Orientalism–hot or not?

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Posters for the Taiwanese Student Association’s spring general meeting (with seductively posed Asian women):

Haiku – ‘The Freaky feeling’

She gives me a look

Sweating, I walk towards her

Damn yellow fever.

The haiku is a traditional Japanese form of poetry, making the TSA’s statement either a capitulation to the imperialist force of Japanese culture, or a more subtle attempt to turn the form on itself and subvert the dominant paradigm.

In unrelated news, The Columbia Department of Public Safety recently confiscated two full-length, ornate samurai swords in decorated scabbards.

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  1. TASA

    Thanks for the mention! We're all about subversion. And capitulasian. And cheap attempts to grab your attention. Also, please note that we are the Taiwanese American Students Association. Way to totally look & sound like Gawker, guys. You are our new addiction.

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