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fruity fresh

Ever find your sweet tooth unsatiated after eating a fruit salad? Scientists discovered earlier this week that the naturally-occurring sugar in fruit “leaves people hungrier and makes them greedier for glucose.” (The Times)

Workers at various branches of Aldi supermarkets in Berlin were shocked when they found boxes of bananas void of the fruit. Instead, the shipments supposedly bearing produce were filled with kilograms of cocaine. Police seized roughly 386 kg of the coco… that’s approximately 850 pounds!! (Deutsche Welle)

A woman in Venezuela is getting a new apartment after throwing a mango with her name and number written on it at the Venezuelan President during a rally. 54-year-old Marleni Olivo chucked a mango inscribed with the phrase “If you can, call me” at President Nicolas Maduro. (CNN)

The new Apple TV remote is going to go under some changes in design. The new remote is expected to have a touch pad, as well as a thicker body. (NY Times)

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And in high school news...

And in high school news…

The curfew in Baltimore, which was instated in response to the events over the past few weeks, was lifted yesterday. The National Guard is starting to retreat from the city as well. (Baltimore Sun)

Every bad health class in high school gone even more wrong: Ebola can now be transmitted through unprotected sex with treated patients. Does this make Ebola an STI? STD? (Times of India)

Prospies reading Bwog: don’t take your senior prank too far. (ABC Arizona)

The kid you secretly hated (because he got into all 8 Ivies) is going to Harvard. Peace to the Northeast and you never have to see him again! (Business Insider)

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"The last time I had an erection was in Vietnam"

“The last time I had an erection was in Vietnam”

Bernie Sanders announced that he’s running for president in the 2016 election. At the age of 73, however, he’s more likely to be seen leisurely hobbling. (Politico)

Bernie Sanders raised $1.5 million in 24 hours. One thing he couldn’t raise? Himself up after he slipped in the bath tub last night. (CNN)

Bernie Sanders wants to raise taxes for social security…Is it because all his friends are old? (Think Progress)

Like PrezBaby Prezbo, Bernie Sanders has had some great hair moments. Check ’em out here. (Washington Post)

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All ye know on Earth

All ye know on Earth

Representatives of the Afghan government are set to attend talks with the Taliban as the militant group ramps up its attacks across the country. The dignity of a nation falters before desperate reason as a decade of war comes to compromise. (Wall Street Journal)

Crime and civil strife in the Philippines have seen marked declines ahead of Manny Pacquiao’s historic fight with American boxer Floyd Mayweather. Nothing like a good fight to stop the fighting. (TIME)

Paul McCartney compared his creative experiences with Kanye West to the ones he had with John Lennon. Cue hand-wringing, apathy. (People)

An article about the “Bridgegate” scandal in the Christian Science Monitor makes use of the word “whither.” (Christian Science Monitor)

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Only one in Shutterstock's series of "Paradigm shift road signs in front of blue skies"

Only one in Shutterstock’s series of “Paradigm shift road signs in front of blue skies”

Dadbod! It’s the latest thing! It might not be! Whatever, it’s here. Read about it in the Atlantic and enjoy your life!

The New Yorker is thrilled that GE is moving out of finance to focus on its industrial operations. Read their article so you can more angrily articulate your opinion on Columbia finance guys while drunk at a party.

This piece from Slate comparing the rise of Buzzfeed to other upstart media ventures won’t change your mind about Buzzfeed but it sure will make you want to read Time magazine in the 1920s.

The Supreme Court hates itself. Read about the trend and how it just manifested in Slate.

Hilary, redefining the idea of a Clinton presidency and what it means to be a Democrat tough on crime, yesterday in Slate.

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Is drinking and drugs a high or a low?

Yesterday the Baltimore Orioles and the Chicago White Sox played for an empty stadium. The current riots in Baltimore lead to the closure of the park to the public. The players were left to play in an incredibly somber environment. The Orioles prevailed for their city winning 8-2. (Bleacher Report)

Uber is suing the city of Houston, Texas. Uber is fighting the release of records to the public that state how many drivers Uber has in the city, who the drivers are, and how the company operates within city. It is speculated that this is to avoid the strict city by city licensing that other taxi and limo drivers are required to have. (Huffington post)


