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jk Pope Gregory VII is where it's at

Pope Francis is still Bwog’s favourite Pope

Yesterday, a Russian jet was downed but Turkey near its border with Syria. Everyone’s favorite president/dictator Vladimir Putin condemned the attack  as a “stab in the back.” (BBC)

Pope Francis begins his five day African tour in Kenya today. On his agenda may be gay rights, vigilante justice, and religious tensions with Muslims. (BBC)

Blue Origin, a company owned by Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, successfully launched a reusable rocket. The propulsion unit landed vertically on the launch pad while a passenger capsule was lifted to over 60 miles. (USAToday)

Pacha New York, an EDM-focused club, is finally closing after a decade of dance. The club is set to close after a 72 hour dance marathon on New Year’s Eve. (PachaNYC)



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We're ready for ya, homemade pumpkin pie.

We’re ready for ya, homemade pumpkin pie.

Are you feeling the Bern? So is most of America, according to TIME’s Person of the Year poll, which everyone’s favorite liberal-uncle-ish politician is winning as of now. (TIME)

Getting ready for the ubiquitous Turkey Dump? Soon enough, Facebook will make brutally breaking your S.O.’s heart that much easier by introducing an Eternal Sunshine-esque policy that allows users to disconnect themselves as much as possible from their formerly “Facebook official” paramours. (The Guardian)

In what is possibly the least surprising news of the week, Donald Trump’s personality continues to reflect the quality of his unruly mop of “hair.” He suggested that a Black Lives Matter protestor “should have been roughed up” for voicing his anger towards the system. Yuck. (CNN)

A homeless man in the Bronx uncovered a cache of stolen military weapons in a trash bag. We’re not scared at ALL… (MSN)

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These news stories are diamonds in the rough, just like Bwog!

These news stories are diamonds in the rough, just like Bwog!

Not-so-bombastic news: a homeless man rummaging near the home of the Bronx Bombers found a trash bag containing stolen military firearms, looted from an armory a few days earlier. Though investigators tracked down the thief, 13 other weapons are still missing—still, good on you, guy! (New York Daily News)

Because Facebook is your best friend and your big sister rolled in one and basically shields you from the world (not an evil data-collecting corporation at all!!), it’s great news that they’re introducing new tools to help you get through a break-up. (TIME)

We honestly don’t believe the various news sources who’ve debunked the theory that astronaut Scott Kelly took a photo of a UFO while up in space. If there’s anything the Core’s taught us, it’s to be critical and self-aware, so we’re still holding out hope. (Forbes)

Al Roker is accusing a cab driver of racism for passing him by and picking up a white passenger instead. The bright side? Uber and the like are making this type of behavior harder and harder to get away with. (Gawker)

Brussels has been on high alert all weekend as police search for Salah Abdeslam, who is suspected of being part of the Paris terror attacks—but Belgian police have carried out 22 raids, making a total of 16 arrests. (BBC)

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What's the verdict?

What’s the verdict?

The United Nations Security Council has made a big decision, approving a resolution this week that urges nations around the world to do all in their power to combat the Islamic State.  (The New York Times)

For Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday in August, her boyfriend Tyga bought her a $450,000 car. For his 26th birthday this week? Kylie broke up with him. (E! News)

The Obama administration has petitioned the Supreme Court for executive authority over the plan for immigration, allowing the administration to make the decision to “allow illegal immigrants to remain and work in the United States without fear of deportation.” (The Washington Post)

One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Brussels, Belgium, was put on maximum security alert yesterday, in response to the threat of militant terrorist attacks in the city. The capital has now shut down its metro and warned citizens to stay on high alert. (The Huffington Post)

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What a beautiful silver lining!

What a beautiful silver lining!

