Bwoglines: The World Stage Edition
...Theme music plays...

…Theme music plays…

Will Scotland finally leave U.K. once and for all? Or will these two crazy countries find they have some love left?  (The Wall Street Journal)

Will India and China put aside their differences and find friendship? After some late night wine and whispered foreign policy, will they find… something more? (BBC)

Now that the Republican party is cool again, will it ditch its new friends to go to the cool party parties? (Gallup)

Will YOU transfer to Brown when you learn that New York dive bars may be closing? (New York Times)

Will the Fed raise the interest rates? No. (New York Times)

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Bwoglines: Innovation And Addiction Edition
Controllin dat cell phone consumption

Controllin’ dat cell phone consumption

There’s a new app that will tell you how many times you check your phone throughout the day. (We weren’t on Tinder–we promise!) (Gawker)

According to a national survey on drug use, American teens are apparently using drugs less and less often…really?? (Washington Post)

There’s a proposed high-speed gondola (called the East River Skyway) that would connect Manhattan to parts of Brooklyn and the Bronx. It’s said to be safer, greener, and prettier!!! (Gothamist)

From the night of the Benghazi attacks on September 11, 2012 to early May of this year, Fox News aired 1,098 segments covering it. Additionally, when Fox was interviewing members of Congress, they asked Republicans about the attacks 144 different times, while only doing so five times with Democrats. (Huffington Post)

This guy paid $65 for a jug of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice syrup and put it on basically everything he ate. (Grub Street)

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Bwoglines: Mistakes, Missteps, And Miscues Edition

But…what did we do wrong?

Miss Nebraska, Megan Swanson, accidentally revealed a bit too much to the cameras during the 2015 Miss America pageant on Sunday. What was the host, Chris Harrison, talking about? Revealing too much. (Yahoo!)

Rush Limbaugh decided that, in cases of sexual consent, no can mean yes “if you know how to spot it.” Yea, okay, whatever you say, Rush. (Gawker)

Speaking of…Robin Thicke admitted to being “high on Vicodin and alcohol” when he recorded “Blurred Lines,” the song that he also admitted he took too much credit for writing. Oops. (New York Daily News)

Urban Outfitters “deeply regrets” that their Kent State sweatshirt, featuring a bloody design, was “perceived negatively.” In trying to defend the item, Urban dug themselves a bigger hole. Should anyone be surprised? Probably not. (Washington Post)

The NFL and its associated teams are still confused about where they stand on domestic abuse. Hint: They don’t seem to care thaaat much. (USA Today)

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