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The current location of our hopes and dreams

The current location of our hopes and dreams

After months of rumors, it’s been confirmed that Malia Obama is not attending Barnard next year – she committed to Harvard, as part of the class of 2021. It’s as yet unclear what she’ll be doing during her gap year. (NPR)

A historic Serbian Orthodox church in Midtown Manhattan caught on fire at about 7pm last night, just hours after its congregation finished celebrating Orthodox Easter. Is this an omen of apocalyptic fires to come? (NY Daily News)

Last night marked the final performance of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus’ eleven elephants. The elephants’ last routine included standing on their heads, balancing on small stands, and taking a brief nap. (USA Today)

Radiohead slowly disappeared from the internet yesterday – first their website, then their Tweets and Facebook posts were erased bit by bit. This is supposedly promotion for their next album. (Fortune)



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As it turns out, dogs hate getting hugs from humans. Sorry bout it. (NPR)

John Kasich announced at Friday’s forum that some people are “probably” born gay, saying, “I mean I don’t know how it will works, OK? I mean, look, are they? In all probability, they are. OK?” His response was met, understandably, with some confusion from the audience. (ABC)

Susan Sarandon, in an interview with Stephen Colbert, explained why she had to “break up with” Hillary Clinton. In the words of Sarandon, “”Who is this person, I can’t trust her.” Trouble in paradise… (CBS)

Karrine Steffans is claiming to be Becky with the good hair. The model spoke to the press about her “affair” with Jay Z – and by the press, we mean xoJane. (Jezebel)



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You better call Prezbo with the good hair

You better call Prezbo with the good hair

Any attempts at getting work done are again wrecked by another notable album release. Drake released his fourth studio album, Views, on Apple Music, yet again leaving us in our feelings for the weekend. (Billboard)

Loose alpaca in Massachusetts has been captured, still no word on who owns it.

Construction workers cleaning pipes in Spain accidentally discover 1,300 pounds of ancient Roman coins dating back as far as the third century. (Huffington Post)

After protests from students, Yale has decided not to rename Calhoun College, a residential college named after a pro-slavery senator. (USA Today)



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You used to swim along in ignorance

This poor fish is about to be exploited by Pixar, probably

A “suspicious white powder” was discovered in Trump Tower and thoroughly investigated by emergency personnel. Sounds like a party in EC! (NY Daily News)

Those crazy scientists have done it again, and by “it” we mean they discovered a new species of weevil and named it after a Star Wars character. That probably doesn’t actually happen that often, but now there’s a species of weevil named “Chewbacca,” so we’re not complaining. (EurekAlert)

A Trump rally in Orange County turned violent when a huge number of protestors showed up, even though the area is largely Republican. That probably doesn’t bode well for the guy’s campaign, and we’re OK with that. (CBS8)

“Finding Dory” is coming to the big screen this summer, but Disney released some new footage to tide you Nemo-lovers over until then! (Inside the Magic)

User: Elma/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-2.0



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She could be our VP

She could be our VP

Bernie cut staffers (yikes! job loss) and Ted named Carly Fiorina as his running mate (yay! women in politics!) today. Plus, Donald gave his first foreign policy address after winning big in Tuesday primaries. (NY Times)

The NYPD announced charges against 120 gang members and affiliates in the North Bronx yesterday. It could be the largest gang take-down in NYC history. (NY Times)

A 62-mile long lake was discovered underneath Antarctica. (Mother Nature Network)

The police chief of the Delaware town in which a girl was killed in her high school bathroom last week assured the public that charges will be filed.

Fi-Fi via Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia commons



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Sour, not salty

Sour, not salty

Moved to ecstasy by his adoration for Bruce Springsteen, corrupt and buffoon-like NJ Governor Chris Christie busted a few moves at a recent concert. The air drums and air guitar are the least of it. (Time)

If you’re white, bearded, and skinny: watch out! Shia LaBeouf hunters are on the loose, and attacked one New York man for looking too much like the transformative star. The victim speculated about the attacker’s motive: “He must have did something so mean. Did he steal his girlfriend? Did he just see his last performance art piece?” (The Hollywood Reporter)

We bet you’re sick of hearing about it by now, but both Rachel Roy and Rita Ora have denied being “Becky with the good hair,” Beyoncé’s lyrical reference to her husband’s sidechick. Today, we feel like all the people mentioned fall into one category or another of “Becky”. (Vanity Fair)

The realest Becky of them all, Donald Trump, swept all five of last night’s Republican primaries in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Hillary Clinton won all the states except for Rhode Island. (Los Angeles Times)




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Will Columbia be able to carry the weight of its decisions? Only the legal system will tell us.

