Bwoglines: Shocking Edition
Bwoglines so shocking it's like 19,000,000 V to the chest

Bwoglines so shocking it’s like 19,000,000 V to the chest

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting RiRi’s new album like the rest of us, get ready for the highlight of your month: Rihanna, Paul McCartney, and Kanye West on a new track titled “FourFiveSeconds.” (EOnline)

Is it possible there might be a ninth tenth ninth planet out there between Mars and Jupiter? We’re about to find out. This March, a small robot named “Dawn” will land on the asteroid Ceres, an asteroid that is also quite small, for the first time ever. (Popular Science)

“Ban guns! Give everyone tasers and mace!” yelled the north-easterners seeking a less-lethal tactic to stopping crime. Apparently they were wrong. Turns out tasers are just as lethal as guns. (Star Tribune)

Is it possible everyone’s favorite mile-high publication is going out of business? According to the interwebs, SkyMall has just filed for bankruptcy, ending its monopolistic reign of literature available to travelers in the sky. (The Verge)

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Bwoglines: New Millennium Edition
Leap into something new

Leap into something new.

The National Institutes of Health awarded Columbia Professor Karolynn Siegel and her team $432,000 over two years to study participants’ arousal when using gay hookup apps like Grindr. (The Washington Free Beacon)

Airline staple SkyMall‘s parent company, Xhibit, has filed for bankruptcy. The firm blames the popularity of electronics for its rapidly declining sales figures. The magazine’s biggest creditors are, strangely, Delta and American Airlines; you’d think they’d have seen this coming. (USA Today)

The Jamaican senate is about to consider a bill to drastically relax the nation’s marijuana laws. The bill would decriminalize possession up to two ounces and legalize its use for medicinal and religious (i.e., Rastafarian) purposes, as well as open the doors for the creation of a legal ganja farming industry. (Guardian)

Meanwhile, President Obama said that he expects states to continue to experiment with marijuana legalization and that the federal government will try to stay out of their way. (Washington Post)

The source of a strange blue glow that appeared in the ocean near Hong Kong has been identified as Noctiluca scintillans, a toxic and destructive organism that reproduces rapidly when it comes in contact with farm runoff. At least we have pretty pictures. (AP via National Post)

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Bwoglines: The Youth Claim The World Edition
Clearly qualified to run the world. Look at the selfie game.

Clearly qualified to run the world. Look at the selfie game.

Begin your day by considering the new cultural standard. Thanks to the design of a new hook-up app,  individuals, even regions, can now be graded on their skill at online dating. Enjoy that Manhattan received an A.  Enjoy that the Bronx received an F. Enjoy that this is the world now, thanks to you, the youth. (New York Daily News)

A discussion on this world and the issues it faces was streamed live on YouTube yesterday, held by those figures of greatest influence: our YouTube stars. President Obama was also there. (The White House Blog)

In an appeal directly to the youth, Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei released a letter over Twitter yesterday asking young Americans and Europeans learn about Islam from original sources before passing judgement. (New York Times)

Chasing after a market borne of the insatiability of data hungry consumers (read: the youth), Google is entering the wireless service industry. (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Finishing your morning off with the reminder that youth need not apply only to individuals and demographics, but to governments as well. Meet the Houthis, who have only just yesterday overthrew Yemen’s government.  Crazy kids! Welcome to the world stage! (Washington Post)

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