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1020 on a Saturday night

This evening, Bwog received a tip that is unusual both for its length (long) and its topic (love).

In it, Robert (not his real name) goes to 1020, meets two girls named Kristine and Kristine (not their real names) and falls in love with one of them. Upon her leaving, he asks her to meet him at Alma at dawn, where he’ll be waiting. She does not show. It is a hard read, no matter which way you approach it. But for the names, which have been changed, the tip is unedited.

Read on for social anxiety, a booth, coconut water, David Foster Wallace, and a very long night.

To: tips@bwog.com
From: robert@gmail.com
Subject: (minor edit, read this one) I need your guys’ help in trying to find the girl I fell in love with (last night at 1020)

Dear Bwog,

I need your guys’ help in trying to find the girl I fell in love with (last night at 1020)

Yes, I’m serious. Yes, I said love. I also know that you laughed at the (last night at 1020) bit in the subject, but I can tell you with all my heart, that doesn’t matter. You can’t control where it happens.

I swear to God, all of this happened.

All I know about her is that her name is Kristine.

If you want to see why you should help me let me tell you the story:



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img December 03, 20089:26 amimg 20 Comments

If you recall, a while ago Bwog tried it’s hand at Craigslist’s Missed Connections for Columbia students.  While the primary object of longing was Hawkmadinejad, the rest of the student body was not impressed.  However, a tipster showed us that Craigslist had a few Columbia-related connections, just waiting to be brought together.  Bwog, in a rare attempt to give back to the community, is spreading these messages in order to unite these fated lovers.

Lost love in butler – m4w

You worked in butler at the RBML, then one day just disappeared. They said you had quit. Definitely took work down more than one notch.

You-Blonde, tall, wears boots, full of smiles.

Me-Darker blonde, not as tall, totally dressed down…always. (more…)



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img June 20, 20081:31 pmimg 9 Comments

We received only a few responses to the Missed Connections post, but this didn’t sadden us, Columbia. You see, the fewer Missed Connections, the more connected you must be, and we celebrate your happiness in love. But we continue to fight for those still seeking romance, so with that in mind, the following are the responses we did receive. If you think any apply to you, let us know (bwog@columbia.edu), and we’ll forward along the email of your would-be paramour.

  • you wear cute glasses. i wish i could work up the nerve to actually talk to you in class.
  • A couple of months ago on the 1 train you sat down next to me. After a few minutes I looked up from my reading and you asked me if it was Nietzsche, but it was Nora. We chatted for a little while, and from 116th I walked you to the Barnard gate and after a still moment during which anything could have happened, said good bye.
  • I was reading Plato on Low steps. You swooped in from the sky and disemboweled a pigeon no more than two meters before my feet.

    I knew at once that it was love, but I haven’t caught so much as a glimpse of you since. In all my dreams, before my helpless sight, you plunge at that pigeon with all the swiftness and grace of your noble rank.

    Please come back to me. I miss you.



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img June 18, 200810:01 amimg 4 Comments

Fourth of July, the most romantic holiday of the year, is quickly approaching. Bwog would hate for you to celebrate America’s independence without a summer love, so we decided it was high time for another go-around at our own attempt to unite would-be couples. Not to mention that just last night, one tipster directed our attention to this forlorn Craigslist missed connection. Clearly Columbia, you are in the mood for love. 

As with our first Missed Connections post, use the comments section on this post to describe your love  along with some way to get in touch with you, like an email address. We’ll re-post the descriptions (without the contact info), and if a description applies to you, let us know and we’ll get you in touch with your inamorata/o. 



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img May 16, 200811:02 amimg 10 Comments

Bwog received word that several Columbians are spending the first days of summer pining for the English class/Lion’s Head/McBain romance that never was. If you think a missed connection is directed your way, email Bwog and we’ll put you in touch with your inamorato/a.

  • “I met you under the influence of alcohol at the Lion’s Head. Then we walked to hamdel–just the way drunken nights should go. You’re nice and it’s too bad you’re graduating, but at least it makes it less awkward to post this since I’ll probably never see you again.”
  • “he was in mac adam’s lit class. he sat in the back row of the middle section of the classroom and looked ever-so-sexy in his striped polo shirts and blue jacket.”
  • “You and I work together, and I have had a crush on you since the first day I met you, but I have never mustered up the courage to ask you out on an actual date out of fear of ruining the friendship that we have going on. I had a great time at senior ball tonight when I was with you. You probably don’t even visit this website, but I figured what the hell. (Thank you alcohol)”



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img May 15, 20083:54 pmimg 14 Comments

After so many hours locked up in Butler, Bwog couldn’t help but notice a few smoldering glances flying from person to person across the brutally well-lit study spaces. It got us thinking, and we decided to start a feature that we’d been considering for a long time:

Missed Connections.

Oh, my, yes. While some of you have already moved out of the dorms, there’s still a few days left to catch the eye of whoever’s been sitting next to you in CC missing your incisive comments about Kant. You can just do it on the Internet.

Here’s how it works: add a comment on this post with a description of the object of your desire, and some way to get in touch with you, like an email address. (The comments are hidden.) We’ll repost these, without the identifying emails, and gather the replies, then make the appropriate matches. It’ll be great. We await your responses with bated breath.

UPDATE: Since time is fleeting, you have one hour (til 1:30 PM today) to post a missed connection. At that point, we’ll be posting the comments. It’s the last day of school, so like every teen movie tells you, now’s the last chance to talk to the girl/boy of your dreams.



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img January 16, 20079:26 amimg 5 Comments

Winter Break came to a crashing close today, but for some over the holiday weekend, waiting for human contact proved unbearable. In the spirit of helping these forgotten few find love, Bwog presents some of the lost souls from around our neighborhood who turned longingly to Craigslist in the twilight of their freedom…

I. SM seeks Hoodie Hookup

Green hoodie at Columbia Library – m4w (Harlem / Morningside)

You were wearing a green hoodie when I cut in front of you to get to the printer today in Butler. I was hurried. You were courteous. Can I repay the favor over coffee?

(I was wearing a black hoodie.)

II. Tobacco Lobby for John Edwards Staffer Endorsement?

riverside church tonite – w4m (Harlem / Morningside)

you were outside smoking a cig when i walked by. your greeting made my night…

III. Anything but Dormcest

Why are you screwing your roommate? – w4m

When you know you should be with me!



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img August 16, 200612:54 amimg 13 Comments

They go fish shopping!

According to an anonymous tipster, a CC student ran into President Bollinger summering in Cape Cod, but didn’t recognize him until PrezBo had fled the scene. Saddened, she posted this Craigslist missed connection:

Grey-haired First Amendment scholar at the fish store – w4m – 20
Reply to: pers-194280482@craigslist.org
Date: 2006-08-14, 11:55PM EDT

You: Mature yet bright-eyed with the smell of Ivy League about you. Maybe a president? You bought fresh tuna.
Me: Undergrad standing behind you in line at the fish store on the wharf.

Let’s get coffee and talk about creating a healthy learning environment for students of all backgrounds and the costs of gentrification?

* this is in or around Nantucket
* no — it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Have a PrezBo sighting of your own? Inquiring minds want to know! Send them in to bwgossip@columbia.edu (stalker photos are a plus).

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