Bwoglines: Acting Childish Edition
How we imagine the Yik Yak squabble went down

How we imagine the Yik Yak squabble went down

Low-key obsessed with One Direction? (C’mon…look at Zayn…) Check out this extensive and entertaining One Direction glossary. (Vulture)

According to a study at the University of Missouri, 23% of college students have revenge sex following a breakup. (The Cut)

For all you ice cream lovers: Shake Shack and Big Gay Ice Cream are teaming up to create the limited-edition “Layer Shake.” (Gothamist)

Apparently two of the Yik Yak co-founders kicked the third co-founder out of the company à la Facebook. (ValleyWag)

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Bwoglines: Signals Edition
AT&T's signal...on a really good day

AT&T’s signal…on a really good day

Pope Francis is sending mixed signals. Heralded as a progressive, he gave a speech yesterday, saying “Children have a right to grow up in a family with a father and a mother,” a rather conservative statement by his standards. The Pope will be attending the World Meeting of the Families conference in Philly next September, another possible mixed signal as to his stance on familial matters. (TIME)

Murderer and conspirator Charles Manson has a marriage license to wed his fiancee, Afton “Star” Burton. Manson, serving a life sentence, is 80, and Burton is 25. No mixed signals there. (CNN)

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has declared a state of emergency in anticipation of civil unrest as the investigation surrounding Officer Darren Wilson is closed and his verdict is announced. Don’t forget the FBI, though; they issued a nationwide announcement, signaling to law enforcement and government agencies the increased potential for violence. (Washington Post)

Intel is releasing a “smart bracelet,” a new piece of wearable technology marketed solely towards women. Its $495 price tag includes a 2-year AT&T data plan featuring overseas service, for all those oft-traveling fashionistas. (TechSpot)

The Florida Marlins and Giancarlo Stanton have agreed on a $325 million deal over 13 years, the most lucrative deal in pro sports…ever. Could the Marlins be signaling to their 10 100 1000 fans a change in fortune in Little Havana? (ESPN)

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Bwoglines: Grecian Edition
Bwog's cover photo: proof we studied abroad in Greece last spring, too

Bwog’s cover photo: proof we studied abroad in Greece last spring, too

Click on the Northeast section of this nifty interactive map and find that Columbia gained the #8 ranking in Trojan’s 2014 Sexual Health Report Card. Our present for providing our students with accessible sexual health resources should be increasing the RA budget to put Trojan brand or condoms of similarly tiered quality in every hall at Columbia. (Trojan News Room)

Greece is clearly losing a large enough portion of their expected mass of spring breakers, for they’ve resorted to using another country’s landmarks to promote their own tourism. This form of neo-plagiarism only encourages more drunkards to flock to their shores – who can tell the difference between Australia and Greece, anyway?! (The Guardian)

Bids for the 2024 Olympic Games start up next month, and Boston is ready to put their name in the running. (The Boston Globe)

Buildings in and around Ohio University in Athens, Ohio caught fire early Sunday morning, forcing students to sleep elsewhere until further notice. Nothing like waking up still drunk from Saturday night activities to your off-campus apartment being on fire. (13 News)

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