It’s been a real tough week for the world, yes – but not all hope is lost! We could definitely all use some good news, and good is still happening behind-the-scenes… if you really squint. Here at Bwog, we continue to make your quest for the positive easier by compiling small tidbits of happiness to brighten your day:

1) Thanks to conservation efforts by states, landowners, and others, the Delmarva Peninsula fox squirrel is no longer at risk of extinction! Hurrah! This Mid-Atlantic native isn’t the only species to have rebounded off the endangered list –  experts say that this last decade has been extremely successful in its conservation efforts, with many other species making a remarkable 2015 comeback. (CNN)

2) Marvel fans, rejoice – Season 1 of “Jessica Jones” is now completely streamable on Netflix! Not only does this show look extremely promising, but it’s also been hailed as “nothing we’ve ever seen before” in regards to the treatment of females in the superhero genre. Binge away! (Variety)

3) In its search for normalcy, Paris has found the one thing that can truly unite all people – food. With the support of President Francois Hollande and restaurateurs, Parisians have shown their willingness to return to their daily lives by rallying behind the social media movement #TousAuBistrot, loosely translated into English as “back to the bistro.” (The Times)

4) Driving back home will be quite a bit cheaper this Thanksgiving, thanks to rapidly falling gas prices. The average price of gallon of regular gas is down 75 cents from a year ago, meaning that consumers will save around $7 million on gas between now and Christmas. That comes down to about $40 per driver. Take that, capitalism! (CNN Money)

BONUS: Donald Trump once again embarrasses himself on the international stage, hopefully contributing to his eventual (and inevitable) downfall. How’s that for a silver lining!

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Look at this baby panda. Look at how cute it is. Is it possible to even be upset while looking at this baby panda?

Look at this baby panda. Look at how cute it is. Is it possible to even be upset while looking at this baby panda?

Yes, a lot of terrifying things are happening in the world right now – the Syrian refugee crisis, terrorism in Paris, the eventual degradation of life as we know it due to the slow workings of climate change (not to mention finals) – but sometimes, it’s important to sit back, breathe, and remember that good things are happening, too. This morning, Bwog brings you a few good things.

Good Thing #1: When Ben Carson’s campaign team made the mistake of putting five New England states in the wrong places on a map of the US, they brought to light a widespread issue in the current American education system. This gives Carson a great opportunity to make education a major part of his campaign. (Will he do it? Who knows.) (Washington Post)

Good Thing #2: Bei Bei, the newborn giant panda cub at the National Zoo in DC, has an official set debut! Unfortunately, on January 16, 2016, the zoo workers most likely won’t hold him above their heads while the Circle of Life plays in the background, but he’ll still be pretty damn cute. (Reuters)

Good Thing #3: New York City restaurants are getting upgrades! Starting next year, over 300 popular restaurants will begin using Salido, a new software system that combines processing food orders, scheduling employee shifts and manage inventory, along with other applications that make managing a restaurant more efficient. (NY Post)

Good Thing #4: Jessica Jones, a new Netflix/Marvel series about the similarly named heroine, debuts tomorrow. This R-rated series, starring Krysten Ritter, is set in the same darker, grittier realm of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that it started to explore with Daredevil. And David Tennant is in it! (USA Today)

Good Thing #5: An international team of scientists in the US and Australia has, for the first time, captured the formation of a new planet on camera. LkCa 15, a star 450 light years from Earth, has been observed as surrounded by a vast disc of dust and gas – an ideal environment for the growth of planets. Scientists are watching it closely to gather more observations. (Eurasia Review)

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Who knew such a tasty dish could cause so much trouble?

Who knew such a tasty dish could cause so much trouble?

Abroad: The director of Russia’s security service stated that explosive traces were found in the wreckage of the airplane which crashed over the Sinai on October 31st. This rendered moot previous statements which dismissed terrorism as a cause for the crash. (NYT)

Home: Mayor de Blasio released a statement on the acceptance of Syrian refugees, affirming the federal government’s stance and condemning the comments (and actions) made by presidential nominees Governor Chris Christie and Donald Trump. He specifically criticized Trump’s suggestion on closing mosques, stating the “NYPD will…not close down places of worship.” (

Abroad: President Obama released a statement to South Africa, threatening that if the country does not lift barriers to American chicken imports, South Africa would lose preferential access to the market. This would cost the country hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of jobs. Unfortunately, South Africa relies on American chicken, and has put all their eggs in one basket. (Economist)

Home: Dozens of artists and community activists protested yesterday at the opening of the sixth annual Brooklyn Real Estate Summit at the Brooklyn Museum. The protestors disagreed with the gentrification which they claim Summit stands for. The Summit-goers were undeterred, especially after paying $500 per ticket. (Gothamist)



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If only it worked like this...

If only it worked like this…

Obama has announced that the U.S. won’t be sending in ground troops to fight ISIL, a controversial action that is certainly a different tactic than his predecessor’s.

