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Maggie the Magnolia - the right kind of tree

Maggie the Magnolia – the right type of tree

Yesterday during the Super Bowl, there was apparently some confusion over what, exactly, a catch is. Jerricho Cotchery of the Carolina Panthers appeared to haul the ball in early in the game, but the play was ruled incomplete. Many football fans (and CBS officiating expert Mike Carey) thought this was an incorrect ruling, and aren’t exactly impressed with the Super Bowl referees. (SB Nation)

Meanwhile, in Spain, seven people were arrested for allegedly supplying cash and weapons to ISIS and other jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq. This group, consisting of five Spanish nationals and two foreigners of Syrian and Moroccan origin, sent the supplies from Spanish ports disguised as “humanitarian help.” (TIME)

According to recent research, newer forests of the “wrong type of trees” in Europe may actually be contributing to Global Warming. After the Industrial Revolution, areas formerly occupied by broadleaved species (such as oak and birch) have been re-forested with faster-growing, more commercially valuable conifers (such as pine and birch) that consume less carbon and absorb more solar radiation. (BBC News)

And finally, some good news: Governor Andrew Cuomo has plans to rebuild Penn Station! The plan is quite optimistic, aiming to both increase convenience and safety for commuters and become a commercial destination comparable to Grand Central Terminal. But it’s difficult to say how willing contractors will be to actually build the new station. (NJ News)

An example for those European conifers via the Barnard website



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Bark if you love football!

Bark if you love football!

Even more exciting than the SuperBowl? The Puppy Bowl, of course! It starts at 3pm today, and it will be downright adorable. Also, if you’re still confused as to what this wonderful event entails, click here to find out. (Wired)

A sick baby sea lion, aka a pup, was found in a restaurant in San Diego, but SeaWorld officials are hopeful that they can nurse it back to health. (FOX NEWS)

Jeb Bush does not care if you like him or not. In New Hampshire this weekend, he told the crowd, “I don’t give a you-know-what about whether I’m popular or not. That is fleeting.” (Washington Post)

Chelsea Clinton, Hillary’s beloved daughter, had a little slip-up this week and called Bernie “President Sanders.” Awkward! (NY Daily News)

As the presidential primaries begin, everyone (or at least, every democrat) is waiting on one woman’s word: Elizabeth Warren. Who will she endorse? (Huffington Post)

Humphrey via Joshua T. Beck/CC-BY-SA-4.0



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Does this kind of surgery require passing Mowsh bio?

Does this kind of surgery require passing Mowsh bio?

A video of an anonymous “surgeon” performing surgery on a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup has gone viral. Check it out. (Mashable)

A day care worker from Arizona was fired after posting pictures on Snapchat of her middle finger in front of a young child’s face with the caption “swear I love kids!” (The Epoch Times)

A New Zealand politician was hit in the face with a large, rubber, phallic plaything while giving an interview to the press. (Daily Mail)

Blue Origin, a private spaceflight company created by Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos, has beat Elon Musk’s SpaceX in creating the first reusable rocket. Neat! (The Verge)

Grey’s Anatomy But With Food via Youtube



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Vegans, you ready for this?

Vegans, you ready for this?

The most exciting news of the week: Ben & Jerry’s released a series of vegan ice creams! In flavors like Coffee Caramel Fudge, Chunky Monkey, and Peanut Butter & Cookies, the almond-milk treats could very well end global warming, bring about world peace, and get Bernie Sanders elected as President. They look that good. (Ben & Jerry’s)

In case you haven’t sniffed out Bwog’s hidden Vegan Agenda, here’s another veg-friendly piece of news: people who eat lots of leafy greens may be less likely to develop glaucoma, a debilitating eye disease! Insert eyes emoji here. (Reuters)

No one knows how, but Donald Trump was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize (???). Luckily, this allowed for many snarky op-eds and hilarious satirical pieces like this one. (The Guardian)

We tried to think of a funnier way to introduce this article, but the byline speaks for itself: “Martin Shkreli, Pharmaceutical Executive Discusses Feud With Ghostface Killah During Radio Interview.” His exact words were “If he were here right now, I’d smack him right in the face.” Okay, Martin! (Power 105.1)

