himself from the events of Sunday’s episode.  We can’t believe they actually worked to make GoT more upsetting. (Gawker)

So baby academies are a thing now.  Finally your infant can read Plato right after pooping her pants! (Gothamist)

No hot dog left behind! (ABC News)

And finally: one sophisticated squirrel. (@cherylfoong)

Just enjoying a croissant.

Lécureuil courtesy of @cherylfoong

Bwoglines: Holding Down The Fort Edition

Bwog is basically going to do this today.

Hey look! It’s Bwog in the news, bringing you lovely pictures of Dante De Blasio’s college tour. Bwog might have taken some selfies too but those are personal. (NY Daily News).

The man who attacked Columbia Professor Prabhjot Singh has been arrested and charged with a hate crime. The attack occurred in September. (Seattle PI).

Seems like Republicans hate the Core. But seems like they pretty much hate everything about the University of Havana-North. The “Obamacore” stays. (NY Times).

On fast-food advertising. (Huffington Post).

Image via ShutterStock.

Bwoglines: Anomalies In The Universe Edition
Let's dive in

The portal home?

A baby is on the way! Grandma for president 2016? (Politico)

Kepler -186f isn’t the catchiest name, but it might still make for a good home after we fuck up Earth too badly to live on it. First settler gets naming rights! (CNN)

Ewwww these insects are having the wildest sex of any of us. We don’t know what that image is but we can’t even look at it. (The State Column)

Forget sugar and cream–just stir some straight butter into your coffee. We’re sure that would spruce up a big cup of Ferris roast. (Gothamist)

One bitch of a commute via Shutterstock

Bwoglines: Conspiracies Abound Edition


Does the government have an imperative to keep graduate-level education so expensive? Maybe. (Slate)

Is Paul Ryan a phony? Yeah. (Salon)

Is Don Draper going to hijack an airplane? Maybe. (Slate)

Does sexism perpetuate the “confidence gap”? Yes. (Huffington Post)

Is there an entirely haunted island? YES AND IT IS FOR SALE. (Time)

Are all the big fast food developments — the Waffle Taco, the McRib, the Hot Dog-Stuffed Crust Pizza – just gimmicks? Yes. (Salon)

Hush hush little one via Shutterstock.