The governor of Texas wrote a letter to President Obama declaring that Texas would not accept Syrian refugees because “any one of [them] could be connected to terrorism.” Sure, and so could the white Christian guy working at the office next to yours…(Office of the Governor Greg Abbott)

A tooth was discovered that last chewed over 50,000 years ago… and it’s BIG. Its discovery is vital evidence for the existence of the Denisovans, a hominid species that was only discovered in 2010. We’re basically cousins! (National Geographic)

It’s so, so hard for us at Bwog (or anyone else for that matter) to rationalize or attempt to understand the atrocities that have been committed by human beings this week, this year, this lifetime. Here’s an attempt to understand why the Paris attacks gained so much more coverage than, say, the attacks in Kenya that killed 148 people last year. (Washington Post)

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Only one can win

Only one can win

Famed mixed martial artist “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey failed to roll with the punches on Saturday evening, losing to Holly Holm and thus ending her undefeated streak (although there are already talks of a rematch). (Los Angeles Times)

Did anyone watch the Democratic debate on Saturday night? Apparently not. (Washington Post)

In the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks, France has launched airstrikes targeting the Islamic State in Syria, dropping 20 bombs on two important targets in Raqqa; this is a dramatic escalation in the nation’s air campaign. (Wall Street Journal)

The New York Post, a beloved but undeniably sad newspaper, writes about Columbia students who feel “ostracized”, “fearful”, and “uncomfortable” over pressure from student activist groups to participate in protests. (New York Post)

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In the wake of the attacks, the Eiffel Tower has been temporarily shut down.

In the wake of the attacks, the Eiffel Tower has been temporarily shut down.

A day after the Paris Attacks, the world is reeling from the incident. As we try to make sense out of something so senseless, many have come forward with their own responses. We have chosen to focus Bwoglines this week solely on this topic.

Many notable figures have made comments about the causes behind the attacks, including Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who criticized the President of France, Francois Hollande, and denounced France’s current foreign policy. (ABC)

Hillary Clinton offered a hopeful message: “Even in this darkest night, Paris remains the City of Light.” (Washington Post)

Frank Ocean offered his condolences to the families who lost loved ones in the attacks, and he also took to Tumblr to call out Donald Trump for “spinning a tragedy for political gain.” (Billboard)

A (literal) light in the (figurative) darkness: One World Trade Center, among other buildings around the world, lit up with the French colors in a show of solidarity and support. (NBC News)

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Looks like biking is your safest bet these days!

Looks as if biking is your safest bet these days!

At least 20 incidents involving laser beams striking planes have been reported nationwide this week. For pilots, these small beams of light are a huge concern – especially at lower altitudes, they significantly impair sight and could potentially cause crashes. In fact, they could even be considered “tantamount to attempted homicide”. Although there seems to be a rise in the trend, pointing a laser at an airplane is still a federal offense. (CBS)

Late Thursday, Vincent Asaro was acquitted of his alleged involvement with the notorious 1978 Lufthansa robbery that, at the time, was said to be the largest cash robbery in the history of the United States. The heist was also the main inspiration behind Scorsese’s classic crime drama, Goodfellas. As Asaro was freed, he celebrated by “pumping his right fist in the air”, shouting “FREE!”, and stating his intent to “play some paddleball”. (New York Times)

A double decker tour bus in a busy street of Washington D.C. caught fire Thursday evening, engulfing part of the street in flames. Although the cause of the fire is unknown, the bus was unoccupied by travellers at the time, and no-one was injured. The area has been closed off for investigation. (NBC)

Thousands of students are transporting themselves across the country to gather for the Million Student March, organized to air their grievances about race relations, campus safety, and student debt. The demonstrations coincide with Tuesday’s nationwide day of action pushing for a $15-an-hour minimum wage and the current student protests in solidarity with students of color at the University of Missouri. (Reuters)

BONUS: Today is Friday the 13th! This is the third time the date falls on a Friday in 2015 alone. Spooked out? Don’t worry, you’re not alone – in fact, paraskevidekatriaphobia is the official term for having a fear of the occasion. Be careful where you step, and let us know if you spot anything particularly spooky on campus. (USA Today)

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Look at the stars, look how they shine for you

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you … and all the exams you failed

At the Missouri University of Science and Technology, a number of anonymous threats against the college’s black students put the campus on high alert. The threats are most likely in response to recent protests that raised racial tension at the college. Later last night, one student, sophomore Hunter Park, was arrested, suspected of writing some of the threats. (Seattle Pi)

