#salad days
Overseen: Happy Thanksgiving!

If you’re finally at home (or stuck on campus) and the Cowboys vs. Redskins game hasn’t exactly done much to provoke the Thanksgiving spirit, it’s good to know that there’s still something to be thankful for… Thanksgiving feasts!  Let the tryptophan commence!


Sunshine, Happiness and Needles

In case you are wondering why College Walk is inundated with red balloons, Bwog Sharp and Pointy Things expert Anish Bramhandkar has discovered their origin. They are courtesy of a group advocating the passage of a House of Representatives resolution on needle exchange. If there is one thing Columbians want on a sunny day, it’s needle reform advocacy. More pictures of outdoor/balloon fun after the jump.



FREE FOOD in Lerner Piano Lounge

Study breaks go healthy. A chichi salad bar and cupcakes, too.

Update: And even more free cupcakes on the ramps!