Bored at Butler, invader of privacy

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Early Wednesday morning, Bwog correspondent Nina Bell found herself a Bored at Butler Celebrity, if by fame you means people posting, “I just printed a pic of NIna off face book, went to the toilety and jerked off on her nose.”

But, in the end, Nina fought back. And won.

Excerpts from the (WAY TOO LONG) dialogue after the jump.

1245 AM — Nina’s Screenname is posted: “******* and ******* are actually sex buddies>> hooray for pale, pasty sex.”

1251 AM — her facebook profile is posted: “and it’s not just a girl, it appears to be a cute girl”

1256 AM: “[Nina] is willing to give head.”

105 AM — horny Barnard girl, go seek threesome: “barnard girl. call david druckman and nina bell.”

106 AM — a voice of reason: “this is the stupidest shit i’ve ever seen. whoever posted that ‘these people are willing to give head’ go play on ebaumsworld or something, and stop stalking other students.”

106 AM — that lasted long: “Shut up and do your work you fucking lamo”

112 AM — bored at butler discovers its calling: “lol no it’s to publicize people like david druckman and nina bell and hopefully prevent others from becoming like them out of fear of similar fates.”

113 AM — …and then doubts itself: “let’s just hope none of us ever meet the poor assholes.”

117 AM — her fame is announced: “everyone facebook msg nina…”

122-123 AM — the crowd gets vulgar: “Nina needs dick” “Does Nina hav a fat ass” “Nina’s Ass is sweet like peanut butter and curry rice”

123 AM — her fame is acknowledged: “Wow. Famous on Bored at Butler without ever even posting on it. That’s fabulous, terrifying and really just odd.”

124 AM — vulgar, again: “Lets run a train on NINA” 5x

125 AM-142 AM — vulgarity continues.

143 AM — Nina fights back: “if any of you crazy people want confirmation that I have been reading this the whole damn time(altho I did not post my screen name), facebook message me if you’re prepared to admit who you are. – Nina”

At 150 AM Nina changed her facebook profile, calling out all the haters at BAB.

152 AM: “nina….can i get an autograph?”

Nina: 1, Stalkers: 0

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    nina got nothing on calvin sun

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