Last seen as your Windows XP screen saver

Last seen as your Windows XP desktop screen saver

Call this season what you want – fall, autumn, midterms, flu/ebola…according to this article, ’tis the season for more vehicle-wildlife collisions on our nation’s highways. (NY Times)

The latest expense of taxpayer money is the funding of methods to decrease the 1.5 million wild pigs roaming the United States. The clock is ticking for the EPA to act on this legitimized reversal on the Endangered Species Act. (USA Today)

Don’t have plans for fall break yet? Take the easy trip down to Baltimore and make your childhood-self happy by visiting a 3-D exhibition of Where The Wild Things Are. (WBAL)

Nothing sounds more tragic than the ice hockey team, the Minnesota Wild, having a team retreat in the owner’s summer home that was tarnished by a house fire – the ultimate fire vs. ice showdown. (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

A Washington state couple will receive a prestigious “Voice of The Wild Award” for their efforts in raising “greater awareness of the importance of protecting and preserving Alaska’s wilderness. The two share a love story and lifetime achievements that even has Chris McCandless smiling somewhere. (The Seattle Times)

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