On Tuesday, shortly before the Supreme Court was to hear oral remarks on same-sex marriage, Hillary Clinton showed her support virtually. The Clinton campaigned changed the Hillary logos on Facebook and Twitter from the usual red, white, and blue to rainbow. While Clinton did not openly support gay marriage in her 2008 presidential run, she made it clear this time around she was. (CNN)

What job should you get after graduation?? Probably not one in mining. The government recently released data on what jobs lead to the heaviest drink and which lead to illicit drug use. Mining, construction, and hotel/restaurant jobs lead to the heaviest drinking. On the other side, hotel/restaurant, arts and entertainment, and management jobs lead to drug use. Do with that information as you will. (Washington Post)

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Say goodbye to your favorite for-profit colleges!! It was announced earlier this week that the last branches of the Corinthian College system have been shut down. The change has resulted in numerous actions by debt activists and former Corinthian College students who claim that their education was not worth the money. (NPR)

Protestors in Baltimore are planning to shut down the city following the death of Freddie Gray. This call for action grew stronger after Baltimore’s Police Commissioner admitted that “police officers made mistakes in how they handled the arrest of Freddie Gray.” (NPR)

The famed Carnegie Deli was shut down this past weekend due to the possibility of an illegal gas hookup in the building. A spokesman for Con Edison revealed that utility crews discovered a diverted line following an investigation relating to a gas leak. (NY Post)

British Grime artist Skepta released a video to accompany his record, “Shutdown.” You can watch it here. (



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Red carpet smiles because anarchy is just a TV concept, right?

Red carpet smiles because anarchy is just a TV concept, right?

What kind of power does Obama have without the security of private email? Turns out some Russian hackers discovered an even larger trove of Obama-communication than previously thought, which brings the trouble of his BlackBerry back into the limelight. The presidential inbox hosts an eclectic array of email topics, ranging from “his golf game” to “the struggle with Congress over the Iranian nuclear negotiations.” (NY Times)

The peaceful intentions of a protest in Baltimore Saturday night spiraled into violent outcomes when some the of protestors left the main group and began to throw and vandalize things. (Reuters)

Grey’s Anatomy fans are legit up in arms about the events in last week’s episode, and this fan-made petition to the writers goes beyond the emoji-prolific statuses and tweets about how many tears have been shed courtesy of this episode. To victims of this overrated heartbreak, the damage has been done. (TIME)

Current students are left to pursue education elsewhere after last night’s closure of all its remaining campuses nationwide. These students will be compensated by the federal government if they have student loans, but money does not fulfill requirements for a completed degree. (Sacramento Bee)

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Setting off volcanoes around the world like

Setting off natural disasters around the world like

We’re not trying to freak you out or anything, but that magma expanse under our nation’s very own super volcano…Yeah, it’s a lot bigger than people thought. “How big can it be” you’re probably asking yourself. Well, scientists think there’s enough magma to fill the grand canyon more than 14 times. (CNN)

A magnitude 7.8 earthquake nearly leveled the country of Nepal on Saturday, leaving over 1,900 people dead. Additionally, four of the seven Unesco World Heritage sites in the areas were completely destroyed. (NYT)

As a result of that magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Nepal, several smaller earthquakes rippled through the region near the base of Mt. Everest, killing at least 17 climbers and injuring 37 others. (NYT)

By now you’ve probably already heard about Chile’s Calbuco Volcano, which shot out a plume of volcanic ash more than 6 miles high into the air. Pyroclastic flow. Lahar. Oh my. But did you know, scientists estimate the volcano will be actively erupting for several months? (Weather)

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Nothing so large!

Nothing so large!

Comcast + Time Warner = who cares? It isn’t happening. The $45 billion merger foundered in the face of harsh criticism from regulators and advocacy groups alike. Most arguments against the deal centered around the fact that, combined, the companies would control an outright majority of the broadband Internet market. (Christian Science Monitor)

Abercrombie & Fitch models + shirts = who cares? In an effort to refocus on its core products (i.e., not models’ chiseled abs), A&F will move towards selling clothes rather than attractive people. We’ll see. (Christian Science Monitor)

18 + 3 = Hawaii’s future smoking age. The state’s legislature passed the bill by a wide margin and it now goes to the state’s governor for final approval. If the bill is signed, Hawaii will become the first state to raise its smoking age to 21. (AP)

You + 10 grams of marijuana = a fine in Illinois. The state’s house passed a bill that would treat marijuana possession as a fineable misdemeanor rather than something warranting a court appearance. (Illinois State Journal-Register)

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Then there's the obvious reason: you won't have to leave bed.

