On College Walk: Outreach, Rain

If you’re wondering why you woke up today to Beyonce and LMFAO, it’s ’cause CCO was getting ready to fix New York City. They’re at it now!

Even rain cannot dampen the powerful thumping of Nicki Minaj

CCO Drops A New Promo Video

Kind of on the fence about lending a hand to your fellow man? Columbia Community Outreach wonders—would it help if you got a free tee-shirt? No? Uh… how about a pair of sunglasses? Free breakfast? Free pizza, you say? Done.

CCO’s promo vid misses the mark—after all, nothing says, “I’m an altruist,” like a video with posing Greek organizations repeating, “And we are CCO!” and a signature Artopolis crepe to boot. They even boldly made fun of New Jersey. Could have been worse, though. So, whether you’re in it for the swag or the after(Garden)party at PrezBo’s placesign up for this year’s CCO.

Bits and Pieces of CCO 2010

Columbia Community Outreach 2010 still rocked out on the steps and saved the world despite the winter weather amidst our long-awaited Spring.

Photos by RSN

Donuts and Video Games…On a Wednesday!

Nothing says “Community Service” like Dunkin Donuts, hot chocolate, and Rock Band, right? CCO’s coming up (March 27th, just on the other side of spring break), so they’re taking over the Lerner Piano lounge from 8:00-10:00pm tonight for their “Rock Out, Chow Down” free food extravaganza.  There will be a raffle, too–all the details are here.