On a lighter note, humorous critique of the recent Republican debate has reached new levels. An error Senator Ted Cruz made in this debate (accidentally naming the Department of Commerce twice in his list of programs to cut) is comparable to an error Rick Perry made in the debate four years ago (suggesting he’d cut three government agencies, then forgetting the name of the third.) (CBS News)

On a colder note, a severe winter storm hit Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas yesterday, and is expected to move into the Midwest and Plains today. Today’s main threat from the storm is harsh winds, expected to reach over 60 miles per hour. (Meanwhile in New York, it still seems as though fall has barely started.) (USA Today)

On a wider note, the oldest stars discovered yet were located at the heart of the Milky Way yesterday. These stars actually existed before the Milky Way was formed, when the universe was only about 300 million years old. Some of them spent time at the very center of the galaxy. (If that doesn’t make your midterm grades seem unimportant, we don’t know what will.) (Ledger Gazette)

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Shia LaBeouf, everybody’s favourite actor, performance artist, and cannibal, is indulging New York with his new performance art piece titled #ALLMYMOVIES. He’s currently watching all his movies in reverse chronological order at the Angelika Film Center and you can join him. For free. (Decider)

The fourth Republican debate appeared last night on Fox News, with the network co-moderating the event with The Wall Street Journal. The debate focused mostly on issues, as many of the candidates had expressed dissatisfaction with previous questioning prompting inter-party fighting. You can watch a recording here. (LA Times)

An independent report by the World Anti-Doping League detailed allegations of a state-sanctioned doping program in Russia. The report alleges that Russian police and secret security infiltrated laboratories, bribed and threatened testers, and destroyed samples. But Russia would never do anything illegal, right? (CNN)

Liu Yiqian, a Chinese billionaire, just spend the second largest amount of money at an auction for a painting in history. The painting, “Nu Chouché” by Amedeo Modigliani, depicts a reclining nude woman. How much exactly did he shell out? Only $170.4 million. (NBC)

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No off-brand Genie for us, never ever ever.

No off-brand Genie for us, never ever ever.

We know it’s hard to imagine ever traveling outside of the loving womb that is the Morningside Heights neighborhood, but the rewards for taking a little trip to Brooklyn can be VERY worth it… you could, for instance, discover a three-eyed catfish living in the Gowanus Canal. Or, you know, you could just have some Dough donuts… (Animal Planet)

If you ever find yourself revisiting your college admissions essays and moodily wondering if a different Ivy would have been a better choice than CU, just remember that even Yale has its own problems (and every university needs to work on catering to POC students more attentively). (New York Times)

There were totally UFOs over Cape Town, South Africa this past weekend. Or, it could probably be something else, like clouds. But isn’t it more fun to gel your hair back in your best Mulder impression and whisper “the truth is out there” to all your friends until they tell you to shut up? (WeatherNation)

The late Robin Williams did probably the best thing possible for fans of Aladdin… he wrote in his will that he didn’t want his voiceover outtakes used for any postmortem sequels to the classic movie. Never again will Genie fans have to stress about the possibility of suffering through a perversion of the original film in which Jasmine cheats on Aladdin with the Genie… (MoviePilot)

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"Sunlight is sacred," said Warren St. John, protector of the blue skies

“Sunlight is sacred,” said Warren St. John, protector of the blue skies

The citizens of Myanmar voted yesterday in what has been called the freest election in the country in a quarter-century. Many see this as a chance for Nobel laureate Suu Kyi Aung San Suu Kyi’s party to gain seats and play a bigger role in governing. (CNN)

Less sacred than democracy in action: Queens-born Donald Trump took the stage on this week’s episode of SNL to record ratings, although a New York Times reviewer seems utterly disgusted and bored (and opens with the question, “Is Donald J. Trump a clown?”). (New York Times)

Protesters from the group Stand Against the Shadows gathered yesterday near Central Park, in opposition to the construction of skyscrapers that would cast shadows across their beloved park. This protest has everything: umbrellas, a shadowy organization (ha ha), and this quote: “We want to protect the blue sky.” (New York Post)

This is kind of bizarre—a man who has been playing Ben Carson in a children’s theater production for 21 years now says he doesn’t recognize the man on the campaign trail. (Politico)

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