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From Bored at Butler:

So looking at a hot celebrity is emotional cheating? My gf and I love eachother, and the only emotions I feel when I look at an attractive girl are physical ones. The reason it’s not a problem is because we know that our relationship is so strong in every aspect, there is no way we would ever cheat on eachother, because it’s not worth throwing that away for physical pleasure. Communication is THE key.

In other words, don’t throw away the feelings you have with your girlfriend for hot wild sex with a celebrity you’ll never meet. Unless she is a former Secretary of State.

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  1. Taylor

    Mark really needs to stop broadcasting our private issues on websites.

  2. Mark

    Taylor really needs to stop broadcasting her face

  3. becky

    both taylor and mark really need to suck a lemon. Look, I posted a comment.

    P.S. Madeleine Albright = jazzy hot!

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