If you recall, a while ago Bwog tried it’s hand at Craigslist’s Missed Connections for Columbia students.  While the primary object of longing was Hawkmadinejad, the rest of the student body was not impressed.  However, a tipster showed us that Craigslist had a few Columbia-related connections, just waiting to be brought together.  Bwog, in a rare attempt to give back to the community, is spreading these messages in order to unite these fated lovers.

Lost love in butler – m4w

You worked in butler at the RBML, then one day just disappeared. They said you had quit. Definitely took work down more than one notch.

You-Blonde, tall, wears boots, full of smiles.

Me-Darker blonde, not as tall, totally dressed down…always.


treadmills and discussion on direction – m4w

We first met eye to eye on the mcbain treadmills. You kept checking me out. I thought you looked great. Then maybe there again another time or so.

Finally we “met” one time and you asked me for directions.

I saw you a day or so later on the treadmills. I went to get a snack merely because I had the munchies. We talked, i laughed then walked away. Don’t really remember much.

We stopped and smiled the other at at the door. You held it for me as I hoped you would. I should have talked to you then. And now this because I am dumb as hell.

Girl with glasses eating slice of pizza at Pinnacle today – m4w

This is for the girl I saw today at Pinnacle near Columbia University around 12:45 or so. You have glasses, and were drinking a Yellow Vitamin Water and eating a slice of pizza with what appeared to be spinach on it. Anyway, if you read this I justed wanted to say that you are very cute. How about next time we eat together?