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Bwog flying home

Bwog flying home

Unless your professor is a heartless grinch, YOU’RE DONE! Get outta here! Go home!

Bwogline: Jay-Z and Solange have worked it out. Now all our worries are really gone. (NYDailyNews)

Finals Tip: Always write “Have a nice summer :)” at the end of your exams. It subliminally makes your T.A. think “Wow, what a nice person, I should go easy on them.”

Procrastinate: Cute animals in nice clothes. What could be nicer?


two guys pass by butler:

guy 1: I’ve had SO much sex since coming here!!
guy 2: [laughs]
guy 2: you can’t be serious…
guy 1: no, it’s true


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just like all of you

Cute little guy

A new year, a new perspective. Today we take a moment to look back on the first half of the year and think on what’s to come. 

If last fall was about exploring how we talk, this past semester was about putting our learned lessons to use. With no massive scandal or campus-wide debate abyss, we found that the topics that typically brought tons of vitriol, blurring the line of acceptability per our comment policy, instead passed by with relative silence. We figured there were three possible reasons for this:

  1. All the trolls graduated in 2013.
  2. Everybody stopped reading Bwog.
  3. We actually learned from past mistakes.

To any of these cases, we say good riddance. Rather than sling poop at each other like we used to, we’ve learned how to have reasoned arguments (with the exception of the 4:33 paper response, which we assume was caused in part by finals-induced stress). This culminated in the (mostly) thoughtful discussions found here, where each argument had a considerate counter-argument seemingly written after 10 seconds of deep breathing.

All of this progress did not come without mildly frightening repercussions. Rather than acting like student groups, student groups began acting like administrators and businesses. Activist groups acted for change by writing petitions and making Facebook events to get their friends to sign it online. When mistakes were made, involved groups issued official statements. We weren’t innocent in taking to considered words (or lack thereof) on things we want to see improved—but then again, we’re a website.

As we become increasingly sensitive and PC-oriented as a nation, Columbia has become more careful as an insular community. We’ve been tamed. We can only imagine what our 1968 alums think about us now. Would it be weird to say we miss the excitement of unfiltered reactions?

Luckily (?) that’s not for us to officially worry about anymore. We’re proud to announce that Bwog has been taken over by one of the finest editorial teams we’ve seen yet. Quick-witted and animalloving Sarah Faith Thompson is our new Editor-in-Chief; clever and adventurous Claire Friedman is Managing Editor; the brilliant Alexander Pines takes on Features Editor; and humorous and attentive Maud Rozee, reppin’ Barnard and Canada, rounds out the team as Internal Editor. We’re pumped to see what they have to bring and know that we’re leaving you in more-than-capable hands.

In the words of our predecessors, “it was…fun…”

Alexandra Svokos

Alexandra Avvocato

Time travel through the past five months



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Macklemore says peace

Macklemore says peace

Well, this seems unfortunate. According to The Williams Record, (most definitely not a Columbia source, interestingly enough) the man who may have been (may still be) this year’s Bacchanal performer has cancelled his show in Williamstown—and his performance at Columbia. Bacchanal declined to comment on the report. The article text below tells the sad story, and why Macklemore supposedly dumped us: for greener pastures and the adoration of preteens.

”Yesterday Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, the act intended to headline the College’s spring fling, called off their agreement to perform in Williamstown on April 14. Acting within the rights of their contracts, the duo canceled their performances both at the College and at Columbia (scheduled for April 13) in order to perform on MTV. ”

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