Bwoglines: Sporty Spice Edition
Sometimes we're all a little Scary Spice

Sometimes we’re all a little Sporty Spice

March Madness is in full swing which means that it’s time for another round of Liewitness News! Which school are you rooting for: University of Phoenix or DeVry University? (Huffington Post)

What scares a New Englander more than Tom Brady jumping off a cliff? Gisele Bündchen posting a Facebook video of Tom Brady jumping off a cliff. (Sports Illustrated)

A Texas high school principal recently forced a student with Down syndrome to stop wearing a varsity Letter jacket simply because “he isn’t on the team.” (USA Today)

The NCAA is really concerned with Indiana’s new “religious freedom law” which allows establishments to deny service to gay and lesbian customers. In case you weren’t aware, the Final Four is in Indianapolis, which is why the NCAA even cares. (CBS Sports)

7/11. 7/11. Seven twice. Man seven twice. As told by Serena Williams. (USA Today)

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Bwoglines: Relics Of A Bygone Era Edition
Same though

Same though

Inexplicably extant smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry (formerly Research In Motion) has announced its lowest quarterly sales in eight years, though it somehow managed to sell 1.6 million handsets over the period. (Financial Times)

Senator Harry Reid has announced that he won’t be seeking a sixth term in 2016, thereby ending what will have been a ten-year stint as Democratic Majority Leader. (Christian Science Monitor)

The now-infamous racist chant shouted by members of the University of Oklahoma SAE fraternity apparently became part of the chapter’s traditions after members learned it at a national SAE leadership event. (Washington Post)

Researchers in California have developed a solution that, when taken as eyedrops, drastically improves night vision for a few hours. The human test subject reported being able to pick out people at 50 meters in near-complete darkness; no word yet on the substance’s long-term effects, if any. (The Independent)

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Bwoglines: People Talk About Columbia Sometimes Edition
From the comment section, we surmise this is the typical reaction to receiving news from Bwog

Poor man. Subjected to news about Columbia University.

Professor Mercer talks about Columbia when comparing the experience teaching here and teaching in prison. (Washington Post)

Former N.B.A. player Troy Murphy talks about Columbia in describing what it’s like to go back to school here. (New York Times)

Forbes talks about Columbia when they evaluate the significance of the recent administrative decision to close the Chinese Students and Scholars Association.

President Obama and visiting Afghani President Ghani talk about Columbia as they briefly recall their time here for the benefit of watching press corp. (USA Today)

Everyone, it seems, is talking about Columbia as they anticipate the release of the Journalism School’s report on the now infamous Rolling Stone UVA exposé attempt. Look for that coming soon. (CNN Money)

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