Bwoglines: The World Is Ending Edition
TW: Asteroids

Actual live photo evidence of the world ending

A record-breaking number of earthquakes are terrorizing Mammoth Lakes, California. (LA Times)

Kim K was the victim of another red carpet prank at Paris Fashion Week. (NY Daily News)

Enterovirus D68 is making headlines again after nine Colorado kids develop paralysis. (CBS News)

Beyoncé’s 2015 calendar is now available for purchase. Guess Bey wasn’t satisfied with her first billion? (MTV News)

Looks like the world of dating apps just got a whole lot creepier. A new app called Cuddlr provides its users with a “location-based social-meeting app for cuddling.” (Cuddlrapp.com)

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Bwoglines: Deals and Compromises Edition
What? U talking 2 me? Don't mess with me n my puppy grrrrr!!!

What? U talking 2 me? Don’t mess with me n my puppy grrrrr!!!

The world will have to compromise with Jeet playing DH after his stunning walk off hit on Thursday against the Orioles. We love you, Captain! RE2PECT. (SB Nation)

The UN and Palestine continue fighting over Israel. (NY Times)

Russia and Ukraine make deals over gas. Who do you think would win in a fight: Viktor Yanukovych or Vladimir Putin? (Bloomberg)

More European deals and more Middle Eastern conflict. The world is clearly changing (not). (Washington Post)

Sorry ladies, George Clooney is now no longer a bachelor. He is to tie the knot today in Venice. Wonder if he’ll actually stay married; this is Hollywood, after all. (NY Daily News)

Chelsea Clinton is a mom!!!!!! (NY Times)


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