Bwoglines: Lizard Feet Edition?
Some super cool lizards evolved super lizard feet in 15 years.

Some super cool lizards evolved super lizard feet in 15 years.

Looks like America needs to step it up with national holidays. It could lead to greater happiness in the public. Come on Obama, just add a few already. (BBC)

Rome’s Mayor, registered the marriages of several same-sex couples yesterday, putting pressure on the Italian government to clarify the laws of civil unions. You can do it Italy! (New York Times)

If these lizards can evolve crazy new huge sticky feet in 15 years, I can definitely evolve a math-brain before the final right. (Washington Post)

If you enjoyed Archie comics as a kid, “Riverdale,” a TV show based on the comic books, will be coming to Fox. Can’t believe this was missing during my childhood. (LA Times)


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Bwoglines: Yes. It’s Still Happening Edition
You thought he'd forgotten, but they're still out there lurking, waiting for you to remember. He was young when you knew him.

Waving to you, a man who was young when you cared about these issues. But they’re still there, just like him.

Oscar Pistorius. Man. Remember that guy? Well, it doesn’t matter; his existence does not rely on your faith. He persists, and his five year prison sentence may soon mean house arrest. (The New York Times)

There was a while when we were all mildly interested in Ebola. Then terrified. Then generally okay, because we moved on. Well, it is still out there, to the degree that the United States is worried enough to monitor travelers from Ebola infested nations. (The New York Times)

Didn’t this already happen, you ask yourself. Certainly, we say, but this is how you get old and jaded, so pretend you’re still excited. A man hopped the white house fence, and is now in police custody. (CNN)

Bedbugs. Trendy for a while, but, like your high school friend at homecoming, still here even though you’ve decided it’s not cool any more. Nonetheless, here’s some tips on how to deal with your revolting little friends. (Gothamist)

It’s self defense, the officials say. We don’t want them to take any more territory, they say. Decide for yourself, whether U.S. statements on Syrian involvement, particularly it’s military training program, are accurate, or old hat (hint: see title). (Washington Post)

Remember Blackwater? Well a jury finally found at least some Blackwater employees guilty. Of crimes committed in 2007. Talk about a throwback Thursday. (Huffington Post)

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Bwoglines: College In The City Edition
Attending a university in the City of New York

When you attend a university *in the City of New York*

Desperate for an escape from midterms? Try faking a coma for two years like this guy did. (Gawker)

Taylor Swift wrote an ode to New York for her new album, and it’s not great. (Gothamist)

The war on smoking continues! It may cost more for you to fill your prescription at a pharmacy where they also sell cigarettes. (Huffington Post)

Is there something you wish you could say to your roommate (you know we have plenty)? Watch these college roommates tell each other what’s on their minds. (The Cut)

Check out this interview with “Superwoman” DSpar. (Refinery 29)


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