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we feel you bb

Bwog’s spirit animal

It’s taken quite some time for your dearly departed senior staff member to write this intro—accepting that we are, in fact, graduating (fingers crossed) is a hard thing to do. But there you have it. Somehow we’ve made it through freshman, sophomore, and junior year, and here we are with just one semester left—or less!

The Pre-Reqs

  • Forget to take the swim test
  • Forget to take that Core requirement you’ve been putting off
  • Don’t apply for the degree
  • Spell your name wrong for your diploma
  • Get diagnosed with Senioritis
  • Take the swim test far from sober

Well, You’ve Gotten This Far…Isn’t That Enough?

  • Battle to find classes for 12 credits the last semester
  • Write a thesis
  • Forget to care about finals
  • Start a paper the day it’s due assuming you will get an extension
  • Start a paper the day it’s due not caring if you get an extension
  • Start a paper the day it’s due because you preferred sleeping over writing it

Dad, now what?



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What even is this movie

Three wise men

Since today is 3/3/13, this morning’s bwoglines are brought to you by the number three!

With these superfoods, you can go back for thirds. (Huffington Post)

How to fend off senioritis? Graduate in three years.  (NYtimes)

One-third of Obama’s pardons have been drug-related—the highest rate of drug-crime forgiveness of recent presidents. (Buzzfeed)

Ryan, Colin, and Wayne—the ‘Whose Line is It Anyway?‘ trio—are coming back. Trio because nobody cares about the variable fourth guy. (Gawker)


All good things—namely the Lawrence brothers— come in threes via Wikimedia Commons

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