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Public transportation: classic city behavior

Public transportation: classic city behavior

In dedication to our favorite anti-urbanite and American hero, Ted Cruz, we present cities in all their glory:

Another day, another slashing. Yesterday, a man waiting for the No. 3 train at the Pennsylvania Ave. / Livonia Ave. station was attacked by a schizophrenic man wielding a knife. This continuation of a troubling trend makes us long for the pristine American heartland. (New York Daily News)

In Communist New York (aka London), a law student is suing Nestle for selling her a KitKat sans wafer; her demand for a lifetime supply of the wafer-full treat resonates with us. (Daily Mail)

Congresswoman Candace Miller has proposed a $1 billion plan to replace the lead pipelines in Flint, Michigan, where an experiment in neoliberalism went awry. Meanwhile, former city Emergency Manager Darnell Earley has refused to testify at the Flint House hearing. (Detroit Free Press, Detroit News)

Donald Trump, the embodiment of New York values, has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. (Washington Times)




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Bwoglines so shocking it's like 19,000,000 V to the chest

This Bwoglines will hit you like 20,000 volts of electricity to the face.

The Iowa Caucus, the first caucus or primary in the election cycle, finished late last night with a victory for Republican Ted Cruz and a virtual tie for Democrats Sanders and Clinton. Notably, Republican Marco Rubio came within a percentage point of beating Donald Trump. Who would expect? (CNN)

For the first time in five decades, Myanmar (also called Burma) has elected a parliament dominated by a non-military party. The military still maintains 25% of the seats in parliament, but they no longer hold unchecked power. Observers and watching events unfold on the tips of their toes. (BBC)

Zika, a rapidly spreading disease which results in birth defects in pregnant mothers, was declared a “public health emergency” yesterday by the World Health Organization. The disease is multiplying, especially in South and Central America. Brazil claims it will not affect the 2016 Olympics, but who knows for sure. (BBC)

Drivers for Uber gathered yesterday to protest the company’s price cuts, which they claim is “cutting into [their] own take from each ride”. The protest follows price cuts in the New York area where “UberX dropped from $3 to $2.55, with the per mile rate going from $2.15 to $1.75.” Those drops are shocking. (CBS)



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The moon: shrouded in mystery, just like weather patterns and your internet history

The moon: shrouded in mystery, just like weather patterns and your internet history

Last weekend, Bernie Sanders held a rally at the University of Iowa encouraging students to vote for him in the primary today. But this wasn’t just an ordinary rally – it was also a concert, featuring indie rock group Vampire Weekend. Bernie even sang “This Land Is Your Land” on stage with the band. (NY Times)

Google is reportedly conducting drone tests high above the New Mexico desert in an effort to bring internet connection to people in rural areas or affected by natural disasters. The drones are solar-powered, and equipped with an experimental technology called “millimeter-wave radio” that may be up to 40 times faster than LTE. (PC World)

According to a new study from the University of Washington, the gravitational pull of the moon is connected to rainfall. When it’s higher in the sky, the moon causes changes in the earth’s atmosphere that affect rainfall – but these changes only account for a small amount of rainfall variation, almost imperceptible in large weather patterns. (Immortal News)

If you’re spending your morning reading Bwoglines, you’ve probably already seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens at least three times, but you might want to consider seeing it again if you want to help it reach $2 billion worldwide by the end of this week. The movie will be only the third to reach this milestone, after Avatar and Titanic. (

Our favorite moon via Wikimedia Commons



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In the words of Columbia alum Jenny Slate, "Hell yeah, tell me my fortune!"

In the words of Columbia alum Jenny Slate, “Hell yeah, tell me my fortune!”

