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Dining Services can play the role of mother when needed. The question is whether or not the mother is a kind one that gives you unlimited fro-yo, or an overbearing one that tells you things you already know. A tipster too busy indulging in Chipotle to deal with lines at the Action Station sent us this e-mail of dietary admonition that will help you decide:

Good Afternoon!

Our records indicate you are a current meal plan participant, however we show very little usage of your meals. Dining Services is committed to providing the community of students, faculty and staff with great dining experience. We are concerned that you are not receiving the balance diet needed to be at your healthiest. We ask that you communicate with our registered dietician, Kristie Koerner. She is here to offer individualized assistance for students with food allergies, food sensitivities, or any other food concerns.

In addition, our onsite Managers are here to help you if you have any concerns and questions.

While many people in fact eschew mandatory, parent-enforced, or fin-aid applied meal plans for healthier options, there are times when something more serious is happening. The Blue & White wrote a piece on eating disorders, on-campus treatment, and the administrative hurdles that students may encounter.

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Big Brother: Fashion Plate

Columbia law professor Eben Moglen believes the Freedom Box, a small server meant for personal use, can keep the internet out from under the watchful eye of Big Brother. (NYT)

Winston Stephen A. Smith thinks Melo can catapult the Knicks back to relevance. Now they just have Jay-Z and the Nets to deal with, and Jay has been on a winning streak. (ESPN, HipHopDX)

In an effort to avoid letting years of history lapse from the world’s collective memory and disappear into a government-fueled inferno, designer Tahir Hemphill is compiling and making publicly available data on 40,000 hip-hop songs spanning three decades. (Wired)

“His dress sense was unpredictable and usually casual. . .David Astor described him as looking like a prep school master, while according to the Special Branch dossier, Orwell’s tendency of clothing himself ‘in Bohemian fashion’ revealed that the author was ‘a Communist’.” Behold the absurdities of Fashion Week. (Slate, Wikipedia)

“The thing that he was about to do was to open a diary.” The diaries George Orwell kept in 1936 and subsequently used in writing The Road to Wigan Pier are being published online 75 years later to the day.

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First, it was New York and Vanity Fair. Now, the very eminent and very British Financial Times analyzes the blogging zeitgeist.

The FT dares ask of bloggers the ultimate question of any Englishman:
WWOD–What Would Orwell Do?

For our own part, we’ve always insisted that all blogs are equal, but Bwog is more equal than others.

Answers after the jump. (more…)

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