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Where CCE and CCSC will take you.

Where CCE and CCSC will take you.

Ever wonder what goes on in the weekly mysterious CCSC meetings? Wonder no more, because we sent Maren Killackey on a magical mission to find out for you. Here’s a report:

Because it’s not adult life if your parents still pay for your Blackberry…

Dean of CCE Kavita Sharma along with Niamh O’Brien, CCE Undergraduate Director, dropped by to discuss the many events and programs the center holds each year as well as to solicit the Council’s feedback on what other career services students are looking for. After detailing the myriad of opportunities CCE offers, each named with varying levels of acronymic success (CCASIP, CEE, CEO, CCA, STEP, CAE… the list goes on), the two fielded questions from council and audience members.

One of the first and perhaps most obvious questions regarded CCE’s efforts to diversify industry networking events and listings on LionSHARE. Sharma answered that that’s one of the Center’s most pressing goals, however a big part of it means finding organizations that understand how to present the position they’re offering in a way that is (or at least appears to be) fulfilling for students. She added if the listing’s not up to snuff, the CCE team will often press employers to pay students.




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House of Lies premiered last Sunday night, and nestled in between raunchy lesbian bathroom sex and unbridled elitism was this little gem of an exchange. You might think it sounds familiar, and you’d be right—the ‘ole “is Barnard part of Columbia?” debate has found its way onto a national stage.

Skip ahead to 24:00.

Bwog is confused. Is Jeannie a Barnard Alum diligently reinforcing the position that Barnard is rightfully included under the Columbia umbrella, or is she a College (Business Psych major, so not SEAS) alum offended by the association? Perhaps more importantly, how does she feel not being able to use Flex/Dining Dollars anymore…?

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