Will Columbia be able to carry the weight of its decisions? Only the legal system can tell us.

The next Republican and Democratic Primaries are taking place today in Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Today’s “Acela Primaries” follow an almost-joint statement by Senator Ted Cruz and Governor John Kasich that they will work together in Indiana, Oregon, and New Mexico to prevent Donald Trump from reaching the required number of delegates for nomination. (CNN)

Saudi Arabia agreed to enact a radical economic reform package. The brainchild of the deputy crown prince, Muhammad bin Salman, the reform would essentially transform the country from an oil state to a state run by its $2 trillion Public Investment Fund. In addition, the prince’s “Vision 2030” includes increasing supply of affordable housing, giving green cards to expats, and diversifying the economy. (Al Jazeera)

President Barack Obama is in the final leg of his European Union tour. Already, he has issued statements pushing for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, encouraging increased European defense spending, and fighting terrorism in the Middle East and North Africa. On top of this, he is attempting to warm up the United States’ “special relationship” with the United Kingdom while discouraging a “Brexit” from the EU. (CNBC)

In an update which will not surprise anybody with any legal experience, Paul Nungesser resubmitted his lawsuit against Columbia, President Bollinger, the trustees, and professor Jon Kessler. The original suit was dismissed one month ago, as it “did not constitute sex-based discrimination in a way that violated Title IX.” The new complaint also adds to the list of perpetrators Tomas Vu-Daniel, a visual arts professor and Marianne Hirsch, director of the Institute for Research on Women, Gender and Sexuality. (Newsweek)

PrezBo Shrugs via Allie Rickard / CC BY 4.0



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When you turn in your last paper ...

When you turn in your last paper …

“Lemonade,” Beyonce’s new (and already acclaimed) album, is now available for sale on iTunes, as of midnight last night. (CNN)

Former Sen. Harris Wofford, age 90, is engaged to marry Matthew Charlton, age forty, at the end of the month – twenty years after his wife’s death. Wofford said “he doesn’t characterize himself by the gender of those he loves.” (Or the age, apparently.) (The Hill)

Yesterday, British astronaut Tim Peake competed in the London marathon from the International Space Station using a treadmill and harness system. His time was 3:35.21. (NPR)

Charles Koch – oil tycoon, university donor, and subject of a Bwog article last week – had words of support for Hillary Clinton in an interview yesterday, despite their differing beliefs. (CNN)

Kanye West made an “Imma let you finish” joke at his friend’s wedding in Miami on Saturday. Apparently no microphone is safe around him. (NY Daily News)

The runner, the legend via Suivolo



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"Yes, we'll come, but only if we get to see the baby..."

“Yes, we’ll come, but only if we get to see the baby…”

Kate Middleton and Prince William hosted the Obamas for dinner at Kensington Palace in London, with Prince Harry and baby Prince George in attendance. The pictures are really cute. (Daily Mail)

NASA shared an image of the Crab nebula, tinted royal purple in honor of Prince. (The Guardian)

Yesterday morning, Pope Francis showed up in St. Peter’s Square, where thousands of Catholic teenagers were participating in Holy Year youth day, and sat down to hear their confessions in the square. (ABC)

We now know more about the female Egyptian ruler Hatshepsut after a new archaeological discovery – blocks that likely belonged to one of her buildings. (The Washington Post)

Acceptance via Wikimedia Commons





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One day Alma will earn her place on our currency

One day Alma will earn her place on our currency

Harriett Tubman, former slave, will finally replace Andrew Jackson on the $20. (NY Times)

Rabbi declares medical marijuana kosher for passover!! (UPI)

Police hunt in Ohio continues for thief of teeth whitening kits. (ABC)

Flashing lights coming from a black hole collision? Possibly. (NBC)

President Obama gives inspiring speech about the future generation on London. (The Guardian)

