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A Craigslist posting under Women Looking for Men:

Beware: Academics are Players

Date: 2006-02-05, 1:07PM EST

Watch out for these self described nerd types. It is a front. They are unusually cunning individuals due to their intellect and can use incisive language at the wrong time (like in the middle of sex). They look to screw with common people as a release and when they are done with you they tell you to fuck off they have papers to write. Check Craigslist w4m and m4w, that is all you see is Columbia, NYU, Phd. I reply and some have been on here for over a year. They are serial daters and not into relationships just term paper deadlines. When people ask why they broke up with you they will say you are stupid or dumb because you did not finish college. These people had to grow up fast and most had a bad childhood due to their nerdiness. They are robots who kill at the thought of failure or being subpar. Their self-esteem is based on a GPA and the letters A,B,C. They are snobbish perfectionists too.

This is from a reformed nerd girl lover. They are so sexy but bitches.

this is in or around Columbia

no — it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests.

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