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img November 10, 20109:30 amimg 6 Comments

Why you came here. Admit it.

Butler was rated 4th most beautiful library in the country!  If only the judges knew what a wretched hive of scum and villainy it is during exams when there are people in it. (CampusGrotto)

Nissan wants us to buy their fancy-pants eco-friendly car, the Leaf.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t perform well in extreme temperatures.  And do we even have roads? (Forbes Blog)

People are making fun of The Social Experiment.  (NY Mag)

Somebody good at football, Kal Prince from Kentucky, committed to Columbia today. (Roar Lions Roar)

Gov. Paterson released a ambitious plan for making NY green.  Conveniently it falls to Cuomo to carry it out. (NYT)

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img February 25, 20109:12 amimg 2 Comments

Photo by The Weather Channel

Stay in your homes – the Cataclyzzard is here! (The Weather Channel)

Paterson’s bombshell story (Take 1 2 3 4). (NYT)

The fight for marriage equality steps up. (NYT)

The Battle of the Barnard Meal Plan Part V: Deployment of the Student Task Force. (Spec)

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