The World’s Greatest Diet Soda

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It may remind people of their grandma’s apartment, but you heard it here first: Tab – the Betamax of diet soda — is on its way back.

Go to Morton Williams and buy a 6-pack. Then, listen to the jingle.Your calorie-free caffeine will never be the same.

Update: Shit. It’s caught on.

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  1. Dave

    Actually, I heard it on Andrew Sullivan's blog first. You've been outfoxed by Andrew Sullivan, Avi.

  2. Avi

    dude i've been buying tab for months

  3. Cody

    The New Yorker has an article about the cult of Tab.

    Also, Coca-Cola is making it into a women's energy drink. I'm upset too.

  4. Marc

    Obviously I saw it on sullivan and emailed it to Avi (because he's been buying tab for months). So you're both right.

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