Now: Didn’t get into that sorority? Try your luck with another, better sorting system – Pottermore’s sorting quiz is back! (Buzzfeed)

April: Game of Thrones comes back for its sixth season on April 24, and according to Sophie Turner, “this season is a really, really big one for Sansa. It’s probably her best season yet.” (Entertainment Weekly)

This Fall: In its competition with Spotify and iTunes, Amazon is now planning to launch a new music streaming service, coming later this year. (TIME)

2017: Do you hate when your iPhone charger breaks and gets that weird fringe at the edge? We do, too. And Apple is finally doing something about it – wireless chargers! (Bloomberg)

Who Knows: It’s official. Gilmore Girls will be returning for four brand new episodes, premiering on Netflix. (Variety)

The Crystall Ball via Wikimedia Commons



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When you're feeling yourself...

When you’re feeling yourself…

This Friday NASA released a “selfie” taken by the Curiosity Mars rover, which has been on Mars for almost four years now. (TIME)

Taking advantage of the hype recently generated by the “The X-Files” reboot, the CIA released a series of declassified documents detailing investigations into UFOs and possible alien life. (CNN)

The 30th anniversary of the Challenger explosion was this past Thursday, and The New York Times paid tribute. (NY Times)

Scientists have observed that the Smith Cloud, which was catapulted out of the Milky Way millions of years ago, is plummeting back to our galaxy. The collision of the cloud with the galactic disk of the Milky Way will produce more than two million new stars. (Daily Mail)

The other type of galaxy just got a new upgrade: Samsung has released its S7. (The Verge)

Mars Rover via Wikimedia Commons



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Everybody hurts...

Everybody hurts…

In “thank goodness for science” news, researchers made the recent  discovery that certain genes are linked to the tendency towards developing schizophrenia–this could lead to new therapeutic techniques in the near future! Love you, science! (Broad Institute)

While scientists make incredible discoveries, Brooklynites attempt to rent out snow-huts on Airbnb… It’d probably be cheaper than your shack of a Morningside Heights apartment… (NBC)

In order to fight overcrowding, New York public transit is undergoing a transformation–get ready for weirdly long, centipede-like metro cars, you guys! (Epoch Times)

Oh, Kanye. Everyone’s favorite god-complexed rapper brutally slammed Wiz Khalifa on Twitter this weekend (and then apologized?) but the real star of the show was Kanye’s ex and Wiz’s current partner, Amber Rose, who retaliated by tweeting about how Kanye used to like butt play. Amber’s a hero. (Washington Post)

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It might be a good time to start exercising your thumb.

It might be a good time to start exercising your thumb.

Light a candle in your dorm tonight, because Rostam Batmanglij has left Vampire Weekend, leaving the band gutted, and perhaps artistically (un)dead. Every Columbian mourns tonight, reminded of the ephemeral nature of this material world. (Pitchfork)

Maybe more bands don’t come out of Columbia because, as this noise map of the city shows, we are a staid and restrained bunch, just marking time until we begin careers in finance. (New York Daily News)

Donald Trump is attempting to not-so-quietly divorce the political process by refusing to participate in the upcoming Republican debate. “No,” he shouts, his arms flailing wildly as he screws up his red face. In a news conference he said, “It’s time that somebody plays grown-up.” (New York Times)

Mark Zuckerberg experiences a break from reality while peering into the depths of his monochromatic closet. (The Verge)

It’s the end of a strange era: the leader of the occupation in Oregon is reportedly in custody; after a shootout with Feds, one militant is dead.(Gawker)

Nothing Gold Can Stay via Wikimedia Commons



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One of the key causes for economics panic.

One of the key causes for economic panic.

The long awaited UN-sponsored peace talks are set to start this Friday in Geneva. Unsurprisingly, the main roadblock in a ceasefire which would mostly only exclude the Syrian regions controlled by ISIL and Al-Qaeda’s affiliate branch in the region, the Nusra Front. (Reuters)

Egypt marks the fifth anniversary of the beginning of its revolution, which overthrew Hosni Mubarak’s regime. Only sparse demonstrations broke out across the region, in stark contrast to the gigantic demonstrations five years ago today. (International Business Times)

McDonalds released its fourth quarter earnings report yesterday, highlighting it’s “better than average” sales since October of 2015. McDonald’s casuals and experts both agree that the all-day breakfast, the new McPick option, and upgrades to key ingredients have added to the success. (CNBC)

President Hassan Rouhani began a new trip to Europe where he will advocate commercial opportunities in Iran following the cessation of its nuclear program. He’s expected to meet with world leaders, such as the Presidents of Italy and France, as well as commercial interests such as Airbus. (Wall Street Journal)



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Are these Trump supporters or X-Files villains? The world may never know.