Then there’s the obvious reason: you won’t have to leave bed.

In the rare case of Bwoglines delivering you news you might use, Chipotle is partnering with a delivery service. So that’s food taken care of. (New York Times)

As for the rest of your dietary needs, a new app released by the Federal government will tell you how to extend the shelf life of your perishables, sometimes by 18 months after the expiration date. You can live off that easy mac in your fridge for a while, we’re saying, after your Chipotle exhausts your bank account. (Fox News)

Apparently a significant portion of our sleep issues exist in our heads, and can by extension be dealt with by treating sleep as a mental exercise. And if there’s one thing Columbians love, it’s proving they can excel at mental exercises. Prove how smart you are. Sleep all day. (Huffington Post)

HBO is cracking down on Game of Thrones viewing parties at bars. Your dorm rooms will (probably not) inevitably follow. There is only pain for you in the world. Stay inside. (Chicago Tribune)

Sean Hannity would appear to be backing Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker even before Walker announces his candidacy for President. This is definitive group that outside your room people talk about Sean Hannity, Scott Walker, and the 2016 Presidential campaign. You have been warned. (Breitbart)

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No day like today!

No day like today!

At about midnight on this April 20, 2015, the feds arrested six Americans who are believed to be aiding ISIS in Syria. (Fox News)

We’re itching to know what start-up company OnePlus has brewing to announce at some point today, April 20th. (Digital Trends)

Hit up the Metro North while you avoid all responsibility on this rainy Monday, April 20th in Poughkeepsie. There are, surprisingly, some things to do there. (Poughkeepsie Journal)

Be on top of the deep conversations you’ll have with your fellow Econ major friends on (presumably) Low Steps this fine April 20th afternoon. (Reuters)

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How can you not trust this face?

How can you not trust this face?

Doctors are pissed. A group of ten doctors, led by an M.D. from Stanford University, have written a letter addressed to Columbia’s Dean of the Faculties of Health Sciences and Medicine in an attempt to get the University to remove Dr. Oz, a well-known tv personality and our current vice-chair of the department of surgery, from the faculty. (Time)

Are you a fan of lip-syncing contests, but are too straight to watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race? Fear not, frat boy, for there now exists a show for you. Check out Anna Kendrick’s performance on a new show on Spike called “Lip Sync Battle” here. (People)

Oklahoma just became the first state to sign into effect using Nitrogen gas in its executions in the event that lethal injections “are not possible.” (The Guardian)

Time Magazine just released its 100 Most Influential People list. Some of our favorites? Taylor Swift and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. (Time)

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It's fine!

It’s fine!

China’s smog issues have gotten so bad that residents have taken to leaving the country for “breathers,” vacations for the sole purpose of dodging air pollution. The government, meanwhile, oscillates between accepting that the pollution is an issue and pretending that it doesn’t exist. (New York Times)

In an effort to break the Chinese government’s silence, officials at U.S. embassies and consulates in the country have been recording pollution data and publishing it via Twitter. The results aren’t pretty. (Quartz)

Meanwhile, in India, the Delhi government has taken steps to reduce air pollution and poor garbage disposal at construction sites. At least they seem to care. (NDTV)

And closer to home, residents of Idaho’s Treasure Valley have been exposed to dangerous levels of air pollution after meteorological changes trapped emissions close to the ground. Regulatory bodies are now pushing for measures to curb congestion on highways and to tighten regulations on business emissions. (Idaho Statesman)

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future health things yay

future health things yay

Doctors from universities across the United States have petitioned Columbia University, urging they take Dr. Oz of Oprah fame off of the medical school faculty. In other news, apparently Dr. Oz is on the medical school faculty! (ABC News)

Health news that can help trick your prospie into thinking you’re cool: E-cigs are increasingly popular among the high school set. Be sure to practice for a few days before they get here. (New York Times)

It appears hormones involved when humans bond with their babies also appear when humans bond with their dogs. This will no doubt please both dog lovers and baby haters. (Fox News)

In an important but somehow disappointing sign of our generation’s rise in influence, the Federal government is releasing hospital ratings based on user feedback, as inspired by Yelp. (Time)

In your regular Ebola update, analysis of the current strain of Ebola finds it no more deadly than it was fifty years ago. (Medical News Now)

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