Alma Matters via Stranger Wealth Management



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Prince is dead

Prince is dead

Prince died yesterday in his home state of Minnesota. No cause of death has been released. All we can say is, we don’t remember people being this sad when Gabriel Garcia Marquez passed a few years ago, and he was also a genius. (CNN)

Because the fight for the Republican nomination is so divisive, the GOP is cutting back spending in some states. (NY Times)

Today, world leaders are signing on the Paris climate change agreement. Experts, however, say the plan’s goals are not enough. (NY Times)

Houston is flooded, 7 people have died, and more rain is coming. (CNN)

Prince at Coachella in 2008 via Wikimedia Commons



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A police sketch of Ted Cru--ahem, the Zodiac Killer.

A police sketch of Ted Cru–ahem, the Zodiac Killer.

Canada is about to get a lot more lit–legislation to legalize marijuana federally will be ready by 2017! What a nice post-4/20 piece of news. (CBC)

A New York Congressman decided to get a little dramatic, saying he would “take cyanide” if Ted Cruz won the Republican presidential nomination. Loos like even his colleagues are pretty sure he’s the Zodiac Killer. (NBC)

Speaking of our friend Mr. Cruz, some Maury Show fans are pretty sure they found the female version of him. The whole scenario is bizarre. (The Daily Mail)

Even though Bernie lost the state, he won the majority of New York’s counties! We bet that has Hillary gnashing her teeth in her sleep at night… (The Hill)

Zodiac Killer via Wikimedia Commons Public Domain 



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It's a fruit-eat-fruit world

It’s a fruit-eat-fruit world

Peter Liang, the NYPD officer convicted of second-degree manslaughter for killing the unarmed Akai Gurley, will not face any jail time. Instead, he he will face five years of probation and 800 hours of community service—provoking outrage from some quarters. (ABC News)

The NY primaries were yesterday, in case you didn’t notice the ecstatic Bernie volunteers on campus or the self-indulgent Snapchat filters. Unfortunately for them, the Republican primary was won by hometown hero Donald Trump and the Democratic, by Hillary Clinton. Both won by significant margins. (CNN)

Mayor Bill de Blasio (BilBla?) however, seems to think something’s fishy…he’s demanding an explanation for why 126,000 registered Brooklyn Democrats were removed from electoral registers this year. (Free Beacon)

What’s more New York than fraud? Well, add a dash of Broadway and a spot of Founding Father, and then you’ve got it: a 32 year old man has officially been charged for forging Hamilton tickets and scamming people via Craigslist. (Gothamist)

Original Sin via Africa Studio/



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The cicada knows you didn't do your reading for class today

The cicada is watching you … It knows you didn’t do your reading for class today

After 17 years of sleep, hordes of cicadas will be emerging from the ground all over the Northeast. If you hail from Maryland, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Virginia, get ready for a noisy summer. (CNN)

Rihanna and Leonardo diCaprio were photographed together at an after-party of the 2016 Coachella Music Festival on Saturday night. Is he more desirable now that he finally got that Oscar? (E Online)

On Thursday over the Baltic Sea, a US Air Force plane was intercepted by a Russian fighter plane in what American officials yesterday called an “unsafe and unprofessional manner.” (Wall Street Journal)

Meanwhile, in London, a British Airways flight collided with a drone. Nobody was hurt, but airlines are still getting concerned. (Wall Street Journal)

New York is making subway rules more lenient. Now, people arrested for minor infractions such as begging swipes from strangers, smoking in the subway, or taking up more than two seats on a subway car will no longer be prosecuted by the District Attorney’s office. (New York Times)

A bug you probably haven’t wanted to see this close up since age five via Wiki Commons



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Gay pride! (Get it?)

Gay pride! (Get it?)

A wildlife photographer has just captured two male lions getting it on. (Daily Mail)

Ted Cruz got straight up ignored by his New York audience at the GOP Gala on Thursday. (NBC)

Sarah Palin denied climate change again and said, “Bill Nye Is as Much a Scientist as I Am”… We say, “What.” (The Guardian)

Beyoncé has released the teaser for Lemonade, which will premiere on April 23rd. (Entertainment Weekly)

Former stars of The Apprentice just criticized Trump’s campaign. How could they. (TIME)

Why you always lion via Wikimedia Commons

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