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For all you Bwogomaniacs out there, a recap of our launch party, by the numbers, at least as Bwog remembers them:

ONE life-size cut-out of Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia’s sexiest sustainable developer.

TWO strains of mono.

THREE ungraceful moments of, how shall we say, upchuck?

SEVERAL socially awkward moments with that guy from Gawker.

HUNDREDS of terribly attractive people.

TWENTY EIGHT pretty pink and red balloons.

ELEVEN virginities preserved, much to their chagrin.

ONE legend in her own time, Bwog.

Thanks, all.

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  1. Beth

    And one bad ass headache right now.

  2. IMD

    help! there's a furry animal on my couch!

  3. mat

    IMD--shoot him, stuff him, mount him on the wall next to Foucault.

  4. photogenic

    can we get some party photos, please?

  5. IMD

    grrl, i'm working on it but flickr is being impossibly complicated and the help page is down.

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