Marriage à la mode

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Rumor has it that two CC sophomores, both gay, are getting married — or maybe, got married this past week (not quite sure which). The reason? Columbia offers better financial aid and free summer housing to married students. Looks like Facebook needs a new relationship category: marriage of convenience.

Donna Loffredo

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  1. GH

    Wait - got married to each other? or to unsuspecting breeders? I demand a followup!

  2. Irritated with factual errors

    Columbia does not allow married students to live in Columbia dorms--even in the summer. It pays to check out these rumors before you post them if you want people to take you seriously.

  3. Not Irritated

    the point of rumors is that you don't check them out. Columbia students are also dumb enough to think that they can get better benefits by getting married.

  4. irritated with person who is irritated with factual errors

    if "Columbia does not allow married students to live in Columbia dorms" yet it guarantees housing, then it follows that such students get other housing. superior housing?

  5. Gung-ho economist

    To each other. ;-)

    Also, regardless of what Columbia does or does not give them... tax benefits?

    Oh wait, college students don't bother to pay taxes. April 15 is too close to 4/20.

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