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img March 30, 200710:30 amimg 69 Comments

Weep, cheer, or do both at the same time. According to the Housing website, lottery numbers are posted!

Update! Xavier Estevez provides us with this link showing the lottery listings sorted by priority, which hadn’t been linked from the Housing website. He also gives us the following fun facts:

“Only 35 groups, as opposed to 85(!!) last year are doing ECX in the lottery this year. It looks like everyone who got fucked over last year decided not to test their luck again this time.

In this years lottery numbers:

  • There are 11 30-point ECX groups.
  • There are 16 26.66-point ECX groups.
  • There are 7 23.33-point ECX groups.
  • There is only 1 20-point ECX group.

“Unless there were like 20 suites held out for same suite rights, it looks like anyone who wanted EC this year will get it. That seems unlikely to me, because there were 29 30-point groups last year. Those groups don’t qualify for same suite rights, and I doubt anyone with a lower number than that would want to hold on to a crappy lower suite.”





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img March 02, 20073:54 pmimg 12 Comments

Hey guys, guess what time of year it is?


Let the drama begin. Bwog wishes the best of luck to those embarking on the journey into the land of lottery numbers. You’ve got until March 28th.

(In the meantime, you can virtually tour/dream of that Watt single by browsing in here.)

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