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img March 23, 201210:45 amimg 6 Comments

You fancy, huh?

Supply: of honey is not what it seems! (Food Safety News)

Demand: for water could lead to international tension in the coming years. (NYT)

Supply: of transplant organs in China will drop as the government discontinues the practice of taking them from inmates on death row. (BBC)

Demand: transparency in the administration. (Spec)

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img February 08, 20121:02 pmimg 6 Comments

Photo by Erica Bower

In BwogSalon, we feature smashing articles from our many niche campus publications. Today, we look at the most recent issue of Consilience, a Columbia-based online journal of sustainable development.

Name of Publication: Consilience: The Journal of Sustainable Development

Edition: Issue 7, Winter 2011/2012

Description: Consilience is a global, online publication, based at Columbia University, dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary dialogue on sustainable development. It brings students, researchers, professors, and practitioners from a variety of disciplines and geographical regions in direct conversation with each other. It has published research from over 20 countries, on all 6 inhabited continents.

Selected Article: Erica Bower, a sophomore in Columbia College, in her photo essay “Striving Towards a Sustainable Solution: Water and Community in Veron, Dominican Republic”, grapples with the difficulties of providing access to clean drinking water to migrant communities servicing the tourist industry, in the Dominican Republic. Read a selection…



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img October 14, 20101:30 pmimg 5 Comments

Bwog’s Katheryn Thayer stopped by Sulzberger Parlor on Tuesday night to chat with DSpar about the world’s water problems.

DSpar, perhaps realizing that “water” is a broad topic of discussion for her first Fireside Chat of the year, passed around pictures of the overused, depleted Aral Sea and the arsenic-laced pumps in Bangladesh. She explained that these were some of the most extreme water-use case studies she encountered when she was doing research for a book about water use and management. The fact that she was doing this research while in business school was reflected by her opening question: How do we efficiently use something people have rarely been forced to associate with cost? (more…)

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