Columbia Hackathon
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Baby got hack

Participants in Columbia’s Hackathon were hacking away from 9 pm Friday until 12 pm Saturday in John Jay Lounge. Bwog’s very own Sam “Ruby Prince” Aarons won the overall prize with his housing website that this isn’t a plug for at all. Lots of other cool and super helpful Columbia-centered apps were made, like one for dining hall hours and one for sports results. Hackers pitched ideas, formed teams and made their websites all in the time allotted. Congrats to all the hackers!

 Hack that, all on the floor. Hack that, give me some more via Hackcolumbia

Free Hacking and Snacking at DevFest

This could be you.

DevFest, a “week long application development experience” sponsored by the Application Development Initiative, kicks off today in Davis Auditorium at 1:00 pm. According to a tipster, there will be a bounty of snacks including Chinese food and WestSide sandwiches—ample fuel for the 24-hour hackathon which begins today as well. DevFest runs all week, and features workshops from companies such as Foursquare and bit.ly, culminating in a “Demofest” next weekend where participants pitch their projects to an audience of startups and VCs. Our tech experts confirm that not only will there be “a shitton” of food, but it’s also a really cool event.

IT Specialist Via Flikr Creative Commons

Free Food at the DevFest Kick-Off!

Today, Columbia’s Application Development Initiative (ADI) launches DevFest, a week-long technology/business development experience. The group plans to host a series of lectures and workshops, with guest speakers like Matt LeMay of bit.ly fame and Anoop Ranganath, the lead iPhone developer at FoursquareFred Wilson from Union Square Ventures will be present at the culminating “Demofest.” As Bwog webmaster Hans Hyttinen tells us, “It’s a big fucking deal.”

Head over to CEPSR’s Davis Auditorium at 1 p.m. for lots of free food at DevFest’s kick-off event—a Hackathon! Bwog hopes it’s as exciting as it looked on The Social Network.