This Item Is So Self-Explanatory That A Witty Headline Would Do It Injustice

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A Bwog correspondent relayed this email. It’s not a joke.

Ye Olde Dorkery Abounds at ye CUSFS tonight

Ever wondered what “Ye” really meant? Like to fantasize about
wearing the clothing of ages where comfort hadn’t been invented
yet? Want to pick up a sword and start swinging in a somewhat more
legal setting? Come to Ye Exciting Renaissance Faire Meeting!
Wednesday, February 8th, Megan (our chancellor of the exchequer)
will be bringing her period garb — and some other goodies — and
talking about the fun to be had at renfaires. Dragons! Wenches!
Chainmail-making demo! Don’t miss it, ’cause we’ll be partying
like it’s 1599.*

*Minus the drunken brawls.**

**Unless you ask very nicely.

Time: 8:00 on Wednesday (today)
Place: East Ramp Lounge in Lerner
What: Everything you wanted to know about Ren-Faires and more

No word on whether funnel cake will be served.

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  1. az

    science fiction society i suppose

  2. IMD

    someone get some fotos and post!

  3. k

    I have, in fact, been to at least 5 renaissance faires in my life. Don't hate.

  4. me

    i rode a camel at one once.

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