Are these Trump supporters or X-Files villains? The world may never know.

Washington has shut down U.S. federal government offices today – but at least, this time, it’s because of a record-breaking snowstorm, not the inability of congressmen to agree with each other. And even with a traffic ban in effect over the weekend, people were still caught skiing and snowboarding down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. (Reuters)

Other cities had their share of extreme sports, too: in New York City, one brave snowboarder tied ropes to the back of a truck and rode along behind it while his friends videotaped him for his YouTube channel. He later crossed paths with the NYPD, but the officers were actually pretty chill with his activities – prompting a video entitled “SNOWBOARDING WITH THE NYPD.” (10 News)

The revival of 90s sci-fi/horror show The X-Files started last night, with the first episode of the six-part series airing on Fox after the NFC Championship game. Apparently, even after Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) and Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) attempted to uncover conspiracies for nine seasons, the truth is still out there. The remaining episodes will air tonight, then weekly on Mondays. (The Mary Sue)

You may or may not know that last week, Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump. You definitely should know that Tina Fey returned to SNL last Saturday to make fun of her endorsement speech. And the best part is, she barely had to change Palin’s original speech to make it funny. (Vanity Fair)

Definite extraterrestrials via Wikimedia Commons



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Stay safe out there, kids.

Stay safe out there, kids.

All roads, bridges, and tunnels in New York City have been shut down due to the storm, allowing only emergency vehicles on the streets for the time being. (CNN)

In addition to all roads being closed, all Broadway performances were cancelled yesterday. That’s right, don’t even bother walking to the theater. (EW)

The Presidential Runoff Election, originally scheduled for today, Sunday, the 24th, has been postponed for security reasons. Protests about the election in Port-au-Prince have recently turned violent. (The New York Times)

The US State Department is seeking a 1-month extension for the release of Hillary Clinton’s emails from her time as Secretary of State. (Yahoo News)

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was supposed to be in court on February 29th for sentencing in a hush money case, but his attorney is asking for a delay due to Hastert’s health problems. (USA Today)

BONUS: Speaking of Jonas, Nick’s new film Goat is out now! (Weather, The Guardian)

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We all make mistakes.

We all make mistakes.

Shopping period got you down? Feeling mad at yourself for forgetting to sign up for that one Spanish class? Cursing your fates for giving you a 8:40 requirement? Worry not! If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that seeing other people’s mistakes will always make you feel better about your own. Luckily, today’s Bwoglines is flooding with oopsies:

The question on everyone’s minds: who scuffed Kanye’s car? Yesterday saw our boy Kanye facing some serious trouble as he tweeted out a photo of his brand new car with scratch marks around the wheel. Remember: no matter how your hard your week has been, at least you’re not on Kanye West’s bad side.

A 61-year-old zoo employee committed major oopsies last night when he fell into the gorilla enclosure of the Los Angeles Zoo, where he works with landscaping. Zoo officials reported that the employee had been landscaping the gorilla habitat when he “lost his footing” and fell into the habitat’s moat, disrupting the primates. The employee was lifted out by the LAPD, and is reported to be in stable condition.

A new report by the British home secretary declares that Putin “probably approved” the poisoning and consequent assassination of Kremlin critic, Alexander Litvienko. It was probable, said the report, that Mr. Putin and his spy chief Nikolai Patrushev had approved an operation to undergo the assassination using a highly toxic and rare isotope, polonium 210. Yikes.

BONUS: Clearly, humans make a lot of mistakes. But sometimes, they really really manage to get it right. Take a look at Twitter’s compilation of best moments from the momentous 10 year High School Musical reunion, and get your head in the game for week 2 of classes.

Very sad via Wikimedia Commons

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