Bwoglines: Uncertainty Edition
Who knew gender ambiguity could be so fun!

Who knew gender ambiguity could be so fun!

It’s socially confirmed that Hillary Clinton will announce that she’s in the running to get the Democratic nomination for president, but the Republicans aren’t so clear or united on who will go up against all that pantsuit power. (NY Times)

We’re unsure as to why Sea World wants to celebrate that they’ve just successfully created the first test-tube penguin, but here it is. With the death of Shamu, Sea World is slowly becoming more and more of a dark place in our hearts. (Yahoo! News)

Ferguson, MO residents and others elsewhere more than eagerly await the court decision that will determine the fate of Michael Brown’s shooter. (Reuters)

Life in rural Poland: small town Tuzyna this weekend banned the selling of Pooh Bears given Pooh’s unclear gender. Because when we were three and played with our Pooh Bears, we too were concerned if Pooh really had a space on the gender binary. (AOL)

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Bwoglines: Thankful Edition
Looking at the calendar and seeing Winter break fast approaching

Looking at the calendar and seeing how fast Winter break is approaching

Looks like Netflix wins again. Everyone’s favorite media streaming service just bought the rights to Tina Fey’s new show, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, after originally being developed for NBC, which means you probably won’t have to wait 13 fucking weeks a long time to finish an entire season. (The Verge)

The world is working towards getting a little less racist, although it looks like we still have a little ways to go. (Huffington Post)

In other news related to Obama’s deportation relief plan, Saturday Night Live parodied your favorite politics-related show from elementary school: Schoolhouse Rock. The results are just as good as you would expect. (Mediaite)

Looking for your daily dose of cute animals? Look no further. This video of a Pygmy Marmoset—a fancy title meaning super cute hand-held monkey in Latin—will melt your heart. (Huffington Post)

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Bwoglines: Hangover Rollercoaster Edition

Another glass couldn’t hurt

Good news! A study by the CDC of 138,100 U.S. adults has found that 90 percent of Bwog staffers heavy drinkers are not actually alcoholics.

If that has you feeling at all good about the state of humanity, an outbreak of bubonic plague has struck Madagascar, killing forty and threatening to spread further.

But, hey, a survey by PRRI found that 70 percent of Americans claim to “experience a connection to all life” every day or most days. On the off-chance that that warms the cockles of your heart, the same survey found that 49 percent of Americans see recent natural disasters as evidence of “biblical end times”.

A police raid of Chinese General Xu Caihou’s house revealed twelve truck-loads of cash and precious gems, all stored in boxes carefully marked with the names of the sources of the bribes.

Improbably-named Portuguese ex-PM Socrates has been arrested and charged with tax fraud, corruption, and money laundering. Here’s hoping things go better than last time.

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