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And in high school news...

And in high school news…

The curfew in Baltimore, which was instated in response to the events over the past few weeks, was lifted yesterday. The National Guard is starting to retreat from the city as well. (Baltimore Sun)

Every bad health class in high school gone even more wrong: Ebola can now be transmitted through unprotected sex with treated patients. Does this make Ebola an STI? STD? (Times of India)

Prospies reading Bwog: don’t take your senior prank too far. (ABC Arizona)

The kid you secretly hated (because he got into all 8 Ivies) is going to Harvard. Peace to the Northeast and you never have to see him again! (Business Insider)

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"The last time I had an erection was in Vietnam"

“The last time I had an erection was in Vietnam”

Bernie Sanders announced that he’s running for president in the 2016 election. At the age of 73, however, he’s more likely to be seen leisurely hobbling. (Politico)

Bernie Sanders raised $1.5 million in 24 hours. One thing he couldn’t raise? Himself up after he slipped in the bath tub last night. (CNN)

Bernie Sanders wants to raise taxes for social security…Is it because all his friends are old? (Think Progress)

Like PrezBaby Prezbo, Bernie Sanders has had some great hair moments. Check ‘em out here. (Washington Post)

*Doesn’t actually know what he’s looking at* via Washington Post

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