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Columbia Style is back with an homage to Macklemore filmed in the exotic locale of India.



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A roundup of lawl-worthy moments from Bacchanal:

Memorable (or maybe not so memorable since most of you won’t remember yesterday) quotes:

“Did you hear that mosh pitting perfectly mimics random particles in a box?”

“I really have to pee and take 4 shots!”

“That five year old doesn’t have a CUID!”

Drunk GS students outside Lewisohn heckling people going in to pee: “NOW you want to go to Lewisohn! NOW you love GS!”

And the breakout star of Bacchanal, Fountain Girl:


Pictures and quotes via our lovely tipsters





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img April 11, 20139:00 pmimg 6 Comments

All that fruit must be for mixers...

All that fruit must be for mixers…

It may be a whole 24 hours until you can reasonably start pregaming Bacchanal, but considering how early you’re going to have to get up, consider the advance preparation worth it. Drinking With Bwog brings you…ways to drink at 10 am without feeling gross, or at least without throwing up in front of Brooklyn Grinnell.

Caribbean Coffee

  • 1 cup of hot coffee
  • 2 shots of rum
  • milk and sugar, to taste

Like an Irish coffee, but possibly even stronger. You can roll out of bed and start drinking this right away, with no fear of falling asleep again.




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He's looking at your answers and judging them.

He’s looking at your answers and judging you.

So… Bacchanal is coming up. It’s headlined as we all know by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, also featuring Flosstradamus and Morningsiders. Another thing: it starts at 11am. How do people feel about all this? Well, your trusty Bwog braved Butler in a quest for answers. Here are some of the best ones:

  • Girl in elevator: “I have a dance performance at 2 that day so… I mean I’m a little bummed I can’t make it, but I think all of us in the dance department are just like “eh, it’s a thing that happens.”
  • Boy with accent in 6th floor hallway: “I don’t know what that is! But I’ll google it later.”
  • Butler smoker: “Not excited about Macklemore, have never heard of Ryan Lewis; I’m a huge trap fan so Flosstradaumus is good, but they really could have stepped it up with the hip hop.”
  • Girl: “My thesis is due tomorrow so I have no thoughts about anything else.”
  • Girl in 209: “So excited!!! I’ll be there at 6 am!!!!”
  • Girl in 209: “Partying people. That’s all I know.”
  • Guy in Ref Room: “I wish it was Vampire Weekend, or Phoenix, or something, but it’ll do.”
  • Unfazed guy in all black: “My brother is in high school and gives more of a shit than I do.”
  • Girl applying makeup in the bathroom for 20 minutes despite head to toe Columbia sweat gear: “Don’t have time to think about it until at least Wednesday.”
  • Quiet guy in front of cafe: “Disappointed, I wanted A$AP Rocky…”
  • Guy near cafe:”I’m excited, the lineup is pretty good. But I don’t like how they tricked us by saying Macklemore wasn’t going to play and stuff.”
  • Friendly guy: “I think it’s gonna be… I wish it wasn’t so early. It’s gonna be hard to drink so early. But I think that makes it funnier.”
  • Guy on 3rd floor in passing: “Pumpppeeddd upppp!!!” (as he was walking away)
  • Girl with headphones: “I mean I’m excited but I wish it was starting later. But I’m still excited.”
  • Guy in a hurry: “I’m really excited… I love Morningsiders… probably because I’m in Morningsiders… the more people like Macklemore the more will come watch us so I guess I like him too!”

The headliner via Wikimedia Commons



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Ok great!

A bit after hearing Macklemore would not be performing at Bacchanal, we started hearing rumblings that–in fact–Macklemore would be coming to Columbia.  Hating feeling fooled, Bwog reached out directly to Macklemore’s manager, who confirmed that Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will be performing at Bacchanal.

The announcement from Bacchanal was going to come out on midnight, April 1st, in a statement given to Spec (remember: Bacchanal is pissed at us), but after we told them we had the confirmation from their manager, Bacchanal sent it to Spec today.  In the statement, we find out that Flosstradamus will be performing. Also of note: the day will be starting early, with the Morningsiders on at 11 am.

Celebrate/bitch in comments.

This guy via Wikimedia Commons



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Macklemore says peace

Macklemore says peace

Well, this seems unfortunate. According to The Williams Record, (most definitely not a Columbia source, interestingly enough) the man who may have been (may still be) this year’s Bacchanal performer has cancelled his show in Williamstown—and his performance at Columbia. Bacchanal declined to comment on the report. The article text below tells the sad story, and why Macklemore supposedly dumped us: for greener pastures and the adoration of preteens.

”Yesterday Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, the act intended to headline the College’s spring fling, called off their agreement to perform in Williamstown on April 14. Acting within the rights of their contracts, the duo canceled their performances both at the College and at Columbia (scheduled for April 13) in order to perform on MTV. ”

None of this via Wikimedia



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The word on the street is that Macklemore is coming to Bachhanal! This comes on the heels of Yale’s announcement that Macklemore would be performing at Spring Fling. (We don’t wanna share!!!) Now, we stress that these are just rumors, but due to their frequency and potentially awesome implications we felt that we should share this not-quite-news-yet-news with you!

If you want to add your voice to the rumor mill sound off